The Farmer's Bride

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This is a wonderful book! The romance elements of this book remind me of things I have been through in my own life!  

Kathleen Fuller is a wonderful writer and all her books are amazing.

A sweet book of young love and and not so young love, traditions, faith, and hope.

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Was so happy to get to read another Amish fiction by Kathleen Fuller! Although, a series, it's great as a stand alone. If you've previously read the first one in the Birch Creek series, you'll be happy to see some of the same characters!
Martha is still single and she likes it that way, except...she is the only available singe young woman in her community. Sh is tired of the single men all vying for her attention. She often runs and hides from them to keep from telling them she's not interested and hurting their feelings.
Then, there is Seth, whose father wants him to be able to take over the family farm one day. Seth's secret desire is to get good enough at woodworking for it to one day, be his occupation. He has a wood shop off in the woods that he sneaks off to whenever he has free time. He isn't interested in finding a wife at this time in his life.
One day when Martha is running from all the young men who are all making a beeline for her, she stumbles upon Seth's shop. Seth swears her to secrecy. She agrees in exchange for woodcarving lessons.
Cevilla, an older woman in the community is a matchmaker and she believes Martha and Seth belong together, and launches Plan B. I was thrilled to see Cevilla and Richard back in this story!
Cevilla thinks her plan is great! It involves Martha and Seth pretending to like each other so the other men will leave Martha alone.
A family moves into the community with plans to open an inn. Martha is thrilled that she may have a friend in Nina, as well as having another single female in their community.
This is a sweet heart warming story and a must read. You won't be disappointed!
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We will have setbacks. That's life. We can't live in fear because we're not in control. We live in peace because of who's in control. 

Martha of Birch Creek being the only young single woman available is trying to find ways to avoid the several young men who are relentlessly pursuing her. She has a difficult time finding the balance of kindness and saying how she feels. How she feels is that there are no young men in her community that she would like to know better. What she enjoys doing is learning new things and helping her uncle in his clock shop has deepened her passion for fixing and learning how machinery works. She is not your typical Amish woman. 

Birch Creek's own Cevilla, an older single woman has taken Martha's predicament to heart. She has played cupid many times with success. She knows the perfect Amish young man for Martha and hatches a plan to bring them together. However, it back fires but Martha and Seth have plans of their own. When another Amish family moves into the community to set up an Amish Inn, Cevilla has met her match. 

Nina along with her brother, father and grandmother have moved from Wisconsin to set up the Amish Inn in Birch Creek. Nina loves to fish and is trying to fit into Birch Creek community. Upon meeting Seth, her grand mother Delilah sees some match making of her own and puts a wretch in Cevilla's plans.

You never know what you will discover on your own. Without the meddling of others, Seth, Martha and Nina discover friendship, loyalty and trust thru the misunderstanding of the best intentions. Everyone becomes a winner on this one. 

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Kathleen Fuller does it again.  She writes a book that you can't and don't want to put down until the last page is turned over.

The Farmer's Bride is a moving story with all the emotions involved along the way.  Then there is more than one message in the book.  First message was it's better to tell the truth.  And second message was being honest with one's self and to others.

I look forward to reading more books by Kathleen Fuller in the future.

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The Farmer’s Bride is a cute little story about an Amish girl, who is the only girl of marriageable age in her community, and an Amish boy, who is the only boy out of many who isn’t interested in chasing her.

Martha has to keep fending off the droves of boys who won’t leave her alone. They all want to date her, because she’s the only literal choice in their small community. Which is why she’s drawn to Seth, because he’s not interested in her. Then due to certain circumstances, they find themselves pretending to date each other. But things get complicated when those feelings start to become real.

The romance in this book was sweet. I even liked the side romance between a new girl who moves into the community, and a boy who used to be very invested in Martha. 

One thing I didn’t like was the way Seth’s dream was kind of shuffled aside to make room for Martha’s dream. It was like his dream became hers, or she sorta, stole it? That’s not how it’s shown in the book. He thought that at first, but then they both were okay with it. But as for me, I felt he should have stuck to his dream. Don’t give up on something you’ve been dreaming for for years just because someone kind of gets in the way.

In the end, it was a nice romance story. If you like Amish or religious romances, you would enjoy this book.

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5 ***** Stars:  5/5 star rating
What a sweet story this one is!   I cried and laughed as I read.  The characters were special and felt like they could be old friends.   Cevilla and Delilah added humor while Martha, Nina, Seth, and his brothers invoked empathy for their plights in love.   I highly recommend this book to readers who enjoy Amish or Christian fiction.
I received a digital version of this book from netgalley and Zondervan in exchange for my honest review.   I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions expressed are my own.
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This is the second book in the Birch Creek series by this author. It is about life in a Amish community. Well written with a good storyline. Seth is a woodworker at heart but has to put his derams to the side to work on his fathers farm. He keeps to himself and doesn't have much to do with recreational activities in the community. Martha is a single woman that is bothered by the attention the men in the community gives to her she isn't comfortable with the idea of marrying any of them. In comes the matchmaker who decideds they would be perfect for each other and goes out of her way to see it happen. there is a lot of ups and downs for this young couple while they try to live life the way they want it.
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This was the first time  that I have read an Amish story and I enjoyed reading it.It was full of emotion and kept me wanting to know what happened to Martha.The characters were interesting and at times funny. I am pleased that  it had a happy ending.  I would recommend this book to be read.
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One secret.....two secrets.....then the secrets become truth, but not before Martha and Seth find that they have to  come clean about their lies of omission. But are their secrets really lies.....time will tell!! Then we have Cevilla and Delilah, older women, who believe they are matchmakers. But, in reality, they make more of a mess of Seth and Martha's lives, than had they just let life go it's own way! Hiding from young men, who want her attention, Martha runs into Seth who looks at her as if she were nuts....but he finds out differently, much to his surprise!! Seth, who has ideas about his life's pursuits, has his dreams sidetracked and has to walk a journey that he did not expect. Do these two, Seth and Martha, help each other or hurt each the novel to find will enjoy every page!!
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I am always so excited to go back to visit Birch Creek every book gets better and better.
The author really understands the Amish way of life as it's evident in her writing.
The Birch Creek characters are like revisiting old friends and meeting new ones in each book.
This is the second book in the series, I somehow missed the first but will be reading it soon. The author gives us backstory so we are all caught up going into this book.
Martha Detweiler is the only single woman in her community full of men. They all want her attention which she tries to escape every time, all except for the one she is interested in, Seth Yoder.
Seth Yoder has a passion for woodcarving but his father expects him to take over and run the family farm. 
His secret hobby keeps him too busy for a social life but will he stop due to his father's expectations of him? Infused with humor, when Cevilla Schlabach gets a matchmaking idea, watch out !
Will her plan help or hinder this couple?
I highly recommend this book! So good!
Published June 4th 2019 by Zondervan.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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This is the second book in the series, Amish Brides of Birch Creek.  It can be read as a stand-alone book  however, it does bring back characters from the first book.  

This was a very enjoyable read that I didn’t want to stop reading until I had finished the book.  We find Martha Detweiler as now the only single girl in their Amish community, attracting the attention of several single young men.  She is not interested in being pursued by any of them, and she does many antics to escape from them.  Along the way, she comes in contact with the one single young man in the community who isn’t pursuing her as he, too, is not interested in a relationship.  

Several circumstances bring them together.  They even go as far as to join forces to prevent the others from pursuing them.  How will this all end?

I highly recommend this enjoyable book for all to read.  I received a complimentary copy of this book from Zondervan through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.
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I enjoyed reading this book. The writing was smooth and easy to follow. The description was so I could picture myself there following them around. The bride was a farmer's daughter and of course just as beautiful.
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The Farmer’s Bride is the second delightful book in An Amish Brides of Birch Creek series.  I recommend reading The Teacher’s Bride first.  It gives you the backstory on Cevilla and Richard, the town and how Chris and Ruby came to be together.  I thought The Farmer’s Bride was well-written (as are all of Kathleen Fuller’s books) and it proceeded at a steady pace.  It has charming characters and a lovely setting (I would like to live in Birch Creek).  I thought the characters were realistic and I could feel their emotions plus their struggles.  Cevilla Schlabach is a hoot.  She gets an idea into her head and there is no stopping her.  Richard is the perfect companion for Cevilla, and his comments are humorous.  It will be interesting to see if Richard can give up his modern conveniences.  Cevilla meets her match when Delilah Stoll moves to town.  Delilah is a determined woman who steamrolls over anyone who gets in the way of her goal.  Delilah and Cevilla butting heads had me chuckling.  I liked how Martha enjoyed learning new things (like tying nautical knots) and working on puzzles.  I completely agreed with the comment “There’s something gratifying about completing a challenge”.  I had to smile when I heard soda referred to as “pop”.  I had not heard that phrase since I lived in Ohio (I got teased for using it when I first moved to Florida).  It was hot in Birch Creek (like it currently is in Florida) and I could relate to Cevilla saying it is “hotter than a pat of butter melting in a frying pan”.  The Christian elements are beautifully incorporated into the story with emphasis on having a strong faith, relying on God, forgiveness of others and oneself, and the importance of prayer.  The Farmer’s Bride is an amusing Amish tale that I did not want to end (but then I was eager to see how it ended).  I am impatiently waiting for the release of the next An Amish Brides of Birch Creek Novel to revisit Birch Creek and see what is in store for Selah Ropp.
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This book by author Kathleen Fuller had me chuckling. Often. The way she developed her characters was incredible. They were so true to life. I loved them!

A heart-warming story with lots of emotion, Martha and Seth both struggled with being single in an Amish community that has an adorable matchmaker who makes it hard to say no. As always in Ms. Fuller’s books, God is working in hearts to do His will.

I found this to be a page turner because I wanted to see what in the world would happen next with Martha and all those single guys. I highly recommend grabbing a copy!

I received a complimentary copy of this book but was not required to leave a review.
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Thank you for an e-galley of this title. 

This is another wonderful book in the series! I love the ”pretend to be dating for a good cause” stories.  Seth and Martha began their friendship in an unusual way and it is just the beginning of many funny moments.  Just like the first in the series (The Teacher’s Bride), I began to really care about the characters’ and their joys and troubles.  Reluctance to be honest with others about what you really want, seems to be a main theme, but overall God’s Will was highlighted throughout. There are really two romances and one potential, which will make fans anticipate the next title. My opinions and reviews are my own.
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It’s been a long time since I’ve read any Amish fiction and I enjoyed it.  Martha is the only single young woman in her community and I laughed when all the single men but one were racing to her house to try to invite her to the scavenger hunt. I can’t imagine that kind of pressure.  So when an old matchmaker (busybody) offers a unique solution to solve her problem, it doesn’t sound quite as crazy as it should have.
The two grandmothers  were my favorite.  It was sweet that Cevilla, in her 80s, has found her true love again.  She and Delilah made me groan with their manipulative, tricky matchmaking efforts.  I have two grown children. I related to these women who wanted to make sure certain things happened instead of trusting and believing that God would provide who and what their grandchildren need. Thank goodness for grace!
This is book two in the Amish Brides of Birch Creek series but it can easily be read as a standalone.  Thank you to Zondervan for providing me with a free e-copy of this book.  All opinions are my own.
Amish Brides of Birch Creek Series:
Book 1:  The Teacher’s Bride
Book 2:  The Farmer’s Bride
#TheFarmersBride   #Netgalley
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Downloaded thanks to Netgalley and Zondervan for a free ARC in exchange for an honest review. I apologize for the review getting out so late. We’ve been dealing with unpacking after evacuating from the flooding earlier in the week. Chaos has ended!

Title: The Farmer’s Bride
Author: Kathleen Fuller
Publisher: Zondervan

Rating: 🥄🥄🥄

Description :
From bestselling author, Kathleen Fuller, comes another heartwarming romantic comedy set in the beloved Amish community of Birch Creek.

This is the first time I’ve read an Amish centered romance. I remember Amish and historical romances being big with conservative Christian women in my life. I know my mom was wrapped in a series similar to this. I don’t have a lot of experience with Christian books or romances (though I am trying, especially, with the romances).

The main story is focused on Martha. She’s a very single lady who could have her pickings when it came to men in her community. However, for her this is a problem that she’s struggling to solve. Instead of facing them, or enjoying it or telling them to bug off — she runs.

The story begins with her running away from the men via her mother. Her mother shoos them off with a lie. She takes this chance to head off to Cevilla’s house. Unbeknownst to Martha, this visit would start up match making for her and this man named Seth.

Cevilla had a plan to get the other men away from her — pretend that she was dating Seth. Problem? Seth is a character who is oblivious to everything, especially, women.

The story threads over to another girl named Nina. She’s from a family who recently moved into the community. Her grandmother is already on task in regards to the matchmaking. Nina is more of a tomboy so her grandmother disapproves of everything that she likes because it.. won’t fetch her a husband.

Overall, the story flows well and is a good enough read to recommend. I enjoyed the light breeziness of the writing. It reads like something a teenager could read and get into as well. I don’t know what the exact age target for this is or if it’s a general reading situation. The characters use phrases that aren’t usually things we’d say.

The author provides a dictionary at the start of the book to help ease readers unfamiliar with these words out. Through the story the characters use the words in ways that allow readers to figure out what they’re saying, anyway. But good to have.
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The Farmer's Bride by Kathleen Fuller is the second book in the Birch Creek series. Martha Detweiler has the most unusual problem. She is the only single young adult female in Birch Creek and the apple of every single boys eye! Martha is overwhelmed with the unwanted attention and spends more time hiding than socializing. Seth Yoder is a hard working young man. Although he isn't fond of farming, he has made a promise to himself to always help his father. His father labored long and hard through difficult years to make the farm what it is today. Seth has a secret hobby that he dreams someday he can work at full time. He has no interest in socializing especially with Martha Detweiler! The town matchmaker, Cevilla, believes the two can fool everyone by pretending to be a couple, thus giving Martha some space and Seth time for his hobby. But sometimes good intentions can spiral out of control with a lot of interesting and comical consequences!
The Farmer's Bride is a great story with likeable and humorous characters, a great setting, and an Amish community that is willing to go the extra mile to keep Birch Creek the wonderful place that it is!
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This is the second book in Kathleen Fuller's Amish Brides of Birch Creek series. I haven't read the first one but after reading this book I'm definitely going to.. 
Imagine being the only available girl in full of eager bachelors. This is the problem Martha faces as she is surrounded by eligible men at every turn including just showing up at her front door! At first I thought if this is the story I'm not sure I'm going to like the book. However, throw in a couple of meddling senior citizens and a plan B that seems destined to fail and suddenly things got interesting. I love the twists in the book also. Fuller gives us an older couple, one Amish, one not, who discover love in the sunset of their lives. Also Martha discovers a hidden talent that is not what a typical Amish woman might do. Sorry if this review is short but I need to read the first book in the series immediately!
I voluntarily received a copy of this book from NetGalley.
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Kathleen Fuller's newest release, The Farmer's Bride is a must-read!  This story is part of An Amish Brides of Birch Creek series.
Martha Detweiler and Seth Yoder were meant to be together, at least that's what Martha's elderly neighbor Cevilla suggests.  Cevilla is determined to put her matchmaking skills to the test!  Meanwhile, Martha is trying to dodge the attention from all of the other men in her community since she is the only available young Amish woman.  That all changes though when the Stoll family moves to Birch Creek from Wisconsin.  You will definitely want to read this book as the entire story unfolds.
Kathleen Fuller does a great job of bringing the characters to life.  You will feel like you are right there with them in beautiful Birch Creek, Ohio.  They experience circumstances that we can all relate to including anger, guilt, frustration, love and faith.  A sweet story that I definitely recommend reading!
I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book from NetGalley and have given my honest opinion.
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