The Jesus Who Surprises

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In this Bible study, Dee Brestin takes the reader through the ways Christ is shown in the Old Testament.  The personal stories she shares are interesting and at times, heart-touching.  Her commentary on the Scripture passages  is easy to understand.  There are also questions on each section to help the reader take a deeper look at Scripture.  This Bible study is more of a “devotional” study, rather than a more detailed Bible study.  However, there’s much to ponder on as you follow through each chapter, and you’ll find your love deepen for all that Christ has done for us. I loved the section on “How to Live in the Story”:  “Learning from the Psalms How to Pray”.  She emphasized how these precious scriptures can become “effectual soul talk” during times of suffering or sorrow, helping us to recount God’s mercies in our times of trouble.  

This is a Bible study that you could do on your own.  I also think this would be a good book for a ladies’ book study class.

I received a copy of this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.
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The Jesus Who Surprises by Dee Brestin

I read Dee Brestin's He Calls You Beautiful book about the Song of Solomon when it came out, and it provided some beautiful devotional times for me. Once again, Dee Brestin has written a book that is filled with spiritual depth. I highly recommend it as a book for your own quiet time.
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"The Jesus Who Surprises" is a Bible study that explores the Old Testament for references to or foreshadowings of Jesus. The author pondered what things Jesus would've talked about with the two disciples on the road to Emmaus. She started this study with Genesis and then moved into the Psalms (and poetic books) and then the prophetic books. Each chapter started with her talking about a place in the Old Testament that points to Jesus. She'd connect it into New Testament references and then into a Christian living application. She used examples from her life to illustrate her points. For example, she looked at the child of promise given to Sarah versus the child that Hagar bore. She tied this into following religious rules versus having a personal relationship with Christ.

She followed this commentary with five days worth of Bible study on that topic, which can be done individually or in a group. She mainly had you look up verses and asked reading comprehension and personal questions. There were also online videos that can be watched as a part of this study. Overall, I'd recommend this Bible study.
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There is nothing more exciting than seeing how Jesus showed up in the Old Testament. I've done two other Dee Brestin studies and she is very thorough. You can't skim through these books. I'm only into the first chapter but looking forward to another great study.
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Review By: ILoveToRead/Librarian

An excellent spiritual guide for the Christian seeking a closer relationship with Christ. After each chapter a helpful questionnaire appears encouraging the reader to look in depth at Bibical truths.
I highly recommend this book.
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