The Nanny

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Very enjoyable and unique read. It was full of twists and turns that kept me hooked. My only issue and why I didn’t give it 5 stars was I couldn’t relate to Jocelyn and she really irritated me in the way she acted. Otherwise a very good book.
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A gréât thriller. Full of twists and definitely not the ending I thought. Would definitely read more from this authors
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After the tragic death of her husband, Jocelyn and her ten-year-old daughter Ruby returns to England to Lake Hall where her mother Lady Holt lives. Jocelyn as a seven-year-old child was never close to her mother. But, to her nanny Hannah. But she was left devasted, when Hannah left without a trace, never to be seen again.  The distance between them grew.  But, when Ruby meets her grandmother, a relationship blossom between them.
There is nothing much to do at Lake hall and her mother warned her not got to go onto the Lake. The boat house has been locked up for quite a while. When the get Geoff the handyman to open it. They find a Kayak that is still safe to use, and they go out onto the lake. When somethipng happens and Ruby’s foot get stuck and when they pull her foot out of the water a skull is foundat.  Jocelyn thinks it might be Hannah after her untimely disappearance. Also, when Jocelyn was seven her parents use to host wild parties around that area, and she was banished to the house. The police are called, and an investigation starts. When an unexpected visitor comes to visit, questions are asked between her and her mother as Hannah returns. Jocelyn wants to find out what happened that day when Hannah left.
Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC exchange for a honest review. Although this was a slow burner of a story, I liked the Nanny. It’s quite different to other psychological thrillers I have read.  Firstly, I felt sorry for Jocelyn, her parents even with all the money they had couldn’t give the love that she needed, so they always palmed her off to the Nanny. I disliked them for that. But when the story went forward 30 years to the present, it felt quite realistic when Jocelyn thought her mother was going a bit batty in her old age when she tries to tell her about Hannah. Not every person at a certain age does that. I didn’t like the character of Hannah at all. If you like psychological thrillers, but a but different to the norm. This is the book for you.
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Although domestic noir and family-based psychological thrillers are not my usual thing, I decided to give The Nanny a try as I've loved Gilly Macmillan's police procedurals featuring DI Jim Clemo. And it didn't leave me disappointed, offering a compelling and twisty tale of sociopathy and family secrets. Very much recommended if you're after a page-turner in which nothing is as it seems.
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A good read, I enjoyed it.  It as quite absorbing and you really had no idea exactly what was happening, so it kept me guessing.  Family secrets and large houses always make for an interesting read, throw in a dysfunctional relationship and a lake and you have the recipe for a good story.
I did feel that there are one or two anomalies in the story and it had a really abrupt and not terribly satisfying end, which was a shame, however it was pretty good.
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Well written but a slow burner - one which, in parts, feels too slow and did make me consider not carrying it on. I liked the family saga factor and that kept me going through - one to take your time over and savour. It’s certainly not a quick read.
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This story gradually ramps up the chill factor as it progresses.
It initially comes across as a normal family drama with a neglected child from a rich family who is befriended by her loving nanny. Her nanny gives her the affection and attention she craves.
But the nanny isn’t quite what she seems and suddenly you find yourself shouting at Jo and telling her not to trust Hannah!
I thought the beginning was rather slow, and I did begin to get a little bored. The style was appropriate for the family saga storyline, which added to the authenticity of the opening chapters. Overall it was well written without mistakes in the grammar and vocabulary, but not a book that hooked me.
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Jo is devestatedwhen at 7 years of age her nanny leaves without a reason and in years to come when she has her own daughter and she returns to her home place she starts to wonder what happened, it's a real page turner x
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In UK psychological thriller The Nanny, new widow Jocelyn Holt returns to her childhood home, a mansion in the English countryside, with her young daughter Ruby. Both are heartbroken over losing Jo's husband/Ruby's father, and reeling from being uprooted from their Californian life and left broke. Her mother is also in mourning following the recent passing of her husband, Jo's father. For Jo, the place holds few happy memories. Most of the good ones relate to her nanny, Hannah, who left without saying goodbye when Jo was seven. Although she has always held her father high on a pedestal, she is distanced from her mother and fears her influence on young Ruby. Then human remains are discovered in a lake on their estate, widening the us and them gap between the Holts and the villagers, and between the Holts themselves. And a woman comes knocking at the mansion that may be a godsend or a villain. She makes Jo distrust all her memories, her mother, her daughter and herself. The twists and turns keep coming, and with them grows Jo's realisation that the truth is far worse than her imaginings. I recommend The Nanny to those readers who enjoy a slow-burning psychological thriller.
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I am so sorry this book didn't do it for me because the premise is interesting and Hannah is manipulative and terrifying. I just didn't the story so much as some situations in the plot were left unexplained when the book came to an end. It was a bit fast and predictable but the way in which it is written made me want to discover what Hannah was willing to do to achieve his goals.
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This is a mystery thriller quite unlike anything I have ever read before. It is set in England, in a quiet sleepy village, and follows a family that have recently been reunited. One of the main characters named Jo, has moved back in with her mother, bringing her daughter along too, as her husband has recently died. Her father has died relatively recently too, so we mainly follow the perspectives of these three generations of women. When Jo was growing up she had a nanny, who it's more than fair to say, Jo had and still has an unhealthy obsessive relationship with. Her relationship with her own mother has always been poor, and she is determined not to make the same mistakes with her own daughter. However, shortly after moving back in with her mother, Jo's daughter finds a skull in the lake on their mothers property. Jo automatically assumes it is the nanny, and the mystery goes on from there.

This novel takes so many breathtaking twists and turns, I consistently found myself confused on who the skull could belong to, and indeed who caused the body to end up in the lake to begin with. The multiple perspectives are tricky to follow to begin with, just because of the clever way the author has decided to weave the story together. The timeline also jumps around, which again adds to the confusion at times. It isn't confusing in a difficult to follow kind of way, more just in trying to work out what exactly has gone on.

I didn't correctly guess the various parts to the mystery until late on, which was satisfying. I enjoyed having my head thoroughly confused at every turn. I didn't like the characters in this novel though. Some are more likeable than others, but of the main characters, I didn't like half of them. This did have an impact on my enjoyment of the book, because I just couldn't take some of the actions by those characters seriously. For example, Jo being so hung up on her nanny as a grown woman grated on me. Unlikeable characters aren't always a bad thing, but when I can't believe their actions on top of that, it is a jarring reading experience for me.

If you enjoy psychological thrillers, I still highly recommend this book, it's a page turner and will keep you awake thinking about who the remains belong to, and who killed that person and put them there.
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Really enjoyed this book different from what I normally read and found it a bit slow at the beginning but stick with it in the end I couldn’t put it down look forward to reading more from this author
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I really enjoyed this book. It was interesting and suspenseful throughout. Well done.
Thanks to Netgally and the publishers for allowing me read and revue this book. *****
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Seven-year-old Jocelyn loves her nanny more than her own mother. When her nanny disappears one night, Jo never gets over the loss. How could she vanish without saying goodbye?

Thirty years on, Jo is forced to return to her family home and confront her troubled relationship with her mother. When human remains are discovered in the lake in the grounds of the house, Jo begins to question everything.

Then an unexpected visitor knocks at the door and Jo’s world is destroyed again as, one by one, she discovers her childhood memories aren’t what they seemed.

What secrets was her nanny hiding, and what was she running away from? And can Jo trust what her mother tells her?

The Nanny is a mystery thriller that has so many twists and turns and what ifs, it left me reeling at points but desperately eager to continue on to the next chapter and the next and the next. I flipped opinions about characters from the start to the finish, and I really liked how Gilly Macmillan was able to present them as one kind of person and transform them into another within a few chapters. 

Towards the end things perhaps rushed a little too quickly towards a dramatic conclusion, for which there would surely be consequences further down the line. However it was a gripping read with the story touching on themes of family relationships, manipulation, and where and why our love and trust are placed or misplaced. I very much enjoyed all the characters, particularly Virginia and Ruby, and found Jo’s struggles and dilemmas very relatable.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House UK, Cornerstone Century for an advance copy in return for a fair and honest review
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I’d like to thank Random House UK, Cornerstone and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read ‘The Nanny’ by Gilly MacMillan in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

In 1987 Nanny Hannah disappears from Lake House where she’s been employed to take care of Jocelyn, Lord and Lady Holt’s seven-year-old daughter.  Thirty years later Jocelyn, now known as Jo, is forced to return to her childhood home and is accompanied by her ten-year-old daughter Ruby.  Jo’s never got on with her mother Virginia who she found cold and unloving, and when she’s offered a job in London she doesn’t trust her mother to take care of Ruby.  When a human skull is discovered in the grounds of Lake House the police are called in to investigate and are keen to know why Nanny Hannah disappeared.  Could secrets be unearthed which could destroy everything Jo’s always believed to be true? 

‘The Nanny’ is a compelling thriller, absorbing, dramatic and full of tension.  The chapters move between the characters, giving background as to what happened between 1987 and the present time.  It’s been well-written and has interesting characters, a clever plot, twists and turns and a huge unexpected twist at the end.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel which I found hugely entertaining.
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Why did The Nanny leave?

Jocelyn is devastated when the favourite Nanny she's hired, suddenly leaves with no explanations.

Years later Jocelyn now a widow has come back to live with her Mother and daughter in her childhood home. She and Ruby, her ten-year-old, discover a skull on the little island on the lake in the middle of the Estate.

Rumours and an investigation lead to the possibility that the skull and bones could be the remains of said Nanny.

While Joselyn is struggling to work, look after her Mother and the police investigation, the nanny turns up with no explanation. It is not long before she takes up residence again to help Jocelyn but is she all that she seems?

For a ‘Scary Nanny' story, this one is quite good, although predictable, the characters are strong, the book flows beautifully even though the chapters switch from past and present.

My only real problem is Jocelyn. She moans and whines in the beginning chapters about how she has always missed the nanny and wondered how she could have left Jocelyn without a goodbye, but when the nanny turns up, Jocelyn never once asks her or discusses with her what happened that night she went or why she had never been in touch since. 

I cannot believe that Jocelyn could be so naïve and not realise that all is not right in the household and that there is something sinister about the nanny.

A good story if you have not read a book like this before.


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I really enjoyed this book. 

The characters were believable and so was the storyline. 

The only thing I would have liked to have been different was the ending, I would have preferred for it to have been a lot longer with more detail.
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I'm always filled with guilt when I have to admit that a book/story for me, was only a 3 stars (average; not terrible but not spectacular).  But this one, just wasn't it for me.  I found the pace quite slow which made it difficult to want to keep reading.  I couldn't identify with the characters at all or feel anything for them other than disdain to be honest, especially for Jocelyn, who at first I was starting to like but then she turned into a bit of a twit halfway in. And the twists? Well, there didn't seem to be many if any for me, and the very small ones that were there were a tad predictable.  I'm sorry to sound so unpleasant about it, there were parts I liked, I did enjoy the mother there were times where I found her relatable.  But The Nanny just didn't grab me, and I've been reading some 5/5's at the moment so it was obvious to me that this wasn't one I'd be giving a 5 to.

I do look forward to reading more in the future from the author, just because this one wasn't my cup of tea, isn't to say that the next won't be.
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Be prepared for twists and turns. Expect the unexpected.
Good thriller read.
Thank you to both NetGalley and Random House for my eARC in exchange for my honest unbiased review
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Jocelyn Holt has never been close to her mother, and her fondest memories of her childhood also include her old nanny Hannah, who vanished overnight when she was small. When Jocelyn is forced home to live with her aging mother and a skeleton is unearthed in the family lake, Jo begins to question whether somehow her mother was involved in Hannah's disappearance all those years ago.

The Nanny is a mystery thriller that has so many twists and turns and what ifs, it left me reeling at points but desperately eager to continue on to the next chapter and the next and the next. I flipped opinions about characters from the start to the finish, and I really liked how Gilly Mamillan was able to present them as one kind of person and transform them into another within a few chapters. 

I started the book firmly on Jocelyn's side, and really disliking the grandmother in the story Virginia Holt. But by halfway through, I really felt for Virginia, and couldn't stand Jocelyn who honestly was one of the most pathetic, frustrating and selfish characters I've read in a long time. I physically threw up my hands at the book at one point because Jocelyn was being so dumb. 

I felt sad and uncomfortable at times at how easy Virginia could be overlooked and talked over by other characters, and I think it highlighted well how old age/disability erasure can happen to those who are elderly and/or infirm in any way.

The end was quite rushed for me but I liked the intensity of some moments. I feel like I would have preferred more conversations between Jo and Virginia and a few more grievances properly aired and past actions explained. I also feel like there were some loose ends just not tied up properly and left to flap in the wind a bit.
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