Amie and the Child of Africa

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 10 Feb 2019

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Amie and the Child of Africa by Lucinda E. Clarke
 The continent of Africa is a place of beauty and sorrow because of all that takes place there. The story is packed with drama, fear, and strength of the main characters. I enjoyed the story elements because they were well crafted. I must say that I did not read the first book but did not feel lost one bit. Thanks, Ms. Clarke.
I felt the climate of the book's setting. I felt the fear and sense of panic as the characters did. Amie and the Child of Africa is a page-turner and stayed with me long after the author's last word.
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An engaging and fast-paced adventure, mystery! 

I love reading Lucinda E. Clark books and have enjoyed every one in the series so far,  this was no exception.
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Lucinda is a great storyteller! Loved the second installment of Amie. You will enjoy the story much more if the books are read in order.
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