Slingshots & Key Hooks

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Slingshots & Key Hooks by Geoffrey Fisher is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in late February.

Practical objects to make out of wood - it's all about making do, appreciation for wood (easy to do, since the trees and moss look greener than green), and using a mix of hand & electric tools. There's about one picture per paragraph-sized step. I particularly liked the magnetic hook, a ‘dibber’ (aka planting awl), and the ping pong paddles.
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It has been too long since I have come across a home and garden book that is unique in both the written part and the substance of the book.  "Slingshots and Key Hooks" is refreshingly different.  The author brings a fun approach to creating useful tools and games out of natural branches, without diminishing the professional quality of his products.  The reader will learn so much while making something useful.  You won't even need to go to a lumber yard!  Just find the right branch in your own backyard.
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Making things like slingshots and key hooks is not the most common pursuit these days, Fisher provides a unique look at making small projects using greenwood, or wood in its natural state, Greenwood is general not conducive to typical woodworking projects, as its prone to warping and cracking over time. Smaller projects, however, don't require the same durability, and wood harvested directly from a tree is quite suitable for objects like slingshots, key hooks, whistles, place card holders, and even ping pong paddles,  The author provides clear instructions about gathering the right wood, and the use of tools, materials, and techniques to make a variety of small wood projects.
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I absolutely adore this book. As a forager, nature lover and a homeschooling mother of five, this book on ways to use foraged (fallen) wood appeals to me on so many levels. It's absolutely delightful -- wonderful written with clear instructions and lots of photos. I'll be posting a detailed review with photos (and hopefully a finished project or two) on our family foraging/homesteading blog soon at
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I love how this book is so gently on the envioroment both in the the material salvage from nature and the tools used. the items made are very beautiful and useful, and very easy to make. There are pretty wooden plant markers, clothes hooks, skipping rope handles, whistle, cup and ball game as well as the slingshot.
These items are beautifully made, far better than shop bought plastic, and cost only time, once you have the simple tools.
For someone who would like something elegant for their homes, or those that are either starting out, or are experienced woodworkers, this is a must have book. Beautifully photographed with well shown instructions this book is a pleasure to read.
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This is an excellent book to teach anyone how to utilize what is around them.  As a grandmother, I use it to teach my grandchildren about history and how to make the most of what is around us.  We used slingshots growing up and my grandson has had a wonderful time using his.  This would make an excellent gift for a father or grandfather.
The instructions are clear and the results pretty much guaranteed.
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This is a rather personal book with instructions for making objects from natural wood, and it has very good instructions and great pictures. The objects are mostly for decoration or fun, and not too complicated.
My dad has always made stuff from wood, and as I see it cracking is a big problem. I'm therefore a little surprised that the author uses wood before it's dry.
Note that in my country (Norway) slingshots are actually considered weapons and are illegal to make and own. Stupid, I know.
I got the book via Netgalley, and this is my honest review.
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