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I chose this book because I thought it was a different author.  BUT I am so glad that I read it because I discovered a new author who writes words that inspire and challenge.  This book could categorized as a self-help/business/personal/go-to book.  I want to read it again with my husband this winter because I think his concepts will help us to do a better job of running our small business.  I look forward to reading many more books by this author in fact I already have another one of his titles waiting on my TBR pile.  Thanks #netgalley for the opportunity to read this title. #thebottomofthepool
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If you are needing a motivational jumpstart, this is the book! Andy Andrews puts energy behind his very creative ideas to help you up to the next level. 
P.S. Yes, I read the Preface, but then I always do.
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Y'all know that I'm a big Andy Andrews fan, so I was very excited to read his latest, The Bottom of the Pool. The best way that I can describe this book is like sitting down with your friend and they remind you how it is. It's not like Andy is hawking some secret voodoo send me $5 and you'll get $5000 in the mail next week black magic. He's sharing the truth. And the truth is that if you're dealing with an obstacle in your life, there's a big possibility that you're thinking about it all wrong. 

This relatively quick read is jam-packed full of good stuff. There are interesting stories about historical figures but the main story that runs throughout the book is one of a childhood friend. Andy's friend did something extraordinary one summer afternoon that illustrates how we can break out of cycles hold us back from achieving what we are created to do. Without telling you exactly what Andy has to share in this book, it might feel like it's some magical secret that will be difficult to obtain. But I would say that this book is really just a step by step walk through of his idea that confusion guards life's treasure. He shares how to be comfortable with confusion and to use it to leverage your best for your life. 

The entire book is set up in a way to mimic the very idea that Andy is trying to get across. He shows with the way the book is written, the stories he shares, and the information exactly how the bottom of the pool concept works. It's so easy, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it before and then you'll start applying in all sorts of areas of your life. This book isn't just for business folks, it's for everybody from us stay at home moms to the top executives to entrepreneurs and everyone in between.

This is definitely one of those books that you should buy two hard copies of. One for you to write in and take notes about and revisit. And the other to lend out to friends because you're going to want folks to be reading this so that you can talk about it with them. 

I received a copy of this book through NetGalley for the purpose of review. I'm never required to give a good review but always thankful when I can.
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"Be careful about what you think you know. Because you can't always believe everything you think."

If you've read Andy Andrews before, you know that his gift is that his writing style is conversational and intimate. And if you've listened to him speak, you can hear his words with your eyes as you scan each page, as if he is there in the room with you, teaching you and serving as your humble and wise mentor. He respectfully approaches his readers with ideas intended to improve their quality of life, and in The Bottom of the Pool, Andy (I think he would want me to use his first name) uses a simple metaphor from an event that happened during his childhood to get at deeper concepts that can lead to sustained personal growth and success. 

I've always enjoyed Andy's passion for studying the biographies of people that may have been somewhat obscure or not as well-known as they perhaps should have been. He is very much like a miner, digging for truths that are timeless so that he can bring them back to the surface and share it with his readers, giving everyone the opportunity to apply the treasures in their respective journeys for personal growth. In The Bottom of the Pool, you'll learn about an Olympic gold medalist that shattered a world record while applying the "bottom of the pool" concept that Andy teaches in this book. That gold medalist defeated two previous gold medalists and a third competitor who, at the time, held the current world record that was about to be broken. His accomplishment was so impressive, someone coined a new word in the dictionary to describe it (and you can look it up... literally).

But my favorite passage from the book begins with these words from Andy: "If it is true that your choices determine your destiny, and if the truth is that your thinking determines your choices, then it is, in fact, your thinking that determines your destiny." He then goes on to teach the reader to avoid the misconception that a person cannot help what they think. His explanation makes perfect sense, and you'll enjoy reading it within the pages of the book!

And as you finish the pages of the book, you'll find that the "Professional Noticer" has delivered another thought-provoking, 5-star quality work that will challenge you to take an intentional look at what you believe about yourself and about what is true. His message is clear and his purpose is as well. As Andy says himself near the final pages, the book won't change your life. However, he's certainly handing you the roadmap to better opportunities. It's up to you whether or not to take it, along with the first step on your journey.

(I haven't posted my review online, except for here on NetGalley to give feedback. I will wait to post my online review to my blog and to Twitter once the book has been released, per the publisher's instructions.)
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I love Andy Andrews and have read several of his books. This one is as enjoyable as the rest of his. It's easy to read, and it's up to you how you apply it in your life. Highly recommended.
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