Over the Line

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This was a fairly good romantic suspense novel.  It wasn't my favorite, but it got better the more I read.  There was suspense and a little twist, with some romance thrown in along the way.  The characters were well developed and interesting.  

When a young man comes to Gabby and falls in front of her, he says her brother's name in her ear.  Gabby hasn't heard from her brother in a long time.  So Gabby, her sister and Gabby's ex-boyfriend set out to find their brother.  I love how strong this family is together.

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I love detective mysteries and I never read anyone like this. Over the line, tells the story of Gabriella and how she recently broke up with her boyfriend who was a homicidal detective. Determined to move on from the relationship, she later meets a man at her door with a bullet in his chest and his last words were her brother's name. She later find out that this man is part of a ring of criminals that have been chased down for years. With her brother missing, there is only one man that can help her, Eli Cavazos, Gabby's ex-boyfriend. They must team up to find her brother and catch these criminals once and for all. Every page was a surprise that left me breathless and shocked at every page. This is definitely a book you will want to keep by your bedside.

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Pretty good plot, including the the characters’ relationships.  I thought Gabby was rather immature in her grudge but it sorts out in the end
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It is a race against time for law enforcement to find missing ATF agent Jake Benoit before he turns up dead.  Jake's two sisters, Natalie and Gabriella, are also targeted and in danger.  Gabriella's ex-boyfriend and a newspaper reporter find themselves in the thick of danger as they try to protect the women.  Follow along as this fast-paced story takes you on the ride of your life as you try to guess who the traitor is, who is fronting for the cartel, and when and where the cartel bad boys will hit next.  This story takes place along the US and Mexican border and gives a factual view of the struggle with ICE agents and other law enforcement fighting against the great Mexican drug cartel powers.  The author does a good job to not make this story a political stand, but rather lay out facts.
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This story is relevant to today's headlines about the southern border. The story has lots of action, dealing with gun-running, murder, police corruption, etc. There were so much untold background material about the characters, it seemed as if the book was the middle is a series. Information was slowly given out, but I thought a little more should have been given earlier to clarify things.
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3.5 stars

This book started strong from the get-go. We're introduced to restaurant owner, Gabriella Benoit as she is closing up her restaurant one night. Her police officer ex-fiance, Eli shows up to make sure she gets to her car safely and after arguing with him, she reaches her car as a young man staggers up, mumbles something about her brother and dies. She is immediately drawn into a deeper intrigue. She and Eli end up heading from San Antonio to Laredo to search for her brother, as he has gone missing. Meanwhile, the bad guys believe the dead guy gave her his cell phone, which has incriminating evidence on it regarding gun smuggling over the Mexican border. She has to stay one step ahead of them in order to save her own life. 

The plot was fast moving, the characters were likeable and the underlying theme of forgiveness was great for this Christian romantic suspense. One issue I had was feeling like this was book 2 in a series (which it isn't) and that I'd missed some important history. While everything eventually came to light, by the time that it did, the romance had become central and I didn't understand how it really got there. If I overlook that piece, though, this was a good romantic suspense. I did also note a few grammatical and spelling errors; however, since this was an advanced copy from NetGalley, I assume those will be taken care of in final editing and did not reflect in my rating at all. 

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OVER THE LINE ..by Kelly Irwin
Gabriella , they warned her about dating a detective, Eli for four years. He wants forgiveness, she knew he came with baggage. She didn’t know the whole suitcase full would be dumped on her head. Waiting to follow her home from closing restaurant after midnight. A young kid comes out from nowhere, calling her name, then Jake her brother’s name, now falling from a gun shot wound. No one can get in touch with Jake he was working undercover, his place has been ramshacked.  Tension from the first page, you get the scenario with the characters, what is really going on behind the scene.
Is it more than the cartel, and stolen guns.  The author has once again given 
us a suspenseful plot, that readers won’t want to miss reading.
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OVER THE LINE by KELLY IRVIN is more than a romantic suspense novel with great characters and a really good plot - it is a book in which the importance of forgiveness, both God's forgiveness towards us and ours towards those who have hurt us, is woven throughout the story.
It is a fast paced and exciting read, impossible to put down, with many twists and turns that keep us guessing right to the end. 
Gun running on the Texas/Mrxico border, violent crime, law enforcement at its best and also it's worst, news reporting, loyalty, and the love of family, all make up part of this book, which I can really recommend.
It is the second of this author's books that I have read, Tell Her no Lies, was the first, and I will be watching for more novels of this caliber from her in the future.
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Kelly Irvin's mystery, Over the Line, touches on many elements ... first off, of course, mystery, but there's also a smattering of romance and faith. Important concepts that she expertly weaves through the novel. With characters who are easily to relate to, she tells a story of love, trust, and fighting for one's family. It's a wonderful read -- hard to put down as the twists and turns just keep coming! I hope she considers writing more with these characters as this reader would be interested in seeing how they evolve. Absolutely fantastic!
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I had never read a book by Kelly Irvine before and I’m so glad I read this one! One of the best books I’ve ever read. From page one, I was hooked. Intriguing relationships, murders, and more than one mystery keep the pages turning. 
The characters are well developed and each one seems suspicious in their own way as you meet them. I was not expecting the inside man to be who it was. I thought I had guessed the right man until Gabby pulled up to meet Rincon. At that point I realized just how wrong I could be. The story kept me guessing and watching Deacon struggle with his feelings, Gabby getting over her fears and forgiving the past, and Eli coming clean with his past all while trying to find Jake and hoping he is alive. I will be telling everyone to read this book and it will definitely be one my book clubs can’t stop talking about!

I received a complimentary copy of this book from Thomas Nelson through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own
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