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I loved this book from  the historical accuracy of New Orleans to the characters and the bond they have. I felt like it lacked closure and would like to see a second book
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What made me read this book is a fact that there is a ghost and the time takes place in Louisiana in 1950s. 
I liked that. I got what I wanted. I liked it. 
The story of three sisters were interesting, but I have to say because of so many descriptions the lot somehow got me a bit lost along the way. Also, I wished the book was longer. It ended so quickly and I have enjoyed the atmosphere and the sisterhood feeling in it. Very recommended read!
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I loe reading about the South ... and especially about New Orleans. 
The overview of this book made me want to dive right in and read it. Unfortunately, it did not radiate excitement when I started reading .
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Bonavere Howl is a story about 3 sisters and how close a sisterly bond can be. How sisters know the little twerks that make us, us and usually most of our secrets. With that said, that is really one of the only reasons I stuck with this story. I have a sister and I understand that bond and how you would go to the ends of the earth to help them.
The story takes place in the 50’s in the south, Louisiana near New Orleans. It starts with all 3 sisters up in the room listening to a party below that their parents are throwing. One of the sisters, Constance, leaves during the night without one word as to where she is going. As we find out later, this isn’t the first time she has disappeared. The two sisters that are left, Bonnie and Fritzi, have differing opinions as to what happened to Connie. When a week later she still is missing, a friend of hers is found dead in the swamp. The girls break into action to try and find their missing sister. Because this story takes place in the south in the 50’s there is mention of racial segregation and Bonnie who is white female has a black friend who is a boy. A big no, no in those times. But they are best friends until her sister goes missing. Frankly, the story would have been just a good without this part of the story line. But it did give you a bit of feel for the time period that the girls are living in. All in all, it was an ok book, started a bit slow and didn't ever really pick up the pace.
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I enjoyed this story. It was timeless and atmospheric and the author made the characters come to life in an appealing way. The period is the 1950s in NOLA and swamps and voodoo contribute to the moody vibe. The relationship between the three sisters was charming, heartfelt and well-developed. The youngest of the three is Bonavere (Bonnie) and she is searching for her sister when others don’t seem concerned—until it’s possibly too late. Her grief and determination lead us through a  descriptive story that is an ode to New Orleans.
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I loved the relationship between the sisters and the author's ability to really engross the reader in the setting, 1950's New Orleans.  I didn't so much love the pacing and what became too much wordiness for me.  

The 3 white Fayette sisters live in comfort with their parents who are physically present but absent in their relationship to the girls.  The middle sister, Connie, goes missing and seemingly only the sisters are concerned.  The book follows 13 year old Bonnie in her search for her sister along with her friend, a black boy, Samuel, which brings up the ever-present specter of racism.
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I received this from for a review. 

Thirteen-year-old Bonavere (known as Bonnie), embarks on a journey to bring her sister home, venturing through fabled Red Honey Swamp, and the city's vibrant and brutal history.

I loved the description, but didn't love the book. It was densely written, lots of words with little impact. 

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There's a secret in the swamp. Bonnie is determined to uncover it to find her sister.
I enjoyed the first part of this book but then I would get so lost in the description of the surroundings or other items, I would quickly lose my place. I would have to go back and find the plot line. After so long of digging my self to uncover the mystery of the swamp I really don't understand what all happened and how Bonnie arrived to the places she did. 
I think this books may be best for someone that can fall into the descriptions and details
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Set in the 50's in the French Quarter, the Fayette sisters have never lived anywhere else. While their parents come off as aloof and not very parental. The youngest sister, 13-year-old Bonavere or Bonnie is very close to both of her sisters, especially Connie. 

There are hints of insanity in the family and this being New Orleans, anything is possible. Ghosts, voodoo, swamps and crazy eyed girls found lost in the woods. When Connie asks Bonnie to hold on to a special necklace for her, it is the last time anyone sees her. While no one seems overly concerned, Bonnie is determined to find out what happened to her sister.

Racism was going strong and it helped no one that Bonnie's best friend, Saul is black. When Bonnie asks for his help he can't say no. Even if it means putting his own family in danger. The police aren't helping and the adults aren't helping so off they go to the swamp for answers.

The descriptions of the city were spot on. As was the racism. It seemed unfinished however. There were things that happened with other characters but little information on their motives and parts of it at the end didn't seem believable.

NetGalley/May 1st 2019 by Guernica Editions
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I was interested in reading this book because it’s setting is New Orleans, my favorite city.  I love the ghost lore and voodoo vibes of the city and this book touched on that history.  However, the story began in January and the heat was always discussed and made me think it should have began in the sultry summer. 

I kept thinking this book would make an excellent scary movie but I thought the story dragged in places and it was hard to follow in other places.  I also did not like the ending of the story after I invested the time to get there.  That being said, if you love Nawlins and ghost stories, give it a shot. 

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Young girls are going missing in Tolouse Louisiana. With the history that the area has, it is not a good sign. Years before two girls went missing and were never found. Now, Fritzie and her younger sister, Bonnie are looking for their missing sister, Connie.
They suspect one of the towns leading citizens. Dorian LaSalle. He's a school teacher, that taught both Connie and Fritzie. Sometimes he would look at Connie in a peculiar way. Bonnie is determined to find her sister. No matter what kind of danger she is in. Fritzie is just as determined to protect Bonnie. Losing one sister was bad enough. Losing another would be unbearable. 
Great storyline. The Author is very descriptive of what is taking place and where it is happening. Very easy to see a picture of what she is describing. 
Exceptional read!
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I liked the author’s descriptions of 1955 New Orleans and its atmosphere, she captured the city on the pages, the good and some of the bad (the deep racism, rich-poor division). And the characters were appealing, a believable 13-year-old protagonist, Bonavere (known as Bonnie), and her sisters. The plot had a suitable pace for a mystery. After one of Bonnie’s sisters goes missing, it is up to Bonnie to continue the search, leading to some old secrets that others in the city don’t want revealed. I would recommend this book to young adult readers. Thank you to Netgalley for the free ARC in exchange of a review.
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This book is difficult for me to review. I love books set in the South, I love when an author uses words to paint a scene, a feeling, a character. Mission accomplished. But my goodness, there was just too much of this, it got in the way of the story. Some excellent editing would make this a much better book.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this ARC.
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The descriptions of life and the south in another era were well written. The touch of racism in the south was realistic back then. The author makes everything come to life. I liked the way she made Bonnie's grief for her sister the main point of the story all the way through the book. Well written and very descriptive.
Thanks to Netgalley for the free ARC in exchange of a review.
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Being a Southerner, I love the mysteries of New Orleans.  This author’s descriptions of the city and the swamps had me hooked. I loved the character of Bonavere, and her quest to find out what happened to her sister was intriguing. The story may have been unrealistic in parts but I loved it and embraced it. Thanks to Guernica Editions and to NetGalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.
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CHARGE (What is the author trying to say?): To explore the true nature of insanity

FACTS: On an oppressive New Orleans afternoon, the middle Fayette sister disappears. Her disappearance is ultimately traced to a family with secrets – a family wrestling with insanity. The prose is beautiful, but the story is improbable. If you can suspend reality, the plot twists will entertain.

VERDICT (Was the author successful?): Not guilty. The story was unrealistic, more in the nature of fantasy.

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Bonavere Howl is a suspenseful book that had me reading as quickly as I could to find out what happened. The description of the swamps of Louisiana and the social lives of the three sisters had me hooked from the beginning. Being a Southerner, the book appealed to my upbringing and association with the South. I loved the relationship between Bonnie and her sisters; the individual interactions and relationships made each relationship unique. I'm normally not into suspenseful books but I couldn't put this one down. I HIGHLY recommend this book.
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