Black Ice

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2,5/5. Like I said to the previous two book of the series. Not necessarily my style, good enough for the hard core survivalist reader that like that genre but not original enough or deep enough for my liking!
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This is a series I knew nothing about until I did. I've binge read the first two books and am already jonesing for more. Its main protagonist. who gets into some unbelievable situations, the dialogue is action-packed and sometimes deadly. The author also paints a complex depiction of a post-apcoliptic world thats is as dangerous as it is daunting.. 
Patiently waiting for the next  to come in this twisted series !
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I've really enjoyed this series and Black Ice didn't disappoint. I wish there were going to be more, but this ended in a good place. I didn't think this third book had quite as much conflict as the others.  but i really loved the directions it want.  

DO read the previous books first, you can't just jump int this one and be ok :)
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It seems as if every author is now writing after the apocalypse books now.  Grace Hamilton is a well known author who has written this genre for many years with great success.  She has built the characters and backstory to bring the reader into a world that is all to possible.  As the third book in this trilogy, she wraps up the journey of this cast of characters but leaves open the reader's hopes of further adventures.  This trilogy could easily be your next favorite television series.
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This trilogy, named After the Shift, is outstanding in that it presents an apocalyptic event in a down-to-earth manner; as if it could really happen. As the survivors struggle to stay alive during the Winter Storm, trying to stay human and compassionate is difficult. I encountered this book not knowing there were 2 previous novels, but will look for them.
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Black Ice by Grace Hamilton is great!  Ms  Hamilton has taken a different approach for this post apocalyptic book which is the third in the series.  I am disappointed I didn't read the first two books before I read Black Ice but this book works as a stand alone.  This book is well written, the characters are well developed and likeable and I thought the premise of earth after a pole shift was different and  great.  I highly recommend this book for everyone.  Maybe even the entire series I which I plan to get caught up on soon.
Thank you Relay Publishing, Grace Hamilton and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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The thrilling finale of the After the Shift trio follows Nathan Tooley as he attempts to keep his two boys and rag-tag band of co-travelers alive during the Big Winter, while not losing himself too. 
Set in the United States after the earth has shifted on its axis, causing much of the US to be immersed in a massive freeze, and all traces of civilization are gone. Nathan must navigate his way through illness, distrust, massive unending snowstorms, and a government that has fully collapsed, causing corruption and anarchy to rule. 
While I haven't read the first two in the After the Shift series, the plot of this book wasn't hard to follow. The beginning of the book reminded me a little f the Day After Tomorrow movie, with much of the US population fleeing south to avoid the terrifying prospect of the winter that was coming. Mostly full of gunslinging and trying to manage disagreements within the group, their defacto leader is never fully sure he's making the right decisions for the group as a whole. Facing dangerous situations that only seem realistic in the dystopian state that the US has fallen into, one is never really sure whether our unlikely hero will be able to save himself (the book begins with a narrow escape from a lynch mob, after all), but his unlikely band of co-travelers seems to all be of the same mind as time and again, their obscure rescue plans seem to pull through. Throw in an insane dictator that has been chasing the group across the country and back again, and the reader can't help but laugh at the absurdity of it all. That is, until we realize that perhaps climate change isn't such a joke, and our own Big Winter might not be so far away.
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As soon as I heard this one was available to read I knew I had to have it and read it as soon as possible! After the ending of Killing Frost where a major much loved character was killed off I wanted to know how the remaining characters in the group of traveler's would cope. Would their plans have to change? Would the death be the beginnings of the group breaking up? Yep, I had loads of questions I needed answering.

This book cover fits well with the rest of the series with its blue tones and icy imagery that makes you feel cold and shivery looking at it. These covers really do set the scene described within the books really well. I wanted to know who was the lonely figure on the book cover and why they were alone. To be honest this cover could fit several scenes described within the book with quite a few character possibilities for the lonely figure. I think the cover fits the whole “climate change” themes within the book too. Black Ice fits well into the post-apocalyptic genre, with what some could say has futuristic elements, so dystopian and Sci-Fi genre too.

I loved the fact there was a small re-cap chapter at the beginning of the book and then, . . well then, we were straight back into the drama filled, action packed plot. The group go through more and more hazardous situations from a town they were hoping to settle in arguing amongst themselves so the group gives that town a miss. They also come into contact with another weirdo who wants to pull them into his cult. It seems just when things improve for the group they are hit with another dangerous situation. They almost consider staying in Denver as there are FEMA officers there, then when they are forced to ask for access to the hospital, they find out that Denver is even more lawless than other places they have left. It seems that everyone is just out for themselves even more. There are two rival gangs fighting each other and setting up tolls to stop any newcomers and past them from their valuables. Even more worrying is the fact when Nathan tries to catch up with Tommy etc he decides it best to approach the FEMA army toll, preparing to give up a few weapons and maybe ammo but he is told that isn’t nearly enough. Nathan has to turn away from the toll and think about a way to break in or buy their way in and out.

It is whilst the group are finding each other and trying to escape that an awful character from their past shows up! One question I was asking myself throughout the whole book, even at the end was Can Nathan and his friends ever truly evade Brant and his bully boys or will there be one last battle?

I found the herbal remedies that came from the handwritten book entrusted to them interesting especially the fact Lucy seems to have appointed herself the keeper of the book and herbs.

Even as the characters are dealing with the hazards of this new world, I still enjoyed reading the incidents and sections that covered the normal growing up of Tony Tolley. He first becomes a more confident boy who looks after his baby brother and has a malamute dog as a friend. Then as time goes on, he shows he has a “good head on his shoulders” remaining calm in situations grown men and women would not cope with. At one point in the book Tony proves he is a valuable part of the group when he tips the odds back into favouring the group and turns a deadly situation around.

I thought Syd was a great kick butt, mature, savvy and sassy female character who has a knack of acting older than her actual age. Though Syd returns to the survivors group and re-integrates well, she still has her mysterious, quieter, private side and the strong possibility of keeping secrets. Syd is a good friend to Tony and seems to have a way with words and a knack to know when Nathan needs her around.

To say I was not keen on Tommy is an understatement. Even though he had previously helped Cyndi rescue Nathan. In this book he seemed somewhat cantankerous, moody and wanting to continually take the opposite view than the majority of the group. He really didn't like Lucy making any future plans for the group or even her expressing her opinion at all. I can understand him wanting his say and obviously he always has the option of going his own way, no one is forcing him to stay with the group. He irritated me so much in this book at times I felt I wanted to violently shake him by the shoulders and tell him to get over himself!

I found the addition of the new character of Arctic, who turns out to be an ace sniper interesting and maybe if there is more to come from this series, she will feature in it more.

My immediate thoughts upon finishing this book were, that I really appreciated the initial little catch up at the very start of the book. Then we were launched straight back into the drama and the Post-Apocalyptic setting within the no government, no law world. Black Ice introduced more new characters as well as having some old ones return to the group. Will there be a book four? Yet at the same time I was wondering what else could happen to Nathan and his friends?

My final thoughts are that this series could now have come to its completion with how this book concludes. Having said that I would eagerly read another in this series and I definitely intend to read more books by this author, both in the series I have already started and anything new by Grace Hamilton. There was possibly a hint when Nathan says he is happy where he is at the moment but maybe things will change in the future. I’ll be keeping my eyes and ears open for more!
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Third and final book in the AFTER THE SHIFT trilogy

This series has been just okay for me. This third book is a little better than the first two in the series and, if I could, I'd rate it 3 1/2 stars.

My problem all along has been the main character Nathan Tolley. In each book he repeats over and over FAMILY FIRST but doesn't have the wherewithal to follow through on protecting them. The women in the story have a thousand more cajones than Nathan.

Yes, I understand you don't want to lose your humanity when the whole world seems to be ready to kill you but I also believe in defending yourself, your family and a civilized society.

This final book takes us from Wyoming and then points south. There are all kinds of different people and dangers met and battles fought in this new post-apocalyptic world full of ice and snow.

I received this book from Relay Publishing through Net Galley in the hopes that I would read it and leave an unbiased review.
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