Eight Lives

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Eight Lives is definitely not a book for the faint hearted, as it open describes the cruelty of man and what happens behind closed doors to provide consumers with the next wonder drug. Obviously this is a drama/suspense, but the reality portrayed is confronting and hard to ignore; so be prepared for the troubling paragraphs that openly detail the atrocities that befall the animals that are used to trial these drugs, before human trails begin.

For those of you who love a good mystery, this is definitely going to be a winner, as the investigation is engrossing, and the unanticipated turn of events is mind-blowing! I highly recommend Eight Lives as a story that is all consuming, but more than that, it will make the reader question their own morale values and what is acceptable behaviour in the name of science. For me personally the book was devastating, but intriguing, and I will definitely be seeking out more books by this talented author.
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I thought this book was fantastic. It gripped me from the very first page and I had to keep reading to find out what happened. I thought I had the book cracked at 79%, but nope - I did not see the full extent of the ending coming - even after I started googling some medical facts.

The book is told from different perspectives, and it was obvious from their distinct voices, which persons view you were reading from. Not all characters are likeable, but it doesn't take away from the book at all. It just makes the book even better in my opinion.

This book probably isn't for you if you're squeamish - I don't reaaaalllly consider myself to be, but I definitely shuddered at a few passages and made a few weird noises when I was reading a few certain passages with my kindle at arm's length instead of right in my face..

This book is an easy 5 stars for me - I thought it slowed down slightly in the middle but the beginning and the and were just totally unputdownable.
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This medical thriller was a fascinating look into the world of big pharma. The plot is fast paced and the story is told from various characters perspectives but never through the eyes of the main character. Disturbing and thought provoking.
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Interesting story. Characters are easily relatable. Thank you Netgalley for allowing me to read pre release
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Eight Lives is the based on a true story of a drug trial gone bad. Set in Australia, the "Golden Boy" doctor responsible for the trial dies under bizarre circumstances. He was working on an immunology drug. The story is told through multiple perspectives, and it's easy to get lost. Each voice is distinct with some likeable and others not. The characters have some relatable qualities and complex interactions and situations. The stakes are high in drug trials, and when things go bad, they go really bad. The story is engaging and suspenseful. As it unfolds, there are many twists and turns to keep you guessing. It's also informative about the process and procedures of some drug trials. It's also terrible in many ways. Honestly, I found it disturbing and fascinating because there is truth in this story. That truth is difficult to process. It's just the very nature of medicine and pharmaceutical companies and the corruption therein. It's a shady business at best with the profit based on human lives, and it disgusts me. The story is a good reminder of how pharma rules the world. It's an excellent read for everyone. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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A real life drug trial gone astray with the creator "Golden Boy" being questioned for his motives.
The Golden Boy wanted to help others using medicine so he creates a powerful drug and using 8 volunteers he hopes to become the new hope for others who are needlessly suffering.
However, he himself takes a turn for the worse and his medical condition is now under scrutiny as he doesn't survive and worse the medical windfall now may be his own downfall.
What is behind his own death and what is ultimately the reasoning for the method of madness...
A powerful story and one worthy of reading.
Thank you to Susan, the publisher, NetGalley, and Aldiko for this ARC in exchange for this honest review.
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A fascinating tale that kept me reading about the world of drug development and patient trials to say nothing of the hierarchical nature of the medical and academic world.  The main character David is brilliant but has a lot of secrets about his private and family life. The story had a lot of twists and turns and just when you thought you were getting to the bottom of things another twist appeared.
I liked his friend Miles but I found it difficult to believe that Miles’ family would take David into the family home and pay David’s family for the privilege- that just didn’t ring true to me.
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It was been a while since I have read a medical thriller that kept me so entranced. Who was the Golden Boy and what happened to him and his miracle drug?
This tale is told through five different voices as we come to understand what happened to young Dung Pham. It opens our eyes to the competitive world of medical research and how 1 small oversight can have such disastrous consequences.
There are characters within this book who you absolutely are drawn to dislike and others who you are rooting for, including EIGHT itself. You want to see this drug succeed and the people behind it to get their win.
The book is well written and holds your attention, right up until the final words. I look forward to reading more from this author.
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I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Eight Lives is written from multiple perspectives over multiple years. I found this book to be interesting but hard to read at times. There were points where it was hard to follow. 

This did however, remind me of Big Little Lies. Lovers of that book will for sure love this one. 

This medical thriller will keep you on your toes and constantly wanting more. It was a quick read.
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Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for letting me read this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Story line was very good. Back story to each characters were full; however, it was hard to follow each story characters' point of view the way it was written. Then to add on top of that the story went back and forth between the present and the past. From the beginning, I kind of guess that the "miracle" drug was not so much of a miracle. The story developed very slowly to the point as the reader, I wanted to give up.
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This book is a great example of why it's great to receive such great reads from NetGalley (Thank you)!  A complex, well-told mystery with science and tradgedy and great twists. This book is unique in several ways -- the different perspective, the weaving of the plot, and a great conclusion. Recommended!
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Former refugee David Tran becomes the Golden Boy of Australian medical research and invents a drug that could transform immunology. Eight volunteers are recruited for the first human trial, a crucial step on the path to global fame for David and windfall gains for his investors. But when David dies in baffling circumstances, motives are put under the microscope.

With its origins in a real-life drug trial that ended in tragedy, EIGHT LIVES is told from the perspectives of David’s friends, family and business associates, who all played a role in his downfall. **from Goodreads**
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Thank you NetGalley and Affirm Press for the eARC.
The 'Golden Boy' of medical research in Melbourne, Australia who supposedly came up with a wonder drug for immune diseases, dies in mysterious circumstances.
The story leading up to his death is told by several voices.  He and his mother were 'boat people's who came to Australia after surviving a perilous boat trip.  The book is excellent, a mystery set in the shadowy world of Big Pharma, a world that is filled with the promise of big money and people who work hard to find drugs that not only save and ease lives, but promises fame and fortune. There are passages that were quite shocking to me; the trials conducted on animals before human trials begin are graphically horrendous, I'm having a hard time processing them.  The ethical questions are difficult to answer, but the fact that people can jeer and laugh at any creature in unspeakable pain as is described in the book made my blood boil.  It's certainly an eye opener.
The solving of his death was incredible, what an unexpected turn of events!
So well written and informative, this book will stay with me for quite a while and I highly recommend it for anyone who loves a good, intelligent mystery.
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I enjoyed reading this book. It had a good story to it. I liked the variety of characters in it. It is my first book read by this author. I hope to read more books by this author.
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This is a great read! It's a thriller that keeps a cracking pace. Set in Melbourne, the story reveals the ways wealth and power operate in Australia, the supposedly 'classless society.'  

The story revolves around a medical prodigy who invented a wonder drug which will save the lives of many. But before the drug can be trialed the talented doctor is killed in bizarre circumstances. Eight Lives is told from several different perspectives, each unlikable and sympathetic at different times as the motivations and inadequacies behind their actions are brought to light.  

Sometimes I find twists in thrillers are often a bit obvious but I did not see this one coming. I wasn't sure how I felt about the climax at first but it left me thinking for days. 

Eight Lives is worth reading if you enjoyed The Dry by Jane Harper and We're All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler and The Slap by Christos Tsiolkas,
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It didn't exactly set my world on fire but I liked it.

**********Many many thank to NetGalley and the publisher as well for making the ARC of this book available online.******
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