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Hipster Death Rattle

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An interesting idea written by someone who has a clear affection for the neighborhood where the story takes place.  The problem is that so much of the book's potential never develops beyond potential.  There’s an old saying that springs to mind about this book- ”A half inch deep and two miles wide.” It covers a lot of ground but it lacks depth. The result left me wishing there had been more.
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Narvaez gives up a funny , sarcastic look into how hipster culture affects a neighbourhood. The impact isn't welcomed by everyone. Gentrification is a dual edged weapon.
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I wasn't entirely sure what to expect with this book given the cover and the shade being thrown at the hipster population, but I should've known that a title from this publisher would encompass much more than you can envisage at first glance. This was right up my street: yes, there is humour interspersed throughout the pages, but there is also a serious side. It's a highly original composition of dry wit, exciting murder mystery and exploration of prevalent social issues. The narrative is exceptional and easy to engage with, and the clever social commentary adds to the plot rather than just being there. Well written with a multi-layered, complex plot that holds your attention from the very beginning, this is a superbly accomplished and entertaining debut novel.

The struggle a community goes through to try to retain its social identity through increased gentrification, spiralling rents and issues of class and racial tension feature heavily here, and it's clear the author either knows this area very well or has researched it meticulously; I would say it's more likely to be the former. The characters are beautifully rendered, quirky and realistic. Chino Moran is a somewhat unlikely protagonist, but he is conscientious, hard-working and easily likeable. When all of these features come together it creates a fast-paced, twist-filled story that is more than a little difficult to put down.

Many thanks to Down & Out Books for an ARC.
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I didn't know what to expect and I'm happy I requested this book.
It's mystery with something more complex theme like the identity of a community.
The book is well written, the characters fleshed out and the plot is both entertaining and engaging.
I liked the style of writing and how the plot was developed.
I look forward to reading other books by this author.
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC
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I wasn't sure how serious this book was going to be from the cover! 
Once I got into it though, this is a fantastic read with a multi-layered story about a communities struggle to retain it's identity, housing issues (!) and murder. The characters are believable and quirky - I loved Magaly - and really enjoyed this book!
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This fast-paced drama kept me glued to the pages with each and every scene that comprised all that was happening in this multi-plot narrative. Someone is slashing people and it’s the root of this crime that makes this debut novel very intriguing. This gritty and downright riveting tale involves a missing person coupled with a slasher, gentrification and a homeboy trying to do the right thing with a few comical interjections throughout.

The author did a great job in telling a story keeping the suspense alive with several strategically placed twists and turns, especially the killer’s identity and motive and those surrounding the missing person. I found the residents and their story created an atmosphere of understanding their own self-placement and the pivotal roles they portrayed enhanced how well this tale was being told. When it was all said and done, this was a good read.
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