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Secrets, secrets, secrets!  Johnny is hailed as a hero when he finds Tanner, a toddler who went missing.  The public attention is not, however, without its problems, especially for Johhny and his wife Veronica.  Veronica is more sympathetic than you might imagine and she's the person you'll follow. No spoilers because there is a twist here that elevated this.  Thanks to net galley for the ARC.  A quick read perfect for travel.
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Last year one of my favorite and most memorable reads was Jane Doe so of course False Step was high up on my list of most anticipated reads for this year. I loved how original and unique that one was and I adored Jane as a character even though I probably shouldn’t have loved a sociopath as much as I did. I’m so sad to say that this one just didn’t work for me at all.

While initially I was very interested to see where this one was going by about a quarter of the way in I had worked out exactly what was going to happen. I also hated every single character besides the young daughter, Sydney. Veronica was endlessly annoying to me and the whole cast was hypocritical and so exhausting. I’m not gonna sit here and endlessly bash the book because I still really enjoy Stone as an author and will gladly be reading Problem Child as I’m a fan of her writing style. This was just predictable and cliches and just not the right book for me. If you haven’t read JD though I highly recommend that one and if you’re not a seasoned thriller reader this one may work better for you than it did for me.
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A fabulous dark and twisty thriller. I absolutely love This authors writing. The story was amazing with lots of twists and very dark moments in the beautiful string of Colorado. Fantastic x xx
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If you are looking for a good thriller this is the book for you.  The storyline moved quickly, the plot was easy to follow, and the author did a great job of not giving it away too early.  

 From the very beginning, I knew there was more to the story of Johnny and Veronica.    There were hints and I kept guessing.  I never wanted the story to go the way it does but I couldn’t stop reading until I found out what was going to happen.    

The relationship between Johnny and Veronica was not good.    They were not happily married.   They should not have stayed married yet I did understand why they didn’t separate.    Neither character was very likable.    Johnny just seemed shady while Veronica was a pity party at every turn.   Nothing was right or good with the two of them and unfortunately, they had a child to take care of.     

I did like this book, I loved the storyline.   The characters were a bit of a drag but I’d still recommend picking up a copy of this book.  It was quick and easy to read.   The writing style was easy to follow.   The story moved along quickly.
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No one is more surprised than Veronica when her husband Johnny becomes a hero. The financially strapped personal trainer is hailed as a hero by the press when he finds a missing child. Tanner has been found miles from his wealthy parents home and now Veronica and Johnny are thrust into the media spotlight after Johnny finds the child. But Veronica worries that all the attention will bring up secrets that she and her family have kept buried for years. Can you ever really trust the person you sleep next to every night?
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I love a good mystery, and Victoria Helen Stone’s False Step sounded like a wonderful read. I was ready to be hooked on the mystery and pulled in deep, ready to double guess everything. As it was, I enjoyed False Step, but it wasn’t quite what I’d expected of it.

False Step was a bit too domestic thriller for me. It focused more upon the drama of the family than on the mystery, which isn’t quite my thing. I know a lot of people enjoy these kinds of mysteries and thrillers, but I much prefer the detective stories. Nevertheless, despite the fact it wasn’t quite my type of read, I was curious as to how things would play out.

I confess, I did work out who the bad guy was extremely early in the book. It was a case of watching to see how everything would come together, not a case of finding out who was behind things. With the crime being interwoven with the family drama, I was certainly eager to see how everything would finally play out in the end. It certainly kept me reading for that reason.

There is no doubt everything ties together well, with plenty of links occurring, it was just a bit too easy to guess for me. I favourite complicated mysteries with lots of twists and turns, whereas this was a much lighter read. If light mysteries are your thing, I’m sure you’ll have a lot of fun with this one.
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I'm sorry, but no. 

This 280 page book could be condensed to a 25 page story, and you wouldn't miss a thing. Tedium abounds.

None of the characters have a single redeeming quality. Veronica stays in an unhappy marriage, her behavior spiraling from unscrupulous to unforgivable, all to "protect" her daughter from... divorce? Seriously, no. Johnny is a caricature of a stereotype, who does appalling things for personal gain, plays the roll of victim when caught, and then Veronica accepts his rationale. I wanted them both to die.

Nothing about the plot is surprising, aside from the characters being too dumb to see what was happening.

And that sums up my feelings on this one.
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Nice bit of fun. A page turner and suspenseful
MurderInCommon review here:
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I requested this book because I really enjoyed the audiobook of “Jane Doe” by Victoria Helen Stone. This one, however, didn’t work as well for me. 
I’m always looking for a thriller to take me down some twists and turns and ultimately surprise me with the resolution. I am not good at guessing endings but I anticipated this one when I was not even halfway through. The dialogue felt clunky and a little amateurish. 
It did hold my attention and there were spots at that got my heart racing sufficiently, so it wasn’t a bust. Just not my favorite and I think the author’s previous work was a bit better. 

An advance copy of this book was given to me by NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review.
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Veronica has maintained the appearance of a happy family life but really she’s tired of the charade. She can’t reveal the truth because of the pain it would cause her daughter – the same pain she herself felt growing up in a home that lacked the security of loving parents. Veronica also has a secret she knows would devastate her daughter if discovered. When her husband becomes an instant celebrity after rescuing a lost child Veronica starts to notice things that just don’t seem right. Soon her life is running out of her control and she doesn’t know who to trust. Questionable decisions by Veronica lead her to a dramatic denouement that confirmed my early suspicions of what happened.  I was a little disappointed by that because I like being shocked or surprised by the “who done it” in a suspense novel. I might be in the minority in that regard. False Step is a very quick read making it a perfect beach book or a while away the afternoon on the front porch read.
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As usual, Stone takes us to unexpected, unpredictable places via a layered, intricately motivated heroine and lands us at a satisfying ending. I think my favorite part was that the heroine was flawed in realistic ways, that Stone gave her the space to be a real person. She didn't have to be superwoman, she didn't have to be a paragon. She was real, she hesitated, she made some questionable choices, but she came to the right place in the end. 

In general I'm not a fan of thrillers, but I think that's because most thrillers don't come with this type of care for the female protagonist. Highly satisfying read.
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Intense and chilling, False Step wickedly rewards thriller fans with a compulsive read that’ll leave readers wondering how well they know their loved ones. I was riveted!
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WoW! This book has everything I want in a thriller. It's unputdownable. Be prepared to be glued to this story! I won't give anything away so just read it!!

Fast paced and lots of twists. One of the best I've read. I would purchase anything this Author writes. She's that great!!  All the stars.
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The story involves little boy who goes missing, Tanner Holcomb. Search parties are out looking for him, then one day, Johnny Bradley finds him on a hiking trail miles away. Overnight, Johnny becomes the town hero and the child is returned to their family safely. But Johnny's wife Veronica isn't happy with the media attention and doesn't want any of their family secrets exposed. 

Despite the fact this involved a missing little boy, he is found relatively quickly and the specific details of the child is not the focus of this novel. The plot really centres around Johnny and Veronica. The relationships, the betrayals and the fantastic twist are all aspects of this novel I thoroughly enjoyed. Although I did see one part coming, I didn't care and loved the turn the story took. This one was entirely different to Jane Doe, but still with Stone's signature writing style that I just adore.

Thank you to Net Galley, Lake Union Publishing and Victoria Helen Stone for this advance reader, in exchange for my honest review. My review will appear on my instagram page and goodreads one month before publication date.
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I love the cover of this book! My goodness! 

I had raving reviews about this author with her previous book Jane Doe. I passed on reading it since I had a feeling it wouldn't live up to my expectations. But, decided to give False Step a try! :)

Where do I start with this one? Well.. I have to say definitely to watch your step in this marriage. 

The story revolves around Johnny and his wife Veronica. There is a missing boy Tanner Holcomb who has frightened the entire town of in Denver. By a miracle, Veronica's husband Johnny was hiking one morning and discovered the little boy Tanner unharmed on his hike. 

Although, NOTHING is what it appears to be behind the disappearance of Tanner. Johnny is enjoying the spotlight and being the "hero" for finding this little boy. Veronica on the other hand is feeling anxious with all the spotlight and is afraid that her secrets behind their marriage will come out.

Well let me tell you.... Veronica's fears come to light with the amount of secrets.lies. and deception that are spilled to the core.

This was a solid 3 star for me... I wasn't that impressed in all honesty.

I saw the story play out in my mind and unfortunately I saw it coming a mile away. I have seen this plot before and it wasn't anything new for me. 

I was rolling my eyes a bit towards the end and just wanted to finish the story in all honesty.

Stone definitely has talent behind her writing.... but was lacking a unique plot with twists....which is very hard for authors to do with thrillers lately.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and Lake Union Publishing for the arc in exchange for an honest review.

Publication date: 7/1/19
Published to Goodreads: 4/2/19
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