The Lyncis Optima Concordat

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 14 Apr 2019

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Enjoyable scifi about federation of aliens.  One within federation withdrawns and goes after another.  There are twists and turns in plot.  It is an easy and fun read.
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Nine alien species together form the Lyncis Optima Concordat. Lyncis Optima itself is a space station that visits each home world once per annum, its purpose is to serve as a neutral ground for talks to maintain the peace and harmony in the galaxy. 
But when the Dorvithians leave the Concordat and break the peace to invade the weaker Punia for its rich natural resources, the other members have to band together to defend their ally.

The Lyncis Optima Concordat is a political fantasy novella.
I say fantasy because even though it is set in space it is written without any regard for even the most basic scientific principles. Not even sound and gravity work normally in this universe, and there is no explanation given as to why.

It took me some time to get into the story. The pacing is very slow, but after a long introduction things finally started getting interesting. The world building is fanciful, with beautiful descriptions of the different aliens and their cultures and home worlds. The themes are strong: inter-species cooperation, defending the weak, the contrast of warfare versus politics. But overall the writing is needlessly repetitive and messy.
Also I didn't understand the purpose of the bible quotes at the end. Religion is not mentioned once in the entire story, so to use this as the ending felt very out of place.

Do read this if you like fantastic descriptions of alien worlds and cultures, and the basic idea that all alien species can cooperate no matter their differences.
Don't read this if you care about grammar or the underlying science making sense.
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This is a pretty quick space opera read, which is mostly well executed. My reviews are sometimes pretty short, so I'll just say that with decently written characters and an average plot, Concordat was good but average overall. I really appreciate the free copy for review!
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