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Cute, cute pictures. A good lesson about asking for help when you need it. It's good to be independent sometimes but it's also okay to ask when you need help.
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Giraffe Asks For Help
by Nyasha M. Chikowore
Reading level 4-8 years
Publisher Magination Press
Publication date :  April 2, 2019
5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Gary Giraffe is so excited to finally turn six—now he should be able to reach the acacia leaves all on his own! When things don’t go exactly as he’d planned, Gary is distraught. He tries and tries to get to the leaves himself, but he’s just not tall enough. The other giraffes can do it—why can’t he? Gary doesn’t want to have to ask for help, but his friends convince him that everyone needs help sometimes. And that’s OK! Includes a Note to Parents & Caregivers with more information on help-seeking and independence in children. 
This is a cute book for little kids that teaches the important lesson that it's ok to ask for help. I read this book to my 4 year old daughter , 2 year old granddaughter and my 1 year old granddaughter. The oldest two really loved it. I would love to actually have this book instead of an e-copy for the kids.  The illustrations are bright and so cute . The kids loved looking at all the pictures throughout the book. It was short enough yet long enough to hold their attention, It's 32 pages. I loved the story, the lesson it taught and the positive attitude it sets. I would say this would be a great book for teachers to have in their classrooms. Many thanks to the Publisher , the Author , and NetGalley for a ARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way. All opinions I have expressed are my own or those of my family.
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Review Title: Learning To Ask For Help (Review of Giraffe Asks For Help by Nyasha Chikoware)
Reviewer: Janice S. Garey
*** 3 Stars

 This nicely illustrated book would make a useful resource for those who work with children who need to learn to find help by asking for assistance. Children have various reasons for not wanting to ask for help. This book will lead them in a positive way to know it is okay and not a scary thing to ask for help. This will be an important message for some children, but the delivery of the message is not as compelling as it could be. I would prefer to see a few more scenarios of what may occur when asking for help to better prepare children for a variety of  responses. Of course, some children might find more than one possibility to be overwhelming or discouraging. I am glad to know this resource is available for the youngest children. A more advanced edition for older children would be equally useful.

I received an ebook copy of this picture book from #netgalley free of charge for reading and giving an honest review. I have read the book and given my honest opinion in this review without obligation to do otherwise.
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Gary giraffe is excited, he’s 6 years old today! He’ll finally be able to reach the best leaves from the giant acacia trees. When things don’t go as plan, Gary is frustrated and disappointed. All his other giraffe friends his age are able to eat the leaves with no problems. When Tye Tickbird his best friend suggests to Gary to ask for help, Gary’s friends help him to reach the acacia leaves. Gary learns that it’s ok to ask for help sometimes.

This book has absolutely adorable illustrations and went perfectly with the story. The story was well written and easy to follow. Gary and his friends were cute and taught a lesson in an easy to understand manner. At the end of the book is a Note to Parents & Caregivers about the importance of help-seeking, what you can do to encourage help-seeking behavior & to encourage empathy. My grandson loved Gary the giraffe and I’ll admit I did too! I felt it was a good book to let children know it’s okay to ask for help when necessary. I definitely think it would be a great book to encourage teamwork and helping one another to succeed.
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Really sweet illustrations in this book.  The story is a little...simple?  I'm not sure what word I'm looking for, but it just generally lacks that special something that earns a picture book high ratings.

That said, I most likely would recommend this book to someone who was looking for a book about asking for help or something of that kind. I think it's a cute story about a cute little giraffe and his friends that fills a very specific niche.
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Giraffe Asks for Help by Nyasha M. Chikowore is a lovely children's book.

Gary Giraffe has turned six, and as a big boy he should be able to do everything himself. Right? Maybe not.
After several failing attempts to reach the best leaves he fails. That upsets him and makes him sad.
Luckily his friends convince him to ask for help.
And that is when magic happens.

First of all, I really like how beautifully illustrated the book is. That is very, very important to me and I believe to children as well.
This is extremely important lesson that not only children should learn and that is to ask for help.
It teaches children that it is ok not to be able to do everything, that they shouldn't have unrealistic expectations of themselves and that we should asks other for help when we are struggling.
In this day and age when we all have high expectation of ourselves as well of others I believe that is crucial to teach our children that no one is perfect and no one can do everything perfectly.

Charming read with a very important message.
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Giraffes Asks For Help was an adorable book that encourages diversity with the many animals included through the book. It also promotes a positive message in asking for help without shame. It’s a quick but encouraging book to read with your kids.
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This was a great story and can be used as encouragement to get kids to ask for help when they need it. 
The book does a great job of explaining why it is important to ask for help. While this book seemed a little advanced for my toddler it would be a great book for kids in kindergarten and early elementary. I thought it was a fantastic book and will be purchasing it to add to my daughter's collection.
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I received an arc of this book on netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

eh... it was okay. I didn't like how his father didn't offer to help him, and when he tried to figure out a solution himself, he was not really allowed to keep trying.
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Gary the clumsy giraffe is so excited to be turning 6 years old. That means he’ll be tall enough to eat the leaves from the best trees. When he and his dad go out to have meal, Gary is dismayed to find that he can’t quite reach the leaves after all. His friends remind him that it’s ok to ask for help, they come up with a wonderful, cooperative solution.

I thought the illustrations were darling. It was fun to see how tall the house and doorways had to be for a giraffe family. And I enjoyed that the main character was a giraffe rather than the usual dog or cat.

This is a great book with a wonderful message. 

I received a digital copy from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.
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For the kids: 
Gary the Giraffe wakes the morning of his sixth birthday excited and eager, ready to reach the greenest and shiniest leaves, and cheered on by his friend Tye Tickbird and his supportive father; but, when he can’t, he learns that it’s okay—and sometimes necessary—to ask for help. 

For parents and caregivers:
The three pages after the story are more important to read, and consequently put into practice, than the story itself. Nyasha Chikowore explains why teaching children to ask for help is essential, when help-seeking is appropriate, and of whom children should request help. While asking for help is admittedly a topic that seems intuitive, the author describes specifically the significance of this fundamental skill.  Every interaction with a child has the potential to become a teachable moment. 

This is a fantastic book with so much to offer. Chikowore’s advice is invaluable; her story demonstrates learning a skill, and Janet McDonnell’s illustrations are cute, colorful, and capture Gary’s moods. Even the relationship of Tye Tickbird and Gary Giraffe teaches ways in which the two species can be helpful to one another. Giraffes provide a perch and a food source, attracting bugs that tickbirds find tasty; in exchange, the tickbirds eat the pests and warn giraffes of danger in the area. 

Gary Giraffe (who-just-turned-six-years-old-and-should-be-able-to-reach-acacia-leaves-now) must face his failure as he watches the other giraffes his age munching on leaves they collected themselves after he’d been unsuccessful in his attempts. His frustration, disappointment, and a failed plan leave Gary pouting and feeling insecure. Those feelings occur more frequently with some than others, but Gary’s emotions are widely relatable, not just to kids, but citizens worldwide. 

The negative emotions that Gary feels are normal, but learning how to overcome them is critical. Seeking the assistance of others can be one strategy, and this is the perfect story to teach it. Gary’s friends rally around him, rebuild his pride, and inspire confidence, each with their own story of being unable to do something alone. A cheetah, an elephant, a lion, and the trusty tickbird work together to create a plan and solve the problem while a hippopotamus, some gazelles, and a couple of giraffes cheer them on. Gary could now reach the sweetest leaves he’d ever tasted; all he had to do was ask for help!

Thanks to the American Psychological Association, APA’s Magination Press, and NetGalley for the provided e-ARC and the opportunity to read this book. My review is honest, unbiased, and voluntary. #NetGalley #GiraffeAsksForHelp
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This is a message driven book, rather than a book driven by joy.  Gary the Giraffe can't reach the leaves on the acacia tree, even though other giraffes his age can.  His animal friends, all with alliterative names help him.  The illustrations bounce between Gary living in a house, then the savanna, so it's lacking consistency for the character.  The text tells children what to think and what conclusions to draw.  It does not SHOW Gary coming up with a solution.  Too message driven for my library.
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This charming story is about a small giraffe named Gary who just had his sixth birthday.  What does that mean to him?  Well he now can reach way up high into the acacia trees and eat the succulent leaves from the top.  He can't wait to show everyone how grown up he is. 

Gary's dad accompanies him to this milestone event. 

"Let's go, Gary.  The early giraffe gets the good leaves!" 

On the way through the neighbourhood he is met with birthday wishes from his animal friends and receives a special greeting from his best friend in the whole world, Tye Tickbird.  

When they finally reach a tall acacia tree the moment of truth is waiting.  Gary tries his best to reach up and nibble the leaves near the top but is disappointed to discover he is still not tall enough to succeed in that endeavour.   He is so disappointed and humiliated at his shortcomings.  He tries out several methods to achieve success but fails.  Oh my! He is broken-hearted.  His friends can do it why can't he?  Tye, sensing his friend's dilemma and frustration, suggests that perhaps Gary should ask for help.  Will Gary take his concerned friend's advice and humbly ask his friends to help him out? 

This is a valuable life lesson to learn at an early age... it's just fine to ask for help from those around you.  Others are more than happy to give a helping hand. None of Gary's family or friends belittled him or made him feel embarassed and I like that aspect of the story a lot.  The illustrations are colourful, full of emotion and fun.  

This is another book in the series from the American Psychological Association with accommodating suggestions for adults at the end of the book.  I recommend "Giraffe Asks For Help."
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Giraffe asks for help, is a book to guide children through emotional intelligence reminding children and adults alike that everyone needs to ask for help sometimes. Although the theme of the story is much needed, the flow was off and wasn't a fluid read. The dialogue was too on the nose and came off as teaching and not as natural as other stories I have read from this publisher.
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I thought the idea for this story was right up my ally. I have a very independent little girl who will be turning 6 soon so I thought it would be nice to have a story that would feature how it is ok to ask for help or to look up other solutions instead of giving up.
Unfortunately this story did not live up to par  for me . I wish they would have explored how you can take the time to think up other solutions , and I was surprised by the lack of help that came from the parent. It made up for it by putting tips through the book for parents through the book.
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I enjoyed this beautifully illustrated children's book. It was about a young giraffe named Gary who was turning six years old, and would finally be able to reach the juiciest leaves on the acacia tree. He tried and tried but his legs weren't steady enough yet, and he kept falling without reaching the leaves. He really wanted to do it himself, but finally realized others asked for help, no matter what age they were. He asked his friends for help and they all joined together  and found a solution for Gary.
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The first thing you see here is the bright imagery used on each page. It really draws a child's attention. The underlying message is clear and very important, you are never too old to ask someone for help. Even the lion who is 30 asks his friends for help. Both of my boys (2 and 7) loved this book.

I think what I really enjoyed most was the ending. The final pages have some notes and advice for caregivers. Some of these talk about modeling help-seeking behavior. I often do this to show my boys that it's always alright to ask for some help when you need it. Showing empathy is also a subject in the final pages. I think this book is entertaining for children but has some hidden tools for parents as well. We can not stop our children from growing but we can help them onto the right paths in life.
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Magination Press and NetGalley provided me with an electronic copy of Giraffe Asks For Help.  I was under no obligation to review this book and my opinion is freely given.

Gary Giraffe has been waiting to turn six, so that he may finally reach the tasty leaves on the acacia tree all on his own.  When the outing does not go as planned, what can Gary do to change the situation to a more favorable one?

Giraffe Asks For Help explores the ideas of self esteem and reliance on others, all within a simple story that children will understand.  The book teaches children that asking for help is not a weakness, that there is no shame in needing the assistance and support of others.  I particularly liked how the author, Nyasha Chikowore, included a note to parents and caregivers on how to convey the life lessons covered in this book to young children.  Giraffe Asks For Help is well illustrated, with simple drawings that convey the story in a pleasing manner.  I would definitely recommend Giraffe Asks For Help to parents and educators, as the message of this book is one that should be passed on to young children.
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Gary the giraffe is turning 6 years old, the age when most giraffes can reach the juiciest leaves on the acacia tree. Gary is excited to finally be able to reach the leaves, but when he tries, he keeps ending up falling on his face instead of eating leaves. His buddy, Tye the tickbird, suggest that Gary try asking for help when he can’t do something alone. Is it ok to ask for help?

A great tool for parents, teachers, and other adults who work with kids. The story is attractively presented and there’s further information and ideas in the back of how to help kids learn that it is ok to ask for help. I like that the friendship of Tye and Gary introduces kids to real animals who help each other out in the wild. That was a nice little bonus. Definitely recommended for elementary schools, families with young children, and of course, giraffe lovers.

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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What a cute little story about asking for and giving help to others.. Beautiful artwork and a wonderful message for children.
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