Fatal Inheritance

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If there’s a book that’s set in France, the probability that I’ll read it is very high. This story starts out in England and follows its protagonist to the south of France where she will learn of a mysterious inheritance. Being transported to Nice during the cold reality of February in Toronto was a treat. It’s a light and pleasurable read that is fun and unpredictable. A great beach read even when it’s not beach season here in the north.
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It is 1948. The war has ended and civilian life has resumed. People are trying to forget the recent atrocities. Eve, living in England, has moved on after losing her fiancé and love of her life to the war. She and her husband Clifford live a monotonous existence in a loveless marriage with very little fun and no friends. When Eve unexpectedly receives a letter from Antibes, France indicating she has inherited something from the late wealthy Guy Lester, she is surprised and curious. She doesn’t know anyone by that name so why would he include her in his will? 

As the story focuses on this mystery, it is interspersed with the life of the rich and famous who now call Antibes their home. There are a host of entertaining and sometimes over-the-top characters who glide in and out of the plot including writers, actors, and rich socialites. 

The writing was enticing and the setting descriptions painted a vivid picture of post-war glam in southern France. However, the characters lacked personality and seemed more caricature than real. I was keen to know how the mystery would resolve but wished more of the plot focused on the mystery itself. It felt like the vast descriptions of the lives of the rich and famous sometimes derailed the story. As a result, it was just an okay read for me. One that will mostly appeal to fans of period historical fiction.

I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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This is a wonderful book. The descriptions and character development are beautifully crafted. I highly recommend this book.
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I really enjoyed this book. I have had it on my to be read list for a couple of months and once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down. I have been fortunate enough to visit the South of France a couple of times and really enjoyed the setting of this novel.  The characters were very intriguing and the story moved quickly. I feel like there may have been a few too many side storylines for a short novel, but overall it was enjoyable and I would read another novel by Rachel Rhys.
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Set in 1948 on the gorgeous French Riviera, the book was so descriptive I could easily imagine the uninterrupted views of the Mediterranean. This is a cleverly written mystery.
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Guy Lester acknowledges that he has made many mistakes, and when he discovers he is dying of cancer there is one major mistake that he wants to try and rectify.   In his will he leaves a quarter of his estate to Eve.   Eve lives in England in a loveless marriage to Clifford.  One day she receives a letter summonsing her to London to a solicitors office.   Clifford, miserable as usual, doesn’t believe what the letter says about it being to her benefit and makes it a great hardship to have to take his wife to London, saying he cannot afford to be away from his business.  Eve is dumbfounded when she discovers she has inherited a quarter of Guy’s estate, worth a considerable amount and is asked to go to France, all expenses paid, for the reading of the will.  Excited, but having no knowledge of who Guy Lester is, she arrives to meet the family.  They also do not know of any connection.  She is allowed to stay in Villa La Perle, Guy’s original house.  His widow Diane has moved to a newer more modern house and is angry that the estate is split with a quarter to Eve.  Her two sons Duncan and Noel are also not happy and can’t  believe she doesn’t know any connection.   Diane, Duncan and Noel are eager to sell for different reasons, but Eve doesn’t want to sell the Villa until she finds the reason behind the inheritance.  Clifford insists she comes home, but Eve stands her ground.  The remaining characters are a mixed bunch, many wealthy, but very different.  There is a writer called Stanley (Sully), an actress called Gloria, Henrietta who is in an asylum and among others the housekeeper.   Each has their part to play to make the story interesting.  I did find the fact that  Eve was a bit of a wimp at times frustrating.   A well written novel for those days on the beach.
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I love historical novels and I've been on a WWII era kick lately. This one takes place just after the war has ended. The MC, Eve,  is living her dull, boring life, treated like a worthless piece of nothing by her family and her husband. She receives a letter telling her she's received an inheritance from someone she has never met.

After travelling to the Sough of France to view her property she meets the rest of the man's family and suspicions and intrigue abound. Why was she included in the will?

I loved this story. I loved the mystery,  I loved the crazy characters. It had a huge Pride & Prejudice vibe to it with Eve and one of the man's sons. There was attraction but also arrogance and suspicion. And Eve was given a chance to actually live her life instead of having it be dictated to her.

Fun summer read!
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It’s post-World War II in England, and Eve Forrester’s life is dull and dark. Her marriage is loveless, her mother is cold and she feels she’s missing out on her own best life. Then she receives a letter that she’s a beneficiary in the estate of Guy Lester, a man she’s never heard of. Why has a wealthy stranger put her in his will? 

After traveling to the French Riviera, Eva discovers she is one-quarter owner of a villa and sets out to discover why she’s included. Is she somehow related to Guy and his children? His family would like to know as well. Is she the latest in his string of mistresses?

As Eve delves into what is going on, she meets a cast of characters – some flawed and desperate, but others who are kind and supportive. As she inches nearer to the truth, she also gets closer to danger that threatens to turn deadly. 

The story began with promise, but eventually I only kept reading to discover what secrets Eve would uncover. While it took much longer than necessary to get there, there was a satisfying answer to the mystery in the end.
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Post WWII Mystery for Francophiles

A lovely mystery set in the South of France that highlights how the role of women changed just after WWII, Fatal Inheritance is full of the too-brilliant almost tacky excesses of the area.  Our heroine receives a mysterious legacy and travels to try to understand the rationale and decide the future.  While in France, things get odder and odder, meanwhile she is attracted to all the glitter of the area.  Such a nicely written, beautifully paced mystery.  Highly recommended.

I received a time-constrained e-ARC via Netgalley, with no obligations. 

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Eve Forrester’s life is as drab and gloomy as her dreary house. Her marriage is probably a more darker shade of drab. Every day is the same for Eve.

Until the day the letter arrives. 

A stranger has named Eve in his will and left her a secret inheritance.  Eve is beyond bewildered. She has no idea who this mysterious stranger could be. What did he leave her, and even more bizarre, why? 

Leaving her bland life and dull husband at home, Eve sets out for the South of France on the adventure of her lifetime. 

Eve arrives in the French Riviera to find out that she has inherited a villa with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Suddenly, Eve finds herself in the company of the rich and privileged. We join Eve as she is thrown into a world of glitz and glamour and how easy it is to succumb to the false allure of it. 

Eve soon discovers that her inheritance is not received well by one and all, and that her new found prosperity comes with dangers that could threaten her life. 

Set in 1948, post WWII, this historical fiction novel carries you off to the luxurious and glamour of life for the wealthy and elite…with an unsolved mystery adding depth.

Rachel Rhys’ clever writing keeps the reader intrigued throughout the storyline. There were the right measures of intrigue, mystery and even finely tuned degrees of romance. As well, Eve’s character development and how she comes into her own is relatable, real and well delivered. 

I very much enjoyed Fatal Inheritance and highly recommend it. Perfect summer, mystery read.

The opinions expressed in my reviews are my very own.

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster Canada for the read of Rachel Rhys’, Fatal Inheritance.
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Having recently visited this part of France, I was excited to read this book looking for descriptions of place.  I was not disappointed.  Rachel Rhys has a way with words that did not leave me wanting.  The story was engaging and edge of your seat gripping!  A great read all around.
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Fatal Inheritance is set in the French Riviera, where Eve travels to in order to unravel a mystery. Why did she inherit a quarter of a property thanks to an inheritance? The novel starts off interesting and is set in a beautiful place. However, as it went on it became harder to stay invested in all of the characters and where the story was heading. It started off great because here is a very relatable woman, who gets to leave her mundane life behind and escape her comfort zone. 

Without spoiling, there were a few head scratching moments where I was completely baffled by a particular character’s actions. Despite all this, I still liked the novel enough to give 3 stars. The author really nailed the environment and Eve, so it’s a shame that it didn’t all come together for me. 

Thank you to Netgalley and Simon and Schuster for my honest review.
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This is a historical fiction / mystery novel set in post WWII London and France. I loved the glamorous setting of the French Riviera in this book. One of my favourite things about this book was that it had a little bit of romance but that wasn’t the focus. It focused on the mystery and the characters. I loved our main character Eve’s arc in this book. You really get to see her figuring out who she is and coming into her own as a woman. The mystery definitely kept me on my toes. I had kind of figured out half of it, but then the author threw a curveball into it that I was not expecting. There were a few parts that I found kind of slow. But overall this is a fantastic read and I highly recommend it.
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This is a book with an intriguing premise: a woman married to a rather dull husband who out of the blue, finds out she has an inheritance and must travel to the South of France in 1948 to claim it. 

I was really drawn into why a man she had never heard of had left her 1/4 of an inheritance specifically of a house on the Riveria. Unfortunately, as the story went along, I found that the story became a bit stilted and I gradually lost the connection that I had initially formed towards Eve, the main character. This story had loads of intrigue and suspense, but the execution at times left me wanting more. 

The ending, where Eve finds out who she really is and her connection to Guy is truly fascinating, but again, I wanted a bit more than I received. I felt disconnected and not terribly emotionally attached to the characters--and I so wanted to be attached to Eve; she was a woman who had been through a lot and deserved not only financial freedom but also deep love. This was quite an interesting story that could have been included a lot more twists and depth to it. 

Thank you Netgalley/Simon & Schuster Canada for my copy and honest review.
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I really liked this book. I received a free copy from NetGalley and for some reason I wasn't expecting much from the book description . But I was pleasantly surprised. The story starts out in England post-war. Eve is in a boring marriage to Clifford and receives a letter from a lawyer stating that she is heir to an estate in the French Riviera. The intrigue begins as she has no idea who Guy Lester is. He died leaving  his house to his three children and 1/4 share to Eve Forrester. The catch is that she must travel to the south of France to make her claim. Meeting Guy Lester's family answers none of her questions but instead raises more doubts about herself and her own family and upbringing back in England. The deeper she delves into the mystery of how she fits into Guy Lester's estate, the more she learns about herself and what she really wants from life.
With the story's setting in 1948, the author's descriptions of the clothing, food, houses, are perfectly matched to the time period. Even the language and conversations seem to come straight from the 40's. I love her descriptive phrases: "the air is soupy and the sky looks like it needs a good wash" "Victor's arm is around her. She feels the weight of it,  like something inanimate, a heavy fur stole on too hot a day."
A quick easy read, but very enjoyable. I recommend this book , and look forward to reading more by this author.
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When I first read the premise for this book, I thought it would be a great summer read and I was not disappointed! 

The story follows Eve Forrester, a young English woman living a very quiet life with her husband following the end of World War 2. Out of the blue, Eve receives a letter notifying her that she is the recipient of a healthy inheritence from a man Eve has absolutely no connection to. In order to accept the inheritence, Eve must travel to the beautiful countryside of the French Riviera. Set amongst the glitz and glamour of the Mediterranean, Eve must navigate the world of the rich and famous while also attempting to uncover the reason behind her surprise inheritence.

I really enjoyed this book, and although the mystery wasn't as outrageous as some others, I was still very satisfied by the outcome. I loved the cast of characters, and really enjoyed seeing the relationships blossom between Eve and her new friends. The authors writing was easy to read, and I found myself flying through this novel. I would definitely recommend this book to others if they're looking for a fun, summer read, and would definitely pick up another book by this author in the future!

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster Canada for an advanced copy of Fatal Inheritance in exchange for an honest review.
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Fatal Inheritance is a mystery set in the South of France following in 1948. Eve Forrester lives near London with her overbearing and boring husband. Her story is a sort of "Shirley Valentine" of the post-war era. It has all the suspense, combined with wit and entertaining dialogue typical of good British mystery writers.
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How far will you go to find out the truth?
Come back in time to 1948, post war London. This is where we meet Eve, a lonely housewife whose life is about the change. Eve is contacted by a lawyer that she has been left a share in an estate of someone she doesn’t know.  Eve finds out she must travel to the French Riviera to find out the details of this strange bequest. When she arrives she meets the family of the man who has passed away and struggles to find out how she is involved. Eve also meets new and eclectic  friends along the way that help her find out just how she came to be a part of this family. Throughout her journey she not only solves the mystery of the inheritance she finds a part of herself that she has lost along the way. 
Rachel Rys wrote this book in such a way that you are immediately drawn into Eve’s story and all the characters involved in her discovery. I usually don’t read historical romances, but this book caught my eye and I thought I would give it a try. I am sure glad I did. I thought the story was brilliantly written and I can’t wait to read another one of her books. Thank you to Simon & Schuster Canada and NetGalley for an advanced copy of the book to review.
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If you are in the midst of preparing yourself for your summer vacation, and when I say preparations, I am referring to the books you will read, then look no further then Rachel Rhys' latest release, #fatalinheritance. This book is historical fiction meet mystery/suspense/thriller, and takes you to all the places where most people could only dream of spending summer vacay, the French Riviera: places like Hotel Eden Roc and (Hotel) Les Belles Rives, among many other luxury resort locations. The period is 1948, post war, and while England is suffering from rations, the highlife has returned to the South of France.  Eve Forrester is thoroughly bored and unsatisfied with her austere life in London and with her husband Clifford whom she wed, not for love, but because her true love died in the war. When Eve receives word of a mysterious inheritance from Guy Lester, whom she does not know from Adam, and that inheritance requires her to travel to the Riviera, she jumps at the opportunity, despite the warnings from her boring husband of shifty characters still lurking around there after the war. As surprised as Eve was concerning her inheritance, so too was the Lester family to learn of Eve Forrester. Guy was a ladies man, and they assume Eve was one of his many dalliances. Eve does not know why she has fallen upon this inheritance, but is determined to discover her relationship to Guy Lester AT ANY COST........
If you know me by now, I love historical fiction, set around war time, in and around any parts of France, and I love when they are laced with famous artists. authors and Hollywood stars. This book met every single one of these and was a pure pleasure to read! I absolutely loved it and strongly recommend you include it when you are preparing your #booklist for your summer vacay (or for your summer staycation). 5 stars! Thank you #netgalley for giving me the opportunity to read this e-arc of #fatalinheritance.
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Have you ever thought it would be wonderful if you received an inheritance from a long lost relative.  We’ll be careful what you wish for.. Eve was trapped in a loveless marriage in England when she is sent a request to go to the French Riviera to find out about her inheritance.  Let the mystery begin. A sweeping story set just after world war 2   It will keep you guessing until the end. I loved it
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