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I loved this dark and twisted tale so much that I wanted to read it all over again when I’d finished. The small town setting was perfect and I loved that you couldn’t trust anyone.
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I find that Megan Miranda's books are hit or miss with me. 'While All the Missing Girls' was a hit, 'The Last House Guest' was a miss. A disappointing read, I prefer not to post about this book on any social media sites.

Thank you to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for providing a digital copy in return for an honest, unbiased review.
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Another adult book that I couldn't get into. I only read YA but have been trying to get into adult mystery/thrillers but this one just wasn't for me.
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I read a lot of female authored thrillers... like A LOT. For the most part they all blend together. But Megan Miranda’s name stands out among all the moody covers for me! The Last House Guest is the perfect summery beach read thriller. Set amongst vacation homes on the coast of Maine it tells the story of a mysterious death, a wealthy family and possible single white female situation? Maybe? I don’t know! Must keep reading but I’m totally hooked.... and I stayed hooked. I read this whole book in a day because I *needed* to know every twist and turn. Loved it!!
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I always tend to gravitate towards fast-paced twisty thrillers with female protagonists during the summer months.  Having read Miranda’s previous novel “All The Missing Girls”, I knew her latest title was a perfect choice for the start of August.

“The Last House Guest” offers a suspenseful tale involving an odd couple friendship between Avery and Sadie.  Set in an idyllic Boston resort town called Littleport, Sadie is the rich “it” girl who visits only during summer months, while Avery is a local with a tortured past.  Despite their different backgrounds and social circles, Avery and Sadie become an inseparable duo for almost a decade .... until Sadie is found dead.

 The first half of the novel reads quickly due to the duplicate charm of the resort town setting and the friendship between Avery & Sadie.  Circling around Sadie’s death and jumping between current and past narratives, the novel starts a bit lighter in tone than expected although readers will feel the certainty of dark twists and turns ahead.

After a bit of a mid novel lull, the plot picks up quickly in the second half descending into some of the dark suspense the author has become known for.  Layers of deception are revealed, both in the mystery of Sadie’s death as well as the townspeople of Littleport who have become skilled at putting on a facade for summer tourists.  I have to admit I wanted more from the book’s end reveal.  One twist was fairly easy to figure out while the other, although surprising, failed to carry an emotional punch.

Thanks to @netgalley for the advanced readers copy in lieu of an honest review.
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I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.  Thank you to the author, the publisher and to Netgalley.  I have read 4 other books by Megan Miranda, and I thoroughly enjoyed them all.  This one was no different.  I felt connected to the characters.  The ending was really good, and unexpected.
I would definitely recommend this book to friends or family.
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This story takes place in Littleport. It’s a little beach town that’s essentially owned by the Loman family. Avery Greer, a local, becomes best friends (more like sisters) with Sadie Loman and they remain close for many years. At the end of one summer, Sadie is found dead and it’s deemed a suicide. Fast forward a year later, Avery is still trying to cope with Sadie’s death and doesn’t believe that it was a suicide. She begins searching for the truth, the more she searches the more questions she finds. 

 I did expect this book to be a little bit more intense. However, it was still a fun read! It started a little slow and took me a while to get into, but once the story started to unravel, I got through it pretty quick.
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The Last House Guest is the fifth book I've read by Megan Miranda. I love her writing style and once again found myself completely hooked. This story had me questioning everything! Every time I thought I had it figured out I was wrong. I did not see that ending coming!! This is one heck of a twisty adventure packed with complicated characters you won't know who to trust. "Don't overstay your welcome."

Also, can we just talk about this cover for a sec? It's gorgeous! I love the water droplets! So unique.

Fun fact: my daughter's name is Faith and her best friend is Avery so that was really neat! First time I've seen their names together in a book. 

Huge thank you to NetGalley and Simon & Schuster for my review copy!
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I was lucky to be approved to read an advanced readers copy of The Last House Guest. I'm so happy that I read this one and will go back and read her blacklisted titles now.  

I was glued to this thriller by Megan Miranda and could not get enough. I loved the plot twists and the family drama that was involved with the story. It was also dark in some spots which kept the suspense going. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Last House Guest and would recommend if you are looking for a great new thriller.
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The perfect psychological thriller for the summer.

In a summer tourist beach town, a local girl and a summer guest become best of friends.  After the tragic (apparent) suicide of Summer girl - Sadie, her best friend Avery refuses to believe it.  While investigating on her own, Avery ends up getting herself into trouble and possibly blamed for her best friends death. 

The story takes place in both present time, and flashes back to the year before.  Its intense, and will keep you reading until the very last page.  Such a great book!
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To start, I loved the mystery in this book. It had me gripped from the start. I loved the writing style. I thought the flashbacks were really well done, and well placed throughout the story. I liked the main character Avery, but some parts she annoyed me, and I didn’t understand her actions. I feel sometimes though, that just added to the tension of the mystery. I thought the ending was good, but kind of predictable. Overall, I thought it was a great read, definitely worth picking up if you’re a fan of this genre.
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I'm a huge fan of the Megan Miranda ive enjoyed all the books ive read by her. I find her writing style wonderful. Her books grip me right from the start and keep new interested until the end. If you haven't read anything by Miranda i highly suggest you pick one if her books up as they are highly captivating.

The last Guest House by Megan Miranda did not let me down. It follows Avery who was Sadie's best friend. Avery is still working in the small holiday town at Sadie's family owned relatity busines as she still tries to process her best friend Sadie's apparent suicide. Strange things begin to happen about a year after Sadie's death. Avery feels like she is being watched and targeted as she tries to uncover what really happened the night her best friend died. Will Avery discover what really happened? 

The twists and turns of this book really kept me on my toes. I kept thinking i had it figured out but then ending i did not see coming through me for a loop.

I would like to thank Simon & Schuster, Simon & Schuster Canada and netgalley for a copy in exchange for an honest review. 

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3.5 Stars ⭐⭐⭐💫
After seeing high praises for some of Miranda's previous work and reading the blurb for The Last House Guest, I decided to give this new-to-me author a try. The story and it's format was not all that refreshing, but it was entertaining enough for me to read to completion. In the end I'd call it a somewhat satisfying mystery.

About a year ago Avery's best friend Sadie's death was ruled a suicide. Case closed. But Avery doesn't believe it to be true, and soon there are clues showing her that her instincts are correct, and she continues on her quest to search for answers. The story had the typical formula of the main character who becomes like Nancy Drew and begins to investigate a mystery and an alleged crime all on their own.

The timeline of events goes back and forth from 2017 to 2018 (and briefly 2019), and at times it felt disjointed. As we journeyed forward and Avery began to discover hidden truths and buried secrets, there were a couple things I found gave me that sense of surprise I so desire while reading suspense fiction, and a few things that came as expected. I didn't feel a strong pull or attachment to any of the characters, but I was still interested in the role each person played- if any- and I wanted to find out how everything would tie up. 

All in all, The Last House Guest was an okay read, but it lacked that unique spark and edge of your seat suspense.

**Complimentary copy for review provided by Simon and Schuster Canada. All opinions expressed here are honest and entirely my own.**
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this book kept me guessing until the very end, and then it still threw a huge curveball! I found the plot a little bit hard to follow jumping between the past and the present but I think that was due to the format of the ebook. Otherwise another great read from Megan Miranda!
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3.75 stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️💫

This book kept my attention and was very entertaining. It was suspenseful and twisty. I was able to guess the ending but it was still a very good read! 

I loved the writing and will most definitely check out this author’s other books!

The Last House Guest is out in stores now. 🙂

Thank you to the publisher and NetGalley for providing a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. ❤️
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I’ve really enjoyed the previous Megan Miranda books I’ve read (All the Missing Girls; The Perfect Stranger), so this new one was very high on my summer TBR.

One of my favourite things about this book was the setting: a small harbour town that draws in the summer holiday-goers, which empties out in the off-season. The divide between those who live and work there year-round, and those who only come for the summer leads to a sort of social and economical hierarchy, and it was interesting to see the way Avery straddled those worlds, as a local who became best friends with the wealthy Sadie (and employee of her family).

The mystery was really well done! I enjoyed the way everything unravelled. The story moves back and forth in time, which did confuse me initially, but the way it allowed for the gradual reveal of information kept me questioning what I thought I knew and guessing until the end!

This was another really good, satisfying mystery from Megan Miranda. Add it to your summer TBR stack!
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Thanks to Netgalley and Simon & Shuster Canada for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review.  This is my first Megan Miranda book. Sadie and Avery are inseparable until Sadie is found dead. Although treated as a suicide, Avery something happened to Sadie. The book skips back and forth a year.
While the story didn’t grab right me away (I started it and put it down earlier) I finally forced myself to continue it while I was on holidays. It’s not bad, there just wasn’t anything that just grabbed my attention .... until the end. The twist at the end raised the bar just enough
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Although I enjoyed reading this book I found it similar to her other two books. The storyline is similar in regards to there always is an obsessive friendship between two girls. I would still pick up Megan Miranda's next book that she writes, however, I hope that she writes a totally different premise.
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The Last House Guest is a mystery/thriller. This is my third book by this author (I've previously read and liked The Perfect Stranger and Hysteria).

The book starts with one night in the Summer of 2017. Then the book goes to the Summer of 2018 (this is the main part of the story). But every five chapters or so we go back to that night in the Summer of 2017.

The setting of this book was amazing. The story is set in Littleport, Maine. This town comes alive in the summer when wealthy people come to enjoy the coastline.

The narrator is Avery (1st person POV). She works for one of these rich families. And she has become best friends with their daughter Sadie. Something happens to Sadie and that is part of the mystery of this book.

The beginning was just okay for me. I was very interested in the location. But I was looking for a lot more to happen.

The second half was much stronger. There were a lot of interesting developments. And I was curious to know what was happening. I loved seeing Avery play detective and try to figure everything out. There were lots of very intriguing reveals. And I ended up enjoying this book.
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2.5 stars rounded up.  One year ago Sadie Loman was found dead, suicide they called it, but her best friend Avery cannot accept that she would take her own life and is on a mission to find out what really happened to Sadie.  I really wanted to love this more than I did.  The plot was definitely enough to keep my flipping the pages, never thinking about giving up, but at the same time it lacked the suspense or intensity I look for in a thriller.  I didn’t really connect with or care much about any of the characters (except, maybe Sadie).  I thought that maybe it was just a slow-burn kind of story, where in the last quarter things would really start picking up but it never really hit that stride for me.  The plot twists weren’t all that jaw dropping and by the end I felt I had enough closure on the mystery of what had happened to Sadie but still felt left wanting more out of the whole thing.  On the positive side, Miranda’s superb writing transported me right into the picturesque town of Littleport and made me want to spend summers there!  I didn’t hate The Last House Guest by any means, but I didn’t love it either - it just wasn’t the summer thriller I was hoping for.  

The Last House Guest will be available on June 18, 2019.  Thank you to the publisher for my advanced copy of this book via NetGalley.
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