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This book is an exciting start to a new series. It takes place after Kate O’Hearn’s series Pegasus. Some of the same characters are mentioned but it has a different storyline.

Titus is a planet filled with Titans and Olympians. They are the same familiar figures from Ancient Greece. I love stories about Ancient Greece, so I was excited to read this book.

The mix of ancient characters with space travel was interesting. It was a combination of ancient figures with futuristic abilities such as traveling to different planets.

I loved this adventure story. I’ll have to check out Kate O’Hearn’s other series next!

Thank you Simon and Schuster Canada for providing a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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Arc Copy...I admit it was kind of difficult coming "late to the party" but I know enough about Greek mythology to know Titans and Olympians DO NOT get along well so this dynamic was going to be interesting to watch among the students + centaurs are really that...potentially painful to get along with.
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Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for allowing me to read a early copy of this book. I have not read any of Kate O'Hearn's other series but this book seems to be a sequel series. There almost no world-building at all. We are just dropped into a world without any basic information about it. Other characters are treated like they are already known.

Beyond that I didn't care for the writing style, as it felt like an adult was trying to sound like a child for most of this middle-grade book. Any child reading this book will recognize this as an adult speaking. Overused words include: dude, seriously, and man. It was totally radical! Not! This 14 year old spoke like someone from the 70's. 

The ending was the final nail in the coffin for me. I was enjoying the build up to the climax of the book. I have to say that the plot of the book was solid all the way through. I enjoyed that aspect of the story as well as the mythology aspect. My only comment would be that I think that she may have ran out of ideas about new characters from mythology due to the mix of alien character into the mythological characters, probably made worse due to the lack of world-building.  Back to the ending. It was building and building and it got more and more interesting, until it just ended. The book ended with what felt like the rising action, no final battle, no final stand, only a small conflict that lasted for a chapter than it ended with no satisfaction. ]

I was enjoying it, so I am going a little easy on my rating of it. I might be tempted in the future to pick up the sequel or the original series, because it was a fun little book to read, but I totally feel like it deserves the rating it gets.

3 stars
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I chose this book because the cover looks excellent, and I recognized the name of the author from my daughter's copies of Kate O'Hearn's Valkyrie books. I enjoyed the book but wished I had known more about O'Hearn's Pegasus series. I think this book is a spin-off of that series from what I found out later. Not having read any of the Pegasus books, I found this a littlle hard to follow with the high number of characters and species. A little backstory, like a prologue or a hint that this is a spin-off would have helped.

As for the book itself the plot is detailed and interesting but I really wanted more world building or backstory on this world to be more engaged. For fans of Kate O'Hearn's previous works, I think this would be great. For me, it was kind of average. This is clearly the first of a series, and I expected a non-ending but this one did not really have the cliffhanger I would expect in the first of a series. The characters are not in a great position, but they are relatively safe.
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3 ⭐️

Although it fails to say so in the blurb (and literally anywhere in the presentation of the book), this is a spin-off sequel to O'Hearn's Pegasus series. Readers of the Pegasus books will find their beloved characters returning, along with new ones. As for those who haven't read Kate O'Hearn's other books, they will struggle with a cruel lack of world-building and might very well be confused by the different species mixed up together.

Let me say this, O'Hearn is no Rick Riordan. I did not want to compare the two, but it became all too obvious to me that O'Hearn tried to integrate as many figures from Greek and Roman mythology (without any kind of discernment between the two) in one novel. I don't know if she was trying to win a bet, but it was too much. I got lost in the mashup of mythological figures. And, at the front of it all, you have Zephyr whose specie us never identified.

Zephyr is one of the two character that really got on my nerves in this book. It's not her own fault, but the author, who made her angry all the time at being called a winged-horse without ever giving out another way to call her specie. There's also the fact that 30% of the book seems to be spent with Astraea repeating what Zephyr said to Jake. It gets old real fast. A Middle Grade-level book does not need to dumb stuff down. There could have been a number of ways to say that Astraea translated things back to Jake without writing it word for word.

The other character that bothered me was Cylus. There is absolutely no hint of character growth with him. He's a bully and O'Hearn makes it sound like it's because he is a centaur, which is a dangerous way to categorize someone. The bully thing is also used to blame victims of bullying when Jake remembers how he was never bullied at school "because he never caused trouble for anyone". It makes bullying sounds like the result of a kid causing trouble for a bully, when it's generally unprovoked when it happens.

The story itself isn't bad, but I can't warm up to O'Hearn's writing. I believe those who already enjoy her books will like this one just as much. But if you're looking to start with her novels, better look back to the Pegasus series, so you will at least get some world-building (I assume).
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