You can do it, Squirrel!

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A cute picture book about being nice to your friends and believing in yourself and your abilities. Fun illustration makes this an enjoyable book for little ones.
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A very interesting story that was  able to sustain my attention for the totality of the narrative. An admirable attempt.
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This is an adequate picture book about the power of trying-trying again with a squirrel and an elephant. The illustrations and the story are alright. The book was so unremarkable that it is hard to review. It was good but not great. This is one of those books to read if it is at the library but not necessarily worthy of joining the home library. 

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Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for this copy.

This was such a super cute book about confidence and overcoming fears.
This is the right kind of encouragement and support between the characters, without being pushy.
Also the pictures are mega adorable!!!
I received a B&W kindle copy, so I may only assume they are even cuter in colour!
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A small and sweet story about friendship. The elephant, as a good friend, wants to help the squirrel.
Fortunately enough he is quite conscious and wants to offer his help, empowering and supporting in his own way the squirrel's effort.
At the same time, he explains that the meaning in a friendship is not to do the job of one another, but instead to achieve progress through the effort.
The illustration is quite beautiful. This book could be used by anyone involved with the education of children (parent, educator, child care professional) in order to explain to the child that the job of an adult is not the provision of "ready-to-consume-food", but rather to be supportive while he/she fights against the difficulties of life.
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This beautifully illustrated story focuses on a very important social skill: the right way to offer and give help.
While Elephant and his best friend Squirrel explore woods, they notice some delicious-looking nuts in a tree. Squirrel would like Elephant to help her up, so that she can reach the food. Elephant is in two minds. He can easily do what she asks, but then she would never learn to do it on her own and would be in trouble if there were no one around to help. He encourages her and is ready to catch her best friend in case she falls. Squirrel faces her fear and, step by step, reaches the branch. She is delighted but then she slips up and falls only to land on her friend’s trunk. He was there watching out for her, ready to help. Elephant praises her courage and tells her that next time she will also learn how to climb down on her own. They are looking forward to exploring the world together, comfortable and safe in knowing their friend will be there to support them. 
I thought it was really sweet how Elephant encourages, empowers and builds his friend’s self-esteem by allowing Squirrel learn a useful skill that would increase her autonomy.
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Such a cute story with the best illustrations. I shared with my nephew who adored the story. Kids need more stories that encourage believing in themselves. It also has such a good message about friendship and loving those around you.
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A sweet story about friendship and encouragament with appealing, gentle illustrations. The plot: Squirrel spies nuts high up in a tree but is afraid to climb. Elephant cheers him on, saying “you can do it.”  Squirrel’s paws and claws are perfect for climbing trees. Of course, Squirrel eventually reaches the nuts despite fears and Elephant is there to catch him just in case.
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A lovely short children's book about trying things on your own in order to succeed. This is a fast, lovely read about a squirrel and her elephant friend, who encourages her to try and climb the tree on her own. 

The illustrations were quite lovely and the story straightforward, although I would have preferred something more in means of a plot. Nevertheless, a good book to read with a young child.
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3.5 stars.
This is a book about helping someone, the right way of helping, to be precise. It is a story for young children to enjoy and for adults (and children alike) to take to heart.

1) Empowering
Squirrel and Elephant are walking next to each other through the woods when Squirrel discovers some nuts in a tree. But Squirrel is too scared to climb the tree and asks Elephant for help.

"Elephant thought about it. If he helped squirrel, she would be happy, and it was easy for him to lift her up into the tree. But if he did, she would never learn to climb a tree, and what if she ever needed to climb one when he wasn't around?"

Instead of just lifting her up, he decides to build up Squirrel's confidence by encouraging her and by pointing out her physical features which are perfect for climbing. I really like that he not only tells her to be brave but also gives her a rational explanation as to why she has good reason to trust in her abilities.

2) Dealing with Failure
So, Squirrel gives it a go but gets scared again when she sees how high she has already climbed. Here, Elephant steadies her with his trunk but only for as long as she needs it. She reaches the nuts and in her excitement loses her balance and falls. But Elephant catches her, of course. He has some more encouraging words for her and also formulates a learning goal for next time: climbing down the tree. Here I appreciate that Elephant and Squirrel don't focus on falling (which could equal failure for self-critical kids) but on Squirrel's courage. And - even better - they don't just celebrate her achievement but point out that further practice will lead to growth.

3) Bonding
After this exciting and exhausting experience, they head home with Squirrel sitting comfortably on Elephant's back. I like this little detail because it shows that supporting others in a learning experience is a way of bonding and establishing trust.

And the moral of this story ...
1) The right way to help someone is by empowering and encouraging them, instead of doing the work for them.
2) The right balance between granting autonomy and providing protection creates the potential for bonding and trust.
3) When failure occurs, it is good to focus on your achievement and to keep trying, aiming even higher next time.

I think this book offers some great advice for parents, caregivers, and educators, as well as NGOs and people who work in development.
I probably should have given it a higher rating but to me it just didn't feel like much of a story. The message is great, the pictures are adorable, but the story is very predictable and lacking in dialogue. So, I think older kids would find it boring and it's not one of those books that I wouldn't mind reading to my kids over and over again. I guess my problem is that I love squirrels and the illustrations are so cute that I was hoping for more, something like Einhörnchen. I liked it but I didn't love it.

Thank you NetGalley and BooksGoSocial for a free copy of this book in exchange in for an honest review.
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This lovely picture book tells about the genuine friendship between two good friends— Squirrel and Elephant. One day, Squirrel finds nuts in a tree but is fear to climb up the tall tree to get one. Then, Elephant motivates and helps her to overcome her fears.
The beautiful illustrations immediately catch my eyes. I think it will also offer kids a great visual. Also, It reminds me of an old saying, “a friend in need is a friend indeed.” What a great teaching book for kids to learn about what true friendship is. Moreover, its bilingual text in German and English makes it really a must-read for raising a bilingual baby.
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I read this book to my 8 year old daughter. She liked the story and thought it had a positive ending. I enjoyed it as well, I thought the book had a nice positive message. As a teacher, I'm always trying to teach children to help each other do challenging tasks by encouraging and offering support, but not doing the work for them. I would read this book to a primary class to reinforce this message.
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Short little story, but sweet. A little  elephant and squirrel are friends. One day squirrel spies some nuts in a tall tree, but is too frightened to climb the tree to get them. Elephants, a great friends, encourages squirrel to conquer her fear and offers her support as squirrel climbs up the tree. I think it would make a good story for a little to encourage them to try something they are reluctant to.try! Nice story about friends. illustrations are sweet! I can't wait to see the book!
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This is a cute idea. It has a cute cover and seems like a good classroom book. I would recommend a teacher picking this up for their students.
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A cute story about a friendship of unlikely sorts - an elephant and a squirrel. The little squirrel is scared, but his elephant friend is by his side. 

It's a compact story about courage, perseverance and encouragement that is easy for kids to follow and understand. The pictures were cute, colorful and fun! Great for story time! I loved it and would love to read it to my littles!
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This is a very sweet book with a lovely message of not giving up and next time you try you can always improve yourself.  The pictures were also sweet too.  My 8 year old girl enjoyed this book however I think my 4 year old boy got so much more from this.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this lovely book in exchange for a honest review.
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This book has beautiful full-page illustrations and sends a great message about empowering others to reach their own goals and being there for them if they need help along the way. Such an important message and a great way to send it!
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This is a nice book about friendship between a Squirrel and an Elephant.. I enjoyed reading this story to my children because we love animals tales. The illustrations are great.
Thank you Netgalley for this adventure.
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This sounded like a fun picture book for young kids according to the blurb but unfortunately, Amazon's renowned crappy Kindle conversion process destroyed the book. I downloaded it twice, once to my phone and once to my iPad, and in both cases, the book delivered a cover and nothing else. Every one of the seventeen pages was a black screen, so there was on book to read. Not that I'm racist! I enjoy a mix - black text and white background, or vice versa. Either color on its own is a fail! We have to stand together on this!

This is therefore more a review of Amazon's pathetic process and its lousy, destructive, abusive Kindle conversion process than it is of this novel. It sucks. I urge all publishers and authors to abandon Amazon and their pathetic process altogether. We're just handing them more and more power and they do not deserve it. They haven't earned it and don't even try. Please use a process that works and that does not shred, spindle, and mutilate your book. Use something that works, such as PDF, Barnes's and Nobles's Nook system or something else. Anything but Kindle.

I can't commend a book that has quite literally been gutted by Amazon.
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Oh. My. Word. I loved this book so much! The illustrations are so watercolor-y and whimsical and precious! The sweet story is about an adorable little elephant, and his friend, a squirrel. The message was so cute, and the writing was concise and enjoyable for even a very young little one. If you are looking for a whimsical, adorable read with a sweet message for your little one, definitely grab a copy of this!
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