Alpha Girls

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Alpha Girls is the story of four women who decided to make their way through Silicon Valley at a time when the words "female" and "tech" seemed incompatible. It's already a fascinating read, but what I liked most about the book was that Julian Guthrie not only told the stories of women making their way through Silicon Valley, but she told the story of diverse, nonwhite women making their way through Silicon Valley. Too often feminism has dealt with the plight of white women while unintentionally (or maybe intentionally?) ignoring the specific needs and circumstance of non-white women. Guthrie not only describes the trials and obstacles faced by women in business, but the additional barriers that exist when you are a minority within a minority: a nonwhite woman in tech. Even if you don't understand all the technical terms (and I certainly did not), this book is far too relatable for any woman trying to make her way through business, or who finds motherhood and marriage less fulfilling than they "should."
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A must-read, excellent but dry

Alpha Girls tell the stories of Magdalena Yesil, Mary Jane Elmore,Theresia Gouw, and Sonja Hoel, movers and shakers in Silicon Valley at the dawn of age of the internet, personal computing… an age where Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others were coming into their own. It was a time when everything was up for grabs, but where very few women carved their own niche. They’re fascinating women with varied and storied lives that deserve to be remembered and celebrated.

Alpha Girls is chock full of fascinating information on making it as a woman in the Silicon Valley. I think every girl going into IT, sales, or business - well, any career - should read it. However, it's a dry, dense read bursting with data and detailed explanations of countless business dealings. It reads more like an encyclopedia article than a biography. It's all tell and no show, which is a shame. I'd like to see this material given a different treatment to make it more accessible to a wider audience. As it is, I think many will turn away from the dry, pragmatic documentation of these women's experiences.

I found it helpful to take breaks and go off to other books in between reading segments of Alpha Girls. It’s worth bearing with and reading for all the wisdom, experience, and perseverance it contains. I highly recommend it to any who want examples of what it takes to make it in a man’s world.
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A lok at a piece of Silicon Valley history most of us knew nothing about.Four strong women who came there to establish their careers establish companies.Strong smart women who stood up for themselves never took no for an answer and were very successful. A terrific read these women are role models who should be well known .Highly recommend. #netgalley #crownbooks,
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What a wonderful historical perspective that is unique and intense, different from any other narrative I’ve read on Silicon Valley! I’m knocked out by the detail and energy of this book. It reads like mythology, and I love it.
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