The Angriest Angel

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If rating novels was a question of MC reliability, this one would be instantly and easily ranked. Chase Madison - our MC - has ADHD (yay for diversity), and purportedly so does our author, which makes sense. Christoper Halt proverbially nailed the writing of this character, constructing him beautifully from angst and realism to create a multi-dimensional and complex personality. Chase is hilarious. Comprised of a sarcasm which is gently prodded by a slightly suppressed wit, he effectively masters his own coping mechanisms in order to navigate the complexities of life. In that way, Halt has contrasted the negative and positive aspects of life marvellously. | Spoilers |I guess you'd predominantly categorise this one as Sci-Fi, maybe an abstract fantasy? But, it's not singularly dimensional. It's intricate, and multi-faceted. Delicately weaving its way through technology, to lead you to an all encompassing finale moment, which has you begging for more.
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Started this book and hated to put it down. Characters are well developed and the scenes are vivid. I have been looking for a something different than a  murder mystery and this one definitely fit the bill. Really enjoyed this one and can't wait for his next book.
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Thank you NetGalley for allowing me to read this book for my honest opinion.
I was laughing at the thought that even members of another planet are selling their ADHD medications. 
These people who have been walking among us for centuries, if not longer, do not like to show anger. Anger is a disease to them. This disease ravages their body at an alarming rate. They are peaceful people who prefer to laugh and be relaxed. 
So how did anger manage to get into their lives?
I am hooked on this series. I have fallen in absolute love with the characters. 
I recommend this series to any body who loves sci fi.
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Chase is a handful. He's spontaneous, irritating, has no filter but if you capture his interest for a second, like a puzzle he'll take his time figuring you out.
That's precisely why I loved reading this book. In the beginning, the author provides the inspiration behind this book and I'd say he did create a character in Chase, and true ADHD is one of the most misunderstood disorders. The author's ability to fuse this with sci-fi is interesting and you'll not put this book down, well, at least I didn't.
Thank you Netgalley for the eARC, but for the love of sanity could we drop the cliffhanger? The story was getting to the good part!
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I enjoyed this book enough that I've recommended it to a few colleagues who like a good read.  It's not hard reading and good enough that I raced through it when I  had a chance to read it.  Interesting characters that I hope are fleshed out more in the next two which I look forward to reading.  The plot is not that complicated that you haven't read similar before, 
aliens visit earth,  get discovered and make an ally.  The author has an unusual way with words which I enjoyed and helped drag me into the story within a couple of chapters.
Definitely worth a read.
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I tried very hard to read this book, but i just couldnt finish it. I was very bored and the story was all over the place, not enough backstory or explanations for me, and i found it really hard work so i am sorry to say i gave up half way through.
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A well written page-turner sci-fi with compelling characters and an unpredictable, absorbing plot, and a touch of romance. There are more and more stories either featuring or including characters with ADHD, and I found this one highly entertaining. I also enjoyed the well-developed characters and inventive plot. 

Like many readers, I'm not a fan of cliff-hanger endings. Otherwise, a good book. Thanks for the free review copy!!
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