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Every time I read science fiction I'm reminded about how much I love it. Aurora Rising was SUCH a great book. It had  a mystery element that left me with my jaw on the floor at the end. I could not put this book down and I am dying for the sequel. In the mean time I will likely go back to the series that put this amazing writing duo on my radar, The Illuminae Files. There are so many comps I could give to this book, but I feel that would be ruining some of the surprises. Just know that if you enjoy either of these authors or sci-fi in general, you'll like this one too.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to read and review this book!
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I not read a lot from this author I read the first book in the never night series. After finishing this it sort of just felt bland.  The characters were all pretty average.  From what i can remember not a lot happens either.  A girl is woken from a 200 year sleep and this crew is trying to save her from a group that wants to earse here.   I not sure i ever got why they wanted to erase her.  I not sure if it was the multiple points of view but i got lost somewhere along the way. I probably need to reread this to be able to continue the story when book two comes out. 
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Thank you Net Galley for providing me with an e-ARC of Aurora Rising in exchange for an honest review. 

I don't know what it was with Aurora Rising, but I just couldn't get into the story line. I thought Aurora's storyline was unique, and I loved the cast of characters. But it was just over all underwhelming.
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Not that I am surprised in any way but this was very very good, delightfully so? I HAVE FEELINGS on that ending, mainly WHY, and I am intrigued by this whole Soulmates in Space setup (though would like a bit less Nice and Neat Hetero Matching). In summary: a bit more Star Trek and less Firefly than Illuminae, if that's more your thing.
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That being said this book did have a few flaws, which if corrected in the next installment, could make this an awesome scifi read! First of all, the high number of povs (7!) made it a bit confusing and difficult to really connect with the characters on an emotional level. I had a tough time keeping them straight as to whose mind I was in. The characters were decently well-defined, but the book was so fast-paced it was difficult to change gears to quickly. Secondly, the romances didn't ring quite true to me. All of them, felt a bit rushed and underdeveloped. This could possibly be due to the pov issue, but the emotions didn't come across as genuine. Lastly, the humor was wonderful but a bit over-the-top at times. I would have prefered, at times, more serious conversation to get to know the characters and less humorous banter. Humor is awesome in a book (especially great snarky stuff to offset the tension) but it has to be sprinkled. If it is heavy handed it seems to lose its appeal. Even with all of these "flaws" I found this book to be extremely compelling and enjoyable and I look forward to the sequel.
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This book was another great work from this incredible duo of authors. There is a diverse group of characters that are well-developed along with a swift moving plot set in space. What more could I ask for, aside from the sequel?
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I adored this book so much! I could not put it down, not that I am not surprised. I can't wait to read more about Squad 312!
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I'm so sorry, this just was not for me. I ended up really struggling through this one. I just felt like there was so much instalove, and I just really don't like the whole *mating bond* trope in 2019. I think that maybe these authors' cowritten stuff just doesn't work for me. But I hope if anyone else picks this up that they will enjoy it more than me.
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Let me start off by saying that I’d never read an Amie Kaufman of Jay Kristoff book until I requested this one off of NetGalley. (Thank you SO MUCH for letting me review this book, by the way!) I’d heard so much about them, and how they were a great writing duo, but I’d just never took action to pick up one of their books. (It was my loss, really.)

So I requested this, one, because of the stunning cover art; that purple & orange pastel combo is just beautiful in my eyes. And then, two, the description was out of this world (yes, pun intended, because it’s sci-fi). I just knew I had to read this book. 

I started reading it after I finished House of Salt and Sorrows when I was halfway through my beach vacation in early April. I was so impressed by HoSaS that I wasn’t sure if another book could top it right away. Wrong. I dived into Aurora Rising, flinging myself into the awesome galaxy-building and loving the rag-tag band of characters and what they all brought to squad #312.

I loved each and every one of the characters, and how most of the time, they struggled to get along.The chapters alternate between each of their perspectives, and I really liked that. 

Tyler, Scarlett, and Cat are about to form their absolute perfect dream team, but Tyler is late to the draft when he answers a distress call and saves a girl inside a cryopod from a ship full of dead people. And this equates to a whole bunch of trouble for his squad, who automatically adopts the ‘rejects’ left from the squad: Fin, Kal, and Zila. They’re thrown together against their will, and at first it’s a very rocky start. And then they are basically brought together when they discover something in their first mission.

The squad seems to have round after round of bad luck, but through adversity, they find themselves to be a rather impressive team. As they escape capture at every turn, and perform an epic heist, they realize some major issues going on in the galaxy and try to solve a mystery: why was Aurora O’Malley floating through space for 200 years, and what happened to the rest of the people on the ship?

This book was an intense ride, and I can’t wait for the sequel!
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I don't have much more to say other than this is top of my science fiction reads this year. I love the ensemble cast and Kristoff and Kaufman have completely nailed what was missing after the end of the Illuminae Files. 

This is like Six of Crows in space and I'm completely here for it. A girl outside time? Elves in space? Amazing!
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When Tyler flies a quick trip before his draft opportunity, he never expects to be delayed by finding a girl 200 years out of her own time stuck in the fold- nobody is suppose to be able to live in the fold, period. His reward is to get saddled with the rejects of his class, the outcasts nobody wanted on their teams. His first mission with his new crew unsurprisingly goes sideways fast- but maybe this messed up crew are the people he needed most to fight a bigger battle...

I recommended this book to another person, someone who is not a big sci-fi reader that was a little bit hesitant to start the book. She ended up blowing through it and informed me that it was not like most science fiction/space adventures. And that is a 100% true statement. This was an action/mystery/drama that just happened to have most of the setting in a space ship and outer space. The best comparison I have would be like a more drama and angst filled Ocean's 11 in space, with a big ensemble cast that each has their role on a particular heist mission- that may just uncover some dark secrets and save the world. 

There was honestly so much going on and I loved every minute of it. The book was narrated by all 6 crew members- and one Aurora, all with different personalities, skills and hopes and I feel like I got to know them all. Aurora Rising really had something for everyone in it- unrequited love, flirty and snarky banter, unexpected kisses, potential sociopaths, elaborate missions, conspiracy theories, death and destruction, awesome science fiction animals/tech and places, illness, unknown powers, alien species, planetary war, a girl completely out of place who uses current day references, an alien mate bond, scary flowers... See? There was a LOT going on in the book and I was so there for it. 

Can I just say that the ending was awful (and I blame Jay for it because Amie's books in the past don't end with me broken) and I have no idea how I am suppose to recover from that and wait a year for the next book? That being said, I would not change anything about this story and world building and I will attempt to patiently await the next book. .
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I read and absolutely love the Illuminae Files by these co-authors, it is one of my all-time favorite trilogies, so I knew I had to read this one when I heard they were back at it. I found that this book was equally plot and character driven, which isn’t the most common to me. It was definitely an extremely fast-paced, action packed, quick read, even though it was close to 500 pages long.

I love that the story was told in multiple points of view. The cast of character were awesome and all had this sense of comedic relief throughout the book. The whole Space Academy was a great way to have the characters working together.

Overall I thought this one lived up to the hype surrounding it. And in my opinion may have even surpassed it. I really thought it would be more similar to Skyward by Brandon Sanderson, and was happily surprised to see it didn’t. This would be a great place to start a new love for science fiction books.
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As someone who has never read Illuminae, I got the world which is a good start. It's not my favorite Kristoff title (I'll read anything he writes honestly), but it was a fun space story and I enjoyed it.
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This book was very hard to read because I could not get how juvenile everything was. The dialogue, the way the characters interacted. It was all just too much. I also thought there were too many point of views and at times they all started to sound the same. I was looking forward to this read but overall, I was just disappointed.
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I remember hearing very early on about this series at an Illuminae tour stop and I've been anxiously awaiting it ever since. Aurora Rising did not disappoint.

Amie and Jay write space so convincingly that I'm not quite sure they aren't aliens themselves. Although this has similar backbones to the Illuminae files,  colonizing other planets and mysterious diseases, Aurora Rising holds its own. It has distinctive characters as Amie and Jay decided to tackle SEVEN points of view this time around. Each character's voice was perfectly crafted and you knew immediately, without the header, who was speaking.  These characters drive this novel and we even get a bit of a sassy AI. 

The plot of this novel is incredible. Characters and setting weave perfectly with it to create a really strong narrative. The big bad is one for the books and even had me creeped out. There are two big twists in this novel and the first one had me completely fooled. The various settings we visit seem so much like something that would be out in space that I had to remind myself that we were not traveling the galaxy nor had we discovered aliens. The aliens were imaginative and well thought out. They weren't just weird combinations and limbs and skin colors. Each species we run across has distinctive features, communities, and traditions. We have two alien species on Squad 312 and we run across quite a few other species on the road. The care and attention that went into creating these side characters, if even just to be a bartender, is extensive. 

Jay and Amie have brought us another character-driven, space adventure that has me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next installment. There's more than just a doomsday space mission in this one. I'm not sure you're prepared for the horrors of space. 

 *I received a complimentary copy of this book from Knopf Books for Young Readers through NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.*
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There are plenty of famous partnerships in the world - Lewis and Clark, Bonnie and Clyde, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Luckily, today we have Amy and Jay, who together manage to write some of the most exciting and creative novels you will ever read. Their latest collaboration takes us back out into space with the wackiest crew imaginable, and their efforts make you feel as if you are experiencing science fiction for the very first time. The energy in Aurora Rising is unflagging, and their creativity knows no limits. The world that contains Aurora Academy is a fully-fleshed world, so much so that it is difficult to remember that the characters do not physically exist. The science behind their space travel makes sense, as do the threats to the galaxy. Amy and Jay are so good together that their stories read like science fact rather than fiction, and Aurora Rising is just one more example of that.
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Goodreads has been blogging about the "buzziest" YA reads so far this year and a title on the list is AURORA RISING by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff, co-authors of the Illuminae Files series. This futuristic space adventure chronicles the team building of Aurora Legion Squad 312, comprised of an Alpha leader named Tyler, his twin sister and diplomacy-trained Scarlett, an ace fighter pilot called Cat, a gearhead named Finian, an Syldrathian fighter called Kal and a scientist geek named Zila. This group of misfits is given a seemingly routine mission, but soon learn they have a stowaway on board: Auri who was "suspended" in the Fold (space) for 200 years. Auri and the others share the narration – and what a set of dramatic exploits they have! Filled with flirtatious banter and reminiscent in part of Star Wars and other space operas, this tale traverses the galaxy while also building strong bonds within the squad. AURORA RISING is the first in a series with a bit of everything: romance, mystery and rebellion, plus starred reviews from Booklist, Kirkus and VOYA.

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It was so much fun but i'm not very impressed. Especially because there's this mate thing that i completely and deeply hate.
That said, it's the perfect adventorous and fun space odissey with a brilliant cast of different elements and a lot of twists and turns. I would definitely recommend it if you're looking for something light and fun
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It just felt too long. Illuminae was a much better space opera. I liked the idea of her powers manifesting, but there was too much teen drama distracting from the story. Not all teens want romance and drama.
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Creative with its intergalactic world, multifaceted characters, and interesting plot line. Jay Kristoff and Amie Kaufman did a wonderful job in creating a book that does not only give a brilliant journey in the outer space but also addresses a multicultural view.

The characters are well made. Each of them has a unique personality that made them incomparable. Kal is especially wonderful because of how complex his entire characteristic is, but also the idea of his race.

Writing-wise, both of them [Jay and Amie] were fantastic. The book is easy to get into, with a hint of sophistication in the technological, galactic, and all scientific bits. The input of giving each character their own point-of-view gave them so much depth and made the book highly interesting.

There has been so much thought put into this book that made it interesting, mesmerizing, and you’ll definitely look forward to knowing what happens next.

Overall, Aurora Rising is a truly fun read. It is a book that you wouldn’t want to put down. With the right mixture of intricacy and simplicity, Aurora Rising is just the perfect pick for people who wants to read something light and diverse.
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