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3.5-ish stars. I finished this months ago so the details are a little fuzzy at this point. Like any collection with multiple authors, some poems and essays were better than others, but overall it was a good read. It approaches the realities of a feminine life from many different aspects, exploring an endless number of topics in a realistic and endearing way. Because of the vast topics and viewpoints, it's not a collection that should be rushed through. Take your time with this one, let each essay or poem marinade a bit.
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Wow - some of these stories were phenomenal. I had to keep picking it up and putting it back down again as I digested so emotionally much from it.
Some of the chapters were less appealing to me than others so I rate this 4 star.
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Amazing. Simply amazing. From the introduction to the collection to the stories, I just loved this book so much. I couldn't read many of the stories but I'd love to finish the book in the future, so I'll definitely be purchasing it!

If you are interested in gender (in)equality, feminism, and just good stories in general, this is the book for you.
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I have been on a poetry kick this spring, so when I saw this title I had to jump on reading this.  There are some absolutely fantastic works in this collection. There were some works that really engaged me, but there were also works that I just didn’t connect with, I do have some new writers to look out for, which is always great.
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Like most collections, some poems were better than others. However, overall this was a beautiful and empowering read, with a variety of voices and styles.
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Feminine Rising is a collection that highlights women's experiences through poetry and prose. Editor Lara Lillibridge explained in her introduction, that she wanted to release this collection to "focus... attention on the female experience, not from an academic, distanced perspective, but by listening to females through their own words." Although I loved the idea for the work, I felt that the collection was an uneven one. I enjoyed the essays, like Ellen Cantrow, called "Harvard in the Sixties," It discussed the challenges that she (and other women) faced in academia, and their effort to be taken seriously by men. She also highlighted the differences between France's support for single mothers in the sixties and the United States. Her friend, who worked overseas, received three months maternity leave and her salary for almost nine months. Her job was also waiting for her. Cantrow thought about having a child (although it was just a halfhearted wish). But she knew it would be next-to-impossible during 1960s America.   Estela Gonzalez' Open Triangle 2012 her unrequited girl crush. The personal essays and short stories were enjoyable, for the most part. 

I didn't enjoy the poetry in Feminine Rising as much, which was the primary reason I selected this book.  I was disappointed by this, because I was looking forward to reading these works most of all.  Most of them were uneven, in my opinion. But, I had just finished reading a great book of poetry, so that may have influenced my opinion. Other than the poetry, I thought this was a decent collection.
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A powerful collection. I truly recommend this to anyone who wants to read essays and poetry by female authors. There were so many things I could relate to.
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This book was really good, I liked it very much the writing of this book was really good and to the point and the words chosen were really good and showed so much emotion and felt very personal and great overall a very good book that I would reread again
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Feminine Rising is a collection of poetry and stories that explore the power and the lack of power that comes with being female. The collection features a wide range of writers and styles that come together under the banner of specific topics. 

This is a collection that readers should take their time with. Because there are so many different ideas and images, it isn't something you should skim over in a day. That being said, it can be hard to stick with at times, mostly because there aren't a lot of stories that contain that bit of redemption where the female is seen, the female regains the power, unless you consider the idea that the words even being written is taking the power and wielding it. About two thirds of the book is like this, though there are some stories and poems later on that bring more light onto bad situations, rather than feeling like you're doing nothing but sitting in the middle of it with the author. Overall, this is a collection to think about and provides different vantage points of the female experience.
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This book was provided to me by NetGalley for a fair and honest review. 

To be fair, and honest...I loved this collection. I often find anthologies difficult to make it through—I like longer works. Imagine my surprise when I whipped through it in 24 hours and went back to read it again. 

What I loved: Let’s start with the diversity of women’s voices in this book, both in ethnicity and age. This lends to the ability to see feminism through different eyes and different perspectives. I found myself intrigued by poetry written by women, some with the lyrical mysticism I usually eschew. 

And the diversity of topics—the anthology is divided into topics, and I can’t decide which is my favorite. One of the short stories had a tone that reminded me of The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros, which was one of my earliest introductions to stories written by anyone other than white men (or white women who were told to hide their names to be published, a la The Outsiders’ S.E. Hinton.)

If you love women’s diverse voices, and all the different meanings of the word “feminism,” you’ll love this anthology. Fekete and Lillibridge have done an incredible job of compiling voices that have something to say—some I wish had said more, in fact, so entranced was I by their contributions.
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Feminine Rising is a collection of poetry from various artists. It is a conversation between the poet and the reader, like all great poetry should be. But this collection in itself is much more. Maybe it's because of all the issues with women's rights going on right now that makes this collection hit home. But whatever it is, this is a great collection. It's divided into seven sections: 
Resistance & Roles
The Body & Sex
Love & Leaving
Family & Heirlooms
Violence & Survival
Silence & Subversion
Pregnancy & Birth
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I was enthusiastic about this collection but am unable to download this book. It was a title of special interest to me. I have heard and read great things about this. I know I will rest it one day!
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This book right here is a conversation.
It's everything woman, it has insights on love, resistance and struggles, awakening, violence and survival and it's pretty much what a foodie would call an 'all-you-can-have-buffet."
Thanks Netgalley for the eARC.
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This is really great! I tend to shy away from poetry collections with many poets, I tend to find I connect better when collections are super cohesive. Buttttt I love anything written by/for/about women and this is all of those, so I'm on board.

It's broken into sections: On Resistance & Roles, On the Body & Sex, On Love & Leaving, On Family & Heirlooms, On Violence & Survival , On Silence & Subversion, and On Pregnancy & Birth. Each section holds poems and stories from many women. I love that the works are about such varied subject matter: periods, marriage, motherhood, body image. There are tons of different formats and styles.

It's difficult to review something like this, because I can't review each poem and or even each poet. So I'll just say this is awesome and I'm glad it exists as a whole, even if I can't connect to each and every individual piece.

*Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for access to this collection in exchange for an honest review.*
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A great read especially in the current climate involving women’s rights advocacy. It highlights many stories and points of views urging the beauty of the female struggles and how they are overcome.
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Feminism womanhood essays poems open honest real.A perfect read for all women young old older would make great material for discussions.#netgalley #femininerising #cynrenpress
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Reading this collection of essays and poetry gave me goosebumps. 

The anthology is organized into 7 sections:
On Resistance & Roles
On the Body & Sex
On Love & Leaving
On Family & Heirlooms
On Violence & Survival 
On Silence & Subversion
On Pregnancy & Birth

Each with both poems and essays by a variety of women from all walks of life. 

This book is great for anyone who enjoys women's writing, as well as academics. The words will linger with you long after you read the final page.
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A collection of poetry and essays about all different aspects of the feminine, woman and female life. Thought provoking, this is the meaning of awe inspiring. A recommended read to all women and definitely to men , this should be a book for all. 

Thanks to netgalley and the publisher for a free copy for an honest opinion
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