Dreaming of Tuscany

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This book was an easy read as not a lot happens. Bee, an English History lecturer, suffers a disfiguring accident whilst in Italy and moves to a remote villa in the Tuscan countryside to recuperate, along with a famous Hollywood actress who was also in the accident. I think that if the book had been longer, there would have been an opportunity to develop the characters.
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I loved the beautiful Italian setting as well as the sweet, well-written romance. Great read!

Many thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for my ARC. All opinions are my own.
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As always with this author this book was great. Lovely location as always nice characters and easy to read. Flows so well and once you start you cannot put it down
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I absolutely love all of T.A.Williams's books. It was another 5/5! This book was set in Tuscany, the picturesque descriptions of the food, the countryside, the Italians just made me fall in love all over again! It is a feel good romantic comedy book, where a woman finds herself, and finds love.  

Thanks to NetGalley forr the opportunity to read and review this amazing book.  xo

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Dreaming of Tuscany has me dreaming of booking a flight to Florence and renting a hillside villa in Tuscany for the summer. 

I received this #ARC from #NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

T.A. Williams has written another great story about finding love and friendships when life throws a wrench in your plans. Characters Bee and Mimi are seriously injured on set while filming a movie in Tuscany. While recuperating from their injuries the two women spend their holiday living in a hillside villa.

"Girl falls in love while on holiday" is one of my favorite storylines, especially when set in a place that I love or dream of traveling to. Tuscany creates the perfect backdrop for the characters, Bee and Mimi to find new love and new friendships.
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I loved this story!

I thought that it was a lovely heart-warming story.

The detail was very good, I loved the location and I could almost feel the sun- the author's writing style suits this genre, and this story very well indeed.

I thought that the characters worked very well together and I loved the flow of the story and I happily read it in just a few hours

Five stars from me for this one, very highly recommended!!
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This was a really pleasant read which had such good descriptions of the scenery and country that it made me wish I was in Tuscany. The characters were endearing and I liked how different the girls were yet their friendship was still able to naturally progress. It was a heartwarming read which I highly recommend.
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When Bee wakes up from a coma in hospital after an accident on stage she finds she has suffered burns and the the other person injured is the A Lister lead actress Mimi.   The company wants them to recover away from the limelight so they find themselves in a stunning villa in Tuscany well away from the bright lights....... but how will the recuperation go and how will Bee get on with Mimi, who has a reputation for being standoffish? 

Another lovely book by this author,  beautiful setting,  great characters and of course the trademark black lab,  Romeo, to steal the show...... what more could you want!
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If the drudgery of winter is getting you down and you need an escape, then look no further than ‘Dreaming of Tuscany’. As with all his books, T A Williams transports you to the heart of the location, painting a picture of the scene in the reader’s imagination, introducing them to the sights, tastes and sounds, in this case, of the beautiful Tuscan countryside.
Bee is an endearing character from the outset, although she is in danger of being upstaged throughout by Romeo, the adorable black Labrador who, not only allays her fear of large dogs, but is instrumental in shaping her journey in Italy. Add a potentially temperamental Hollywood star and the prospect of a romantic interest into the mix and you have all the essential elements for a great read! 
With thanks to the author and Canelo publishing for my ARC of the book.
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5☆ Had Me Dreaming of Tuscany!

Dreaming of Tuscany is a Heartwarming read about finding oneself, friendships in a stunning location.

I'm a HUGE fan of T.A. Williams and always look forward to reading his books. Especially as i know there will always feature a gorgeous fur Baby. 
This time round it's the adorable young pup Romeo. Oh how I love his name, he's a lil scamp.

Bee and Mimi both recovering from a freak accident on the stage they are working on.
Bee was in a coma and was burnt pretty badly.
So their company has asked Bee to recuperate with Mimi a Hollywood megastar as they both disappear from the press and public eye for a bit.
They end up in a remote villa in Tuscany.
Villa of Montegrifone, owned by elderly couple Umberto and Ines.

But will Bee and Mimi become friends, and will they both thrive after having time to reflect and get away from the hustle and bustle.
Can their identity and whereabouts stay a secret?

I loved Bee and Mimi's characters they are polar opposites. Mimi is a Demanding Diva and Bee is endearing, warm, kind and recovering from her burns. But in a strange way once they let their guard down they learn to compliment and accept each other it was beautiful to watch.

As always Trevor has created a Stunning location, that was seamlessly descriptive, and it made me feel like i was transported right there, I could picture and feel everything.
All the scrumptious food had my tummy grumbling.
The Characters were loveable, endearing and beautifully written.
Trevor has this wonderfull knack of storytelling with a lot of heart and passion, once you start one of his books you never want to leave it.

Dreaming of Tuscany had me doing exactly what the title suggests!
This beautifully written, enchanting story is full of warmth, love, unlikely friendships and loveable characters.
It's deliciously heart-warming, funny and feel-good, perfect for lifting your spirits with a lil piece of escapism

So Prepare to be whisked away and charmed by this utterly enchanting tale!

Thank you to Canelo for this copy which I reviewed honestly and voluntarily.
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This is a heartwarming read about friendships and finding out who you are. 
This book is set in a stunning location and due to the authors writing style you can believe that you are there. 
This book made me dream of being in Tuscany
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Dreaming of Tescany is a very well written book.  I enjoyed the plot, setting and the author’s writing.  I highly recommend this book.i received an arc from Netgalley and this is my unbiased review.
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T.A.'s books are always a must read for me! I don't even read the blurb before diving in. This sounds a bit crazy, but what I love about T.A.'s books is that despite the fact that they're relatively predictable, you CANNOT get enough of them! It's a quality you don't come across too often. He clearly has a talent for writing books that make you feel good. Another thing I love about his books--there is ALWAYS a black Labrador in the story and that pup is always one of my favorite characters. Romeo, the Lab in Dreaming of Tuscany, was delightful. I want his life--living on a vineyard villa in Tuscany, swimming in the river, taking naps in the sunshine....sigh.

The setting was dreamy (no pun intended!). I read this book while it was snowing outside, and the book made me want to be in Tuscany in the heat of summer and eat all that delicious food. I adored the characters, especially Bee and Luca
If you haven't read one of T.A.'s books and you love a feel good rom-com style of book, look no further! This book was a delight!
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I received an ARC of this book from NetGalley. This was one  of the cutest romantic books I have read in a while. I will also say the descriptions of the Italian countryside made a very nice backdrop to this love story. I am even hoping for a book two! I loved the idea that while finding herself this woman could find love. that's what it is all about after all.
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This is another of T A Williams' books which transports you to a fabulous setting and bathes you in the sights and sounds of the area. It is a real breath of fresh air in the middle of February. Bee is a sympathetic and thoroughly likeable character who has no false pretensions. You can understand how all the people who are resident in the Tuscan hideaway respond to her and listen to what she has to say. 

    The Hollywood set which Bee meets are such a contrast to her down to earth attitude and there are some humorous moments which add to the warm-hearted feel. As ever, Romeo the black labrador steals the show, displaying all the typical labrador traits ( food, nap, food, walk, food). Bee manages to forge some strong friendships despite first appearances. This is a real tonic of a book full of warmth and gentle humour. I loved it.

In short: Take a trip to some Tuscan sun!
Thanks to the author for a copy of the bpok
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Want a fantastic story that is easy to escape into? - then look no further, just grab your self a copy of this book! It is a brilliant, enthralling read! In this story, Beatrice Kingdom (aka Bee) has been left in a coma after an accident in which she is burnt and scarred whilst on a film set. When she awakens, she is given the opportunity to recuperate in a Tuscan villa, along with the other person injured in the accident - but that person is the film's leading lady, who has a reputation for being  reclusive and unapproachable! 

The story shares their interactions and growing friendship as well as how coming to terms with events also involves them in self evaluation and with serious decisions to make. There are some other great characters in the vicinity and, of course, a boisterous black Labrador -Romeo! There are family secrets, rifts and relationships as well as injuries to be healed in this fantastic story.

Whenever I discover this author has a new book being released I can't wait to read it - and this is another brilliant story from this highly talented author. I love how he brings the locations and characters to life, taking me away to be totally absorbed in the story. This one gives an insight into the fabulous Tuscany region, the sensational scenery, tasty local cuisine and so much more. The characters, as always, are believable and relatable. The relationships and secrets of the people owning and working in this amazing villa hideout are slowly revealed as Bee explores and recuperates. 

It is a time of reflection, choices and relationships, a time for moving on but only after consideration, angst and turmoil. Romeo should probably be renamed as Cupid and has a significant role to play in the romantic developments in the story which is another enthralling read by this superb author. I have no hesitation in highly recommending it. In fact I can't recommend this and all the other books that I've read by this author highly enough, they're all captivating page turners that I never want to put down until I've finished them and this one definitely reached his usual extraordinarily high standard.

I requested and was given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it.
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T.A. Williams has a wonderful ability of transporting his readers to stunning, idyllic places.  This time we travel to Tuscany and with the author's wealth of knowledge regarding the history, architecture and culture of Italy we are soon made to feel very welcome.

Dreaming of Tuscany is a contemporary romance filled with warmth, charm and romance.  We follow our leading lady, Bee KIngdom, who has been providing historical research and support for a movie set in Tuscany.  Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and Bee is seriously injured during an accident on set.  Waking up in hospital with uncertainty regarding her wounds Bee is feeling very nervous.  She is given the chance to recover at a remote Tuscan villa alongside movie star, Mimi Robertson, who was also injured in the accident.

The villa is so remote and so different to the hustle and bustle of her home back in London but Bee soon finds herself a rhythm of a routine walking and admiring the views and natural habitat of rural Italy and finds herself company with a black Labrador called Romeo.  Yes, we have our trusted furry friend in this story which is one of the beloved trademarks in the author's work.  Rest, sun and a chance to unwind soon start to get Bee back on the road to recovery.

Dreaming of Tuscany was such a lovely read and I felt like the author dealt with the seriousness of Bee's injuries in a very sensitive but also positive manner.  The storyline was captivating and charming and although it was a little predictable in places it still had all the attributes to a perfect feel-good read.
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Bee’s life will never be the same again. After a near-fatal accident on a film set in Siena, she takes the chance to recuperate and rediscover who she is. Her film star companion, is diva-like, and she’s never lived in the country, but she never been physically scarred before and she needs time to come to terms with the new her. A remote Tuscan villa is a perfect place for this.

The characters in this story are complex and authentic and the well-paced plot is full of romance, self-realisation, mystery and humour. Culture, cuisine and celebrity give the story its vivacity and Romeo, the Labrador is perfectly described, and so lovable. The Tuscan setting comes to life in this story and you can imagine the vineyards, hills and history that epitomises it.

A lovely story of food, glamour, history and love with a memorable Italian flavour and setting.

I received a copy of this book from Canelo via NetGalley in return for an honest review.
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Imagine visiting Tuscany for a weekend, enjoying the food, Italian culture and company. All without the hassle of packing a suitcase and the trials and tribulations of airport travel. Well that's what happened to me last week. Yes, that's right.... I had a visit to Tuscany without leaving my sofa! You may wonder how....
I picked up my copy of Dreaming of Tuscany and escaped to a different world. And that is the reason I love TA Williams books and writing style so much. His books are never a disappointment. Each time I learn of. New book he has written I jump at the chance to read it and always delighted to be gifted an advanced copy. His books are heart warming and a delight to read. And his latest book is no exception.
The main character is Beatrice, she awakens from a coma, in an Italian hospital following an accident she had at her current film set location.  Her life is turned upside down. 
To support her recovery the film company assist Bee to move to a villa with a famous film star Mimi, both become very good friends. It's not long before she meets Luca and Romeo (his gorgeous dog). 
It's there at the villa Bee gets to understand her injuries and the restrictions on her future life. At the same time as following Bee's story we, as a reader are transported to the beautiful scenery that Tuscany has to offer.  
I've always wanted to learn Italian and with Bee fluent in the language reading this book has given me the urge to start researching opportunities to do so. Bee is quite the inspiration as she seeks to fulfill her life and not let things hold her back. 
Without a doubt another heartwarming and relaxing read written by TA Williams. That will have you absorbed for hours, seeing the scenery, walking through the Tuscany Villa and inhaling the aromas.
Thank you for another amazing read.
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5 Stars! On the eve of my own very first trip to Italy, I was immediately captured by Dreaming of Tuscany and could not put the book down. I needed to know how it was going to end! I'm also hitting myself for just now discovering T.A. Williams and have now added all of his books to be reading list and I can't wait. 
Bree is a history professor, turned history consultant for a movie, and Mimi is the star of the film. These two appear to have nothing in common, but after an accident on set, they are forced to recuperate in a villa in Tuscany for the rest of the summer. 
This book is full of vivid imagery and gives you the sense that you are right there with Bree and Mimi. I feel I already know what I will see when I get to Tuscany myself and can't wait. Throw in a handsome estate manager, Luca and a cute and friendly Labrador, Romeo, and you have a wonderful story to set in the Tuscan hills that will leave you wanting to read the next novel from T.A. Williams. 
Thank you Netgalley and Canelo for the copy. This is an honest and voluntary review of the novel.
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