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The Natural Apothecary: Apple Cider Vinegar

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Before reading this book, I had already seen on blogs and instagram about apple cider vinegar being a good addition to a skincare routine, but I had no idea about all the other possible uses throughout your body and your home.  

I liked that the book started with the basics of where it comes from and how you can possibly make it at home and all the derivatives of apple cider vinegar.  It was a good place to start this quick book about apple cider vinegar.

The chapter about apple cider vinegar as being a part of all sorts of remedies or prevention techniques for all sorts of ailments was so fascinating.  It made me think about upping my intake of apples and apple cider vinegar.

I skimmed the beauty chapter as I was pretty much already aware of all the benefits there, but I really focused on the home and cleaning chapter as I was really unaware of all the opportunities to introduce a clean option for cleaning multiple spots in my home.  

I liked this book and its focus on one thing.
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Thank you Nourish and Netgalley for this ARC.
This was a great book, full of recipes and tips on uses for apple cider vinegar. 
A great resource for every home.
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I've always been a proponent of natural products. The less ingredients something has the better.
Take apple cider vinegar for example. When I use this in my salad with olive oil my kids always tells me it stinks. Who's having the last laugh though- me that's right. The nutrition in apple cider vinegar is wonderful! Drinking two tablespoons of vinegar in water three times is a way to prevent or cure a lot of health problems people get.
From natural and inexpensive cleaning products to acne prevention and face masks to nit removal from your hair and flea prevention for your dog to filtering out laundry smells and stains you'll always want to have apple cider vinegar on hand. I know I do!
Published March 19th 2019 by Nourish.
I was given a complimentary copy of this book. Thank you.
All opinions expressed are my own.
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This book starts by explaining what ACV is. It moves on to a recipe to make you own at home and what it’s benefits are for your health and body. I learned quite a bit about ACV in this book. Some of the health remedies mentioned were new to me.

I received this ebook copy from the publisher and NetGalley for an honest review.
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If you love apples, apples, apples then this is the book for you!
If you also want the know about apple cider vinegar then it’s defiantly for you.

The book starts with explaining about cider vinegar, how it is made and the different types there are .
It talks about different ciders, alcohol , vitamin content and the many flavours that come about through the fermenting processes.

There is a break from the science part with a recipe section. Lots of different ways to use apple cider vinegar in every day cooking. 

The next part looks at the health benefits . There are many ailments listed, including cancer. I felt that it lost some credibility for me listing almost everything a person could have – medically- and say apple cider vinegar is what you need.

There is then a section on Beauty and Cleaning. It contains some useful information that some may try, including ‘recipes’ for cleaners for both body and home.

I did feel it finished abruptly and needed a paragraph to ‘round ‘ it off.
It is a book you would be best reading in chunks as there is a lot to take in. It’s a book you could drive in and out of as needed.

Written in an easy to read way with lots of information.
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Easy to read, practical guide in using and incorporating ACV into my diet. Thanks for the opportunity to read and review.
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I volunteered to give an honest review of the book in exchange for a free pre-publication copy of the book.  The book starts with explaining what the ingredients of cider vinegar are and the vitamins and minerals it contains.  There are explanations of the different topics of cider vinegar are and which are good for what.  It has a very simple and easy recipe for the vinegar.  The book describes different uses for Apple cider vinegar such as medicinal, beauty, and cleaning.  There are recipes for all of the uses.  I was very happy to find a book on Apple cider vinegar as I wanted something that has everything in one book.
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This slim volume gives advice on the health benefits of using apple cider vinegar, both internally and externally. There were some uses that I had already known about, but a lot of new uses that I will certainly try.
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I was very interested to receive a copy of this book, but am a little disappointed.  It goes through how to make apple cider, and then vinegar from the cider.  Okay.  It has a couple of basic recipes, where you replace the vinegar with apple cider vinegar, namely vinegrette and mayonnaise.  Okay, not rocket science.  (one of the measures was wrong (cucumber pickle 2lb cucumber is 900g, but 2lb onions is 450g).

Then we have the remedies.  Or should I say old wives tales. "Apples, apple juice and cider vinegar have an alkalinizing effect in the body".  I'm sorry, but say WHAT?  They are acid.  Acid, not alkaline.  WTAF load of rubbish is this?  

Love apple cider vinegar.  No idea as to the health effects, but willing to give it a go.  Don't trust this book to take me on my apple cider journey though.
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This is an encyclopedia of knowledge on APPLE CIDER VINEGAR! 
The book describes everything about the subject! It is well written. Very interesting facts that will shock you! It gives a lot of advice and good recipes. Uses and history. Recipes that are easy to prepare and tips you have never knew existed!...I read all that in about 3 hours and I will refer this book to a lot of my friend. Amazing read!! I loved it and I learn a lot from it!
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This is part of a series.  I’d previously read [book:The Natural Apothecary: Baking Soda|43689561] and had been fascinated by the multiple uses to which bicarb can be put.  Although it was interesting to read about the health benefits of cider vinegar, I found too much of it speculative, along the lines of ‘it is said’, or ‘some have reported benefits’.  As before, I recognised some remedies from the past, e.g. my Mum used to rinse her hair in water with cider vinegar in it as she believed it made her hair shinier.  It might be nice to have this series on your kitchen shelves.  If you’re keen to do your bit for the environment, there are plenty of tips in here to help you avoid using chemical products.
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So many uses for this tasty vinegar in our daily lives, as well as in our medicine chest! I thought I knew a lot about ACV, but this book adds so much to my knowledge. Invaluable and healthy, ACV should be a part of everyone's diet.
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This is an excellent resource for anyone interested in living a healthier life. Here you’ll find information about how to make your own apple cider vinegar as well as information about many health benefits.  There are lots of good recipes too. Included also are ways to use apple cider vinegar as part of a healthy beauty regimen for skin and hair.  Lots of recipes in this section as well.

Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for an advanced reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. .
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In the past few years I've discovered so many uses with natural things instead of chemicals, often they even work better. Although I preferred the lemon and baking soda still very informative!
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Lots of great info here.  Many home remedies, several with disclaimers that there is no proven benefit.  Good recipes as well.  Side note.... there are many terms and chemical reactions discussed in detail, it’s okay for a PhD or chemist but the average person will simply need to skim over much of the technical jargon  Short quick read.
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This is the second book I have reviewed in the Apothecary series and it looks at the benefits of apple cider vinegar.

The books starts with a details of how apple cider vinegar is made, which varietes to buy and some tasty recipes including salad dressing and mayonnaise.

The next chapter focuses on the health benefits . There are many ailments listed, I was amazed at just how beneficial apple cider vinegar can be.

The next chapters focus on Beauty and Cleaning. It contains some really useful tips (eg it can be used to remove chewing gum from clothes). I found the listing a little confusing until I found a really useful and detailed index at the back of the book.

It was a little repetative because I read from cover to cover. If I was picking the book up when needed for specific requirements I’m sure this wouldn’t be a problem.

Recommended for anyone who wants to pursue a more natural way of life.
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The Natural Apothecary: Apple Cider Vinegar is a short booklet on the properties and uses of apple cider vinegar. Released 19th March 2019 by Nourish books, it's 128 pages and available in paperback format.

I work in the public healthcare sector as a bioengineer in the histopathology department at a large hospital. This means the biopsies and tissue samples and larger organs I look at on a daily basis are often the result of (literally) years of bad lifestyle habits. Anyone who's read a newspaper or listened to a news report in the last 25 years knows we all need to improve our lifestyles and try to allow our bodies the materials needed for healing/repairing the damage we incur on a daily basis. Undoubtedly many natural substances can be useful non-invasive tools to that end. That being said there's been a phenomenal explosion of hype around apple cider vinegar and mother of vinegar which isn't all true.

I'm not entirely sure who the book is meant for. The author has a folksy, informal style of writing which will appeal to laypeople, but she also includes a fair bit of jargon which could be off-putting to people without a chemistry/biochem background. When I was reading, I honestly felt like a significant portion of the chemistry information was included for scientific verisimilitude and not much else.

There are a number of recipes included for home cleaning supplies, food, health and beauty treatments etc. They are likely worth the price of the book.

Three stars, useful but alternately too much and too little info.
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I received three Natural Apothecary books via Netgalley: Baking Soda, Lemons, and Apple Cider Vinegar. I was quite excited about them, as I can always use some new tips for household cleaners and making my own products – particularly while I’m knee deep in this zero-waste challenge.
All three books were heavy on the science upfront, which I assume was designed to give them an air of credibility. While I don’t know enough about said science to authoritatively dispute the claims made in these books (more booklets, they were quite short), anytime someone starts claiming that common household products can cure all society’s ills I start to get suspicious. I mean, who am I to say that baking soda doesn’t help with gout and lemons aren’t a good cancer treatment? Maybe they’ve simply been overlooked all these years… But I’m sceptical. I’m not saying they don’t all have real benefits as part of a balanced diet… Lemons, obviously high in vitamin C – we all know that. But I found some of the health claims to be a tad unrealistic, even outlandish.
For that reason, I decided to go and look up the author. Dr Penny Stanway is apparently a GP and nutritional expert. While that does make me more inclined to trust her, I would still take any books which make these kinds of claims with a pinch of salt (my own nutritional advice).
In my researches, I also discovered that these books had been published about 8 years ago under a slightly different name and that Dr Penny had published another book called Breast is Best. One presumes this is not a slightly off colour romance… Either way, considering what I know about the breast feeding debate, it didn’t make me feel reassured.
Baking Soda wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. All three books contained some fabulous recipes for household cleaning and beauty products, but Baking Soda went a step further and recommended what the author called “an alkaline diet”. I found the idea of eating baking soda a little repugnant. There was also a somewhat uninspiring list of “alkaline” foods, which we should supposedly all be eating more. It also wasn’t exactly a shocker. Obviously, herb tea and tofu are better for you on a regular basis than steak and chips… I’m just not sure the reason for that is because of their PH level….
All in all, while I liked the recipes for different cleaning and beauty products, I can’t say I was convinced by some of the health claims. I think that making those sorts of claims is irresponsible, at best, and I won’t be recommending The Natural Apothecary books. Sorry, Dr Penny, not for this crunchy…
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A fascinating look at the health benefits and practical uses of apple cider vinegar.  After reading the first half of the book I felt inclined to eat as many apples as possible. I knew there were many uses of apple cider vinegar, but Dr. Penny Stanway gives many more than I could expect.  This would be a great handbook to have on hand for those interested in alternative remedies for all kinds of aliments.
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This is one of the three books from The Natural Apothecary collection. This collection teach us how to produce natural products as cleaners, as beauty products and as others recipes.  This is a 101 guide about Apple Cider Vinegar which includes how to make it from scratch, pickles and more. Over 40 simple recipes for all-natural home-made products. My favorite section is the natural cleaning products. The recipes are easy to reproduce and the results are amazing. 

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