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Thank you for the copy of Armed and Ready I had to go back and read the first book first.

Andi is staying at a friends house when the police from many different agencies barg in on her bathing her dog. Seems her friend has used her bank account for illegal activity and now she must prove her innocence to unfreeze her accounts. Nick is one of the cops who barged in that day and now he is working as her bartender until they find her friend and he turns himself in to vindicate Andi. In the meantime two attempts have been made on Andis life and to top it all of she is falling for the man who is making her life miserable.

I read the first book Locked and Loaded and loved it as much as this one, can't wait for the next book in this series.
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Great start to this book. The startling beginning put things into the intense category right away.
Andi has had bad radar when it comes to men and it looks like another one used her again and now she's in danger. She's been friends with Joe for many years and he sure has kept some dangerous secrets. Andi is a stand up gal who finds herself at the wrong place at the wrong time. And she's having a hard time convincing law enforcement people that she is innocent of wrong doing.
Nick's got a job to do and he's good at it. So is his K-9 partner Saxon. They are good together on the job and at home. What can I say, I loved the police officer Saxon. I consider him another main character who added a lot to the story too.
This particular assignment also has personal issues for Nick that make his drive to find the criminals even stronger.
I liked the idea of the business that Andi is running. The Dog Park Café, was well drawn and easy to envision. Tess is both friend and manager for the business. You just know that she has her own story which is just hinted at in this book.
Oh, and that line that Nick would never cross? He does but it's not going to be right away. And this assignment puts more than one bump in the road when it comes to their romance.
Nick has a lot of work buddies who are also friends that show they have each other's backs. Any time, any place. I'm sure there are enough interesting people to include more stories about them.
There is a humongous, dangerous surprise twist towards the end. You'll never guess who the Master Mind behind everything is. Beautifully done. The danger went off the charts and several people almost die. But that's all I'm going to say about that. I hope I haven't said too much already.

I just want to mention that this book was dedicated to Yarmouth Police Department K-9 Sgt. Sean Gannon shot and killed in the line of duty. He was executing a warrant, highlighting how dangerous the job can be. His K-9 partner Nero was also shot during the incident. It sounds like he is now retired. The author mentioned this book is also dedicated to the Massachusetts State Police K-9 Unit.

“I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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And is framed for a gun running money laundering scheme. Nick is on the case. He goes undercover as the bartender in Andi’s restaurant using Andi as bait to capture her ex-boyfriend money launderer who has skipped to Canada. If you love dogs this is the book for you. Andi owns a dog park and restaurant combo. Her best friend is Stray who, you guessed it, is a stray she thinks she’s going to find a home for. Or will she be unable to give her up? Nick is a K-9 cop whose canine best friend is Saxon. Both are integral to the plot and you’ll come to love them as you will the human characters. The action can be slow and sweet at times but becomes thrilling. There is a small amount of sexy but not graphic. 

I would recommend this to my patrons.
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O'Fallon gives readers a well-paced suspense story and I really enjoyed seeing how the case played out.  I had no idea where it was going but it was totally believable - nothing came out of left field and felt unconnected to the rest of the story, which is always a plus for this kind of book.

Both characters were really fun and their interactions entertaining.  It's a bit of a slow burn as they have to deal with how she fits into his case, giving them plenty of time to get to know each other (and cause a few sparks along the way).   There was a little bit at the end where I went "uh, ok" with how they reacted to a situation that put their relationship into question but it was a small bump in an otherwise enjoyable read.

Armed 'N' Ready has the perfect blend of love story and action to keep the pages turning.  And some great secondary characters and relationships just for dog lovers :)

(This is the second book in the series, but can easily stand on its own.)
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Attention grabbing from page one! With the second book in her Federal K-9 series, Tee O'Fallon brings us another great story that keeps us on our toes throughout. The characters have a rich back story, the setting is exciting and the taboo attraction between them is powerfully compelling. Really enjoyed the story and look forward to more in the series!

Andi Hardt is thrown for a loop when the house that she's spending the night in is raided and she seems to be in the cross-hairs of suspicion just for being there. She gave up the rat race of corporate life a year ago and put all of her hopes and dreams ... not to mention her capital! ... into opening the Dog Park Cafe. She happily spends her days serving people's needs and pampering their pooches at the same time. She doesn't know what this cop guy's problem is, but she's about done putting up with his attitude!

Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Nick Houston is determined to bring this massive gunrunner to justice, and the fact that Andi is somehow involved in it is giving him someone to concentrate his fury on. There's something about her that really catches his attention, but she's knee deep in the middle of this investigation that holds a personal place of importance in his heart. He can't admit that he's attracted to her ... and he certainly can't act on it!
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Great book.  Well written plot with likable characters.  I will be reading more books by this author.  My thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for my ARC.  This is my unbiased review.
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This book had everything to keep the reader interested! You had the suspense of what was going on and why the police barged in on Andi when she was bathing her dog. You had the undeniable attraction between Andi and Nick. You had Nick's heartbreaking past. And you had a side romance between some of the other characters.

I found it hard to put this book down and it's been awhile since I've felt that way!

** ARC received from Netgalley **
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Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Nick Houston and his K-9, Saxon are in pursuit of a major dealer of illegal guns, which are a trigger for Nick because of the death of his late wife, but his main lead is Andi Hardt. Andi is the owner of the local Dog Park Café, a restaurant catering to dogs as much as people, which is in jeopardy because of the investigation Nick is conducting and the actions of an ex boyfriend. Nick and Andi have major chemistry right off the bat that grows as the story progresses, but is balanced by the hesitancy they've developed from trauma in their past relationships. I liked how the book was a great mix of action, romance, and a bit of humor that moves at a steady pace. Also, there is a fair amount of the dogs stealing the scene, which I liked very much. I really like this series so far.

I received a complementary copy of this book for honest review through NetGalley and the publisher.
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Armed N' Ready was a fantastic read. Nice consistent pacing; nothing felt too rushed or too drawn out. The romantic aspects of the story felt realistic and were very enjoyable to read about. The characters were fantastic and while dealing with their own trauma they also had some great character development.

I loved the bits of action in this story as well. I felt like they were well placed and not just there to push the characters together. Totally great story.
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If I had to choose one thing about this book that sticks out to me the most, it would have to be how flushed out the story itself is. Each of the characters has their own story within the main plot line. Nick and his journey to let someone back into his heart, other then his K-9. Andi and her path to trusting men again.

The way that their personalities play off each other drew me further into the story with each turn of the page.

You know it’s going to be an interesting ride when their first meeting is while Andi is staying at a friend of hers home. Where Nick serves her a search warrant for the house while she’s bathing her dog in the shower. Before Andi realizes that he is in fact a cop and not an intruder, she actually throws a bar of soap at him. From there is where things get interesting.

I love how Nick starts to soften the more time, he spends with Andi.

Tee has this talent for an intense plot line where you are drawn to both the action and the advancement of the character arcs at the same time. I was sucked in immediately from the first pages. Where the action and the romance have equal importance to progress the story.

You can bet I will be reading the first book in this series! And more by Tee O’Fallon!
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After reading Lock 'n Load I was very ready to read on about the tight K-9 officers and there dogs. After Matt, we now meet Nick. He is a tough as nails officer, who has a personal vendetta against people who deal in weapons. He has seen firsthanded how those weapons can be used with devastating results.
When he has a search warrant against a criminal, he (literally) stumbles upon Andi, the criminal's girlfriend. Andi can't believe her bad luck when she is caught redhanded in her ieny-tieny-bikini, while giving her dog a washing in the tub. The gordious hot detective however, is also the culpritt of all her problems right now: he has frozen her accounts since she is a suspect in an investigation. 
Barely able to keep her dog cafe afloat, she really dislikes the broody detective. Too bad his dog is very cute. But when her ex-boyfriend is in danger of being killed, she turns to Nick to help him. Can they trust each other? Find out for yourself in this funny, explosive and fastpaced story. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Nick a K-9 officer is after a gun dealer and finding it leads him to Andi. Andi, who is a dog lover and owner of Dog park Cafe. Nick is prepared for everything to succeed even go undercover at Andi cafe and get more closer to her. To much time spent together leads to the attraction between Nick and Andi to a boiling point. So Andi is shocked when she finds out the truth. Nick has now a new goal to convince Andi that feelings for her are real but will he succeed or will the gun dealer wone? The story was well written, it was without any serious twists and for me, it was more like a story of a case finding the gun dealer and less than the story of Andi and Nick.  
I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
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Oh my - I will never look at a k-9 officer the same. The opening scene where Nick serves the warrant will go down as one of the best scenes ever!

Andi and Nick are great together. Tee O-Fallon wrote a funny book full of passion, romance, and danger. I loved it.
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Nick, a sergeant for the Massachusetts state police, and his K-9 partner, Saxon, are after a major illegal gun dealer. They have a lead, she just isn't cooperating. And while Saxon may be in experiencing puppy love, and Nick himself can't deny the pull he feels to her, it does make their job even harder. Besides, she's a suspect and he will never cross that line, regardless of how badly he wants to with her.

Andi, the owner of the Dog Park Cafe, put everything - her heart, soul, and just about every penny - into making her dream a reality. Yes, it caters to dogs and people, but the two do go hand in hand a lot of times. Not to mention, it's fun and relaxing. And then she meets Nick and he wants what she may or may not know. Being a state trooper, she does have to share that information with him, and she wants to.

Nick will do everything to keep Andi safe, his ability to remain strictly professional with her obliterated in the face of their connection. But with danger all around them, choices will have to be made, ones that will change everything.

Can Nick and Saxon keep Andi safe? Will he catch the bad guy and put him behind bars will he belongs? What happens to his relationship with Andi when the case is closed? Can she handle loving a man in his line of work? Will her cafe survive? Is a HEA possible?

One-click now and follow along as two people race to see justice served and fall in love along the way.

**I voluntarily read and reviewed an Advanced Reader Copy of this book.**
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Having thoroughly enjoyed reading the first book in this series, Lock 'N' Load, I wondered if this would be as great a read so I requested and was lucky enough to be given a copy of this book, via NetGalley. This is my honest review of the book after choosing to read it - and it definitely is another superb story! It proved to be an enthralling, suspense filled story and a real page turner that I definitely didn't want to put down until everything had been resolved!

The story starts with Andi Hardt giving her dog, Stray, a bath . . . . when the police raid the house she's staying in. Massachusetts State Police Sgt. Nick Houston and his K-9 partner, Saxon, are the ones who discover her - in her string bikini which leaves little to the imagination! Now, many folk would be cowed by such a scenario, but not Andi, who doesn't immediately notice the uniform and acts before she thinks! This is the start of an intriguing romantic suspense where Andi is inadvertently in danger from every side as the secret activities of the owner of the house she was staying in are revealed and photographs of he and Andi together result in her being in the spotlight from all sides.

This is a tense, action packed story with great human and canine characters in a thrilling adventure that I have no hesitation in highly recommending to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense - and even more so to those who appreciate brilliant canine characters having important roles to play, too!
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This is a new author for me and I have to say she has earned another huge fan! Great character development and I loved the nod given to K9 officers and thier handlers. Nick is the perfect book boyfriend and Andi is a strong female character who you would want to know in real life. I can't wait for more books in the series. Thankfully because she's a new author for me, I can binge on her other work while in wait for what's next.
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The second book in the Federal K-9 series is an exciting and passionate read that catapults readers right into the danger alongside the strong, captivating characters. Nick and Andi has some deliciously sizzling chemistry that readers can practically feel flowing from the pages as the characters send sparks flying in every direction every time they come into contact whether in passion or heated clashes. Andi just wants to keep her dream alive but Nick Houston is determined to bring down an illegal gun dealer down and Andi is his best lead which sets this couple on an emotional roller coaster full of romance, passion, the angst of making life altering choices and facing their desires. 

Readers can’t help but become completely enthralled with the story as the fast pace and thrilling suspense keeps readers hanging on to every word throughout Nick’s toughest assignment he’s had to face during his career. This story also has some delightful and charming interactions between the canines of the story further entertaining readers and the author does a great job of making her story convincing and lifelike so readers can easily imagine each and every scene as it happens during this spirited, entertaining and absorbing romance.
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Another great story for the Federal K-9 series. Once I started to read the story, I could not stop. I love stories with animals in them, so this story was a win/win for me.
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Nick and Andi go through a lot. And I mean A. Lot.
First, he sees her almost naked (in a bikini) washing her dog. This is while he believes she has something to do with criminal activity. Then he uses her. Then.... they become... involved....
Talk about a crazy situation!

I liked this book. I enjoy the chemistry between the two characters and I definitely enjoyed the dogs. :)
This was my first book by this author. I felt it was fine to read on its own even though it appears it is book 2 in this series.
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✦Review: ARMED 'N' READY (Federal K-9 Book 2) by Tee O'Fallon
Publication Date: February 25, 2019
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Reading in Pajamas/ Donna
Rated 5 Stars

I truly enjoyed this installment in the Federal K-9 series. Andi was easy to understand and know, making me like her from the start. I became invested in Nick immediately as well. I like that the author didn’t go too far into his closed off, determined nature, but rather lightly used that to help understand his past. They made a great couple, even when disagreeing. The people around them rounded out the story and made me wish I was a part of it all…even the dogs seemed familiar. The danger around them built to a wonderful climax, making me read faster and faster, as the sexy romance blossomed. I cannot wait for book 3!

*Review copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


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