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Ah! This book was so incredibly good. I picked it up during my lunch break and could not put it down (Shhh!). Seriously, I was drawn in from the first pages and flipping pages like crazy trying to find out what would happen next.

Andi is staying at her friends' house washing her dog when BAM! Po-Po comes barging in with a ginormous dog. What comes next is Andi finding out her friend has been doing shady business for some time that's led to the increase of gun sales in the state. Now, her bank accounts are frozen and she's having to work with Nick and his dog Saxon, the pair who barged in on her. 

The chemistry and relationship between Andi and Nick was off the charts steamy. I really enjoyed the somewhat slow burn their relationship took. They got to know each other before the sexy times were introduced. The sexy scenes were written really well, not rushed and not anything crazy involved. 

Armed N' Ready was a fantastic read. Nice consistent pacing; nothing felt too rushed or too drawn out. The romantic aspects of the story felt realistic and were very enjoyable to read about. The characters were fantastic and while dealing with their own trauma they also had some great character development.

I loved the bits of action in this story as well. I felt like they were well placed and not just there to push the characters together. Totally great story.

So happy for these characters and how they ended up and I can't wait to see where this series leads us next.
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I do enjoy a good romantic suspense and this one had all the elements I love. There was plenty of action, twists and chemistry to be had throughout this novel.

This was my first read by this author and I'll definitely be looking out for more of her books.

When Andi, a dog lover and dog park restaurant owner gets pulled into a money laundering and gun running scam, her life is suddenly turned upside down. When Nick the K-9 state policeman who is on the case, a particularly personal case at that, decides to be the one to take charge of covering Andi, his life is also about to get turned upside down.

Nick is just the kind of guy I'd love to have covering my back if I were in Andi's situation. But at first he's a tough customer  having had his heart broken, he tries to avoid the chemistry pulling him towards Andi. He's not the only one who's suffered a broken heart and these two stob born characters bounce off each other continuously. Their developing relationship unwinds at a good pace, with both in denial until it all becomes too much. It's not an easy road to being together though.

The bad guys, including Joe, Andi's friend who's dragged her into this mess, keep the cops busy chasing down every lead and foiling an attempt on Andi's life. There were plenty of twists in discovering who the bad guys were, and I was kept wondering until near the end. Even after we find out, the action doesn't stop.

A thoroughly enjoyable read 

Thanks to NetGalley and Entangled Publishing LLC for a digital copy
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I picked up this book because, well, dogs but found it lackluster. My favourite character was Saxon, Nick's dog - if that says anything about the human characters in the story. It was never explained (did I miss it?) on why Nick gives commands to Saxon in German, which I found odd.

I'm not sure why the story and the writing didn't appeal. Andi's character was uneven at times. It felt like the author couldn't quite decide if she was to be a snarky sort of person, or sweet and angelic.

As an action/suspense story it was somewhat flat.
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there has to be a name for the sort of bad luck that would find you giving a stray dog a bath in your skimpiest bikini when you are crashing at your ex-boyfriend's home while federal agents execute a search warrant that ends up with you as a suspect. whatever the name for that bad luck is, andromeda 'andi' hardt has it.

her first encounter with nick houston and his k-9 partner, saxon, does not go well in armed'n'ready. but in spite of their awkward meeting, and the fact that she's a suspect on a case that resonates on a personal level with nick's past, there's something between them. when he is posted undercover at her dog park café, the time they spend together highlights their connection.

but the case and both their pasts has them running scared. this is an enjoyable romantic suspense, and an excellent book two in the federal k-9 series.

**armed'n'ready will publish on february 25, 2019. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (amara) in exchange for my honest review.
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Federal K-9 #2, Missed the first book, but that's okay because this is fine as a standalone. This was a great read, with O'Fallon being in law enforcement herself it came off as very realistic. Nick and Andi try as they might to stay professional and not get involved with each other in the middle of a case. A case where Andi Hardt is suspected of being involved in a money laundering and black market gun distribution. Andi will do whatever it takes to clear her name and unfreeze her bank accounts even if that means pretending to hire the annoyingly sexy Nick Houston as her new bartender. 

Mass. State Police Sgt. Nick Houston and his K-9, Saxon, are working in junction with the AFT, IRS, and the FBI to try and track down and stop a black market guns dealer so far they have found the accountant who helps with the money laundering. Unfortunately it's Andi's ex-boyfriend who is still a friend and Andi was staying at his house when they executed the warrant. Nick figures that the guy still has some attachment to Andi so he pitches the idea to stay close to her incase the ex calls her everyone likes the idea so Nick goes to work for her at the Dog Park Cafe. 

It took something major to get Andi out of the financial world but when she was betrayed by a person who claimed to love her she found a new love in a dog friendly restaurant, it took all the money she had to open it up and now because of yet another betrayal she might lose this too. Andi can't open her heart again not even to the too sexy for his own good Nick. Nick has been so career oriented since his wife died five years ago he was taken by surprise by how much he likes Andi and by how right it feels being with her. But no matter how much he likes her the job must come first.

Overall, I really liked this book. I loved the characters and the dogs. It's a bit of a slow burn because the try to keep their hands off of each other because of the case, heck for a portion of the book Andi does not like Nick because of what they are doing but her attraction to him wins out the more she gets to know him. Nick is more than what he seems and Andi is a headstrong woman and both have pasts that have molded them into who they are now and keep them hesitant from jumping in to quickly.
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This author will magically draw you into this world of suspense, passion, adventure....loaded with plenty of drama to satisfy your hunger for this genre of a book. Tee O’Fallon consistently delivers well crafted plots and interesting depth to her characters that will keep me coming back for more. Deserves more stars than I can give and absolutely recommend
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This book captivated me from the heartfelt dedication through every single page, I could not get enough of this story. Andi is staying at a friends house while the plumbing at her place is being repaired. She's in the wrong place at the wrong time when the state police led by Sgt Nick Houston, serve a warrant to search the house. Nick is pretty hostile during his initial meeting with Andi, who is in the shower in her bikini bathing her dog. Nick's K-9 partner is Saxon, responds to commands given in German and they are a team. You can sense that from just reading the book. Nick is the head of a task force that stars Andi's friend who is wanted for arms sale and money laundering. The friend has ghosted, leaving Andi to fend for herself and even when she's incriminated, she is undaunted and maintains her innocence. 
Andi owns the coffee/dog cafe on the outskirts of town. The business is doing well, but the Feds have frozen her assets and now she's got Nick working with her as a bartender. All part of a plan to lure her friend back and into custody. When Andi's almost kidnapped things escalate as does the relationship between Nick and Andi. I loved these two together and Nick know she was innocent, but her needed to stay close as her life was in danger, they were waiting for Joe to make contact and still unsure who the boss of this mess was. Andi's backstory was painful, as was Nick's and both had to overcome their own issues while trying not the let it erode what they have so far achieved. 
This story has just the right amount of suspense and romance and the as always bring so much to the story. I loved book 1, if you haven't go back and read that one too. 
Thank you Tee for this amazing read, for remembering Sean and his beautiful life.

*arc from NetGalley and Publisher for an honest review*
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This is book 2 in the Federal K-9 series and can absolutely be read as a stand alone! I hadn't read book 1 before reading this one and understood everything happened in it with no problems. Sgt. Nick Houston meets Andi Hardt when he is part of a team that serves a search warrant on the house of her friend. He is trying to help take down a gun trafficker but he doesn't feel like she is helping or cooperating with the investigation like they need her to do. Andi is just trying to keep her dream going and now everything is in jeopardy because of the police and what they think she is a part of. She doesn't feel like they care if she is innocent or not, they are just there to use her. And without any other options, she has to cooperate or lose everything she has ever dreamed of having. 

This is the first book I have read by Tee O'Fallon and it definitely won't be my last! I loved this book! Nick has been through a lot in his life and has tried to close himself off from everyone but his close friends. And I don't blame him once you learn what happened. But his choices not only hurt someone else, they almost lose what could be the best thing to ever happen to him. Andi has been used by men she should have been able to trust in the past and has tried to just stay out of relationships. She doesn't think she has good instincts about men and is just trying to protect herself. But she lets Nick in. I love them together, they have great chemistry. And once they actually work through their problems together and understand each other's motivations and needs? It is great! There is tons of action and there are things that you never even see coming! Plus great side characters that just leave you wanting to see more! I really want a story about his friend Eric! I hope he is next!!
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This second book in the Federal K=9 series is a fantastic, fast paced story with sexy cop Nick and his K=9 partner Saxon at the center.  Nick and Saxon are hot on the trail of an illegal gun trader and they don't have time to deal with the uncooperative owner of the Dog Park Cafe.  Andi Hart won't risk her new business for anyone or anything.  Not even the very sexy officer Nick Houston.  Problem is he holds all the cards and ultimately she has to help him with his investigation.  Now they are thick in things and there is danger at every turn.  Andi has to let her guard down and rely on Nick to keep her safe.  Will he end up being her biggest mistake?

I highly recommend this one.
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Armed n ready is the second book by Tee O’Fallon in the Federal K-9 series.  Armed N Ready is the story of Nick, first introduced in Lock n Load, his K-9 Saxon, and Andi Hardt.  Armed N Ready is a well-written story that grabs you from the first chapter and keeps you engaged until the end.
Those that have read my reviews, know that I loved the first book, Lock ‘N’ Load.  Armed N Ready is equally enjoyable, but I will admit that Matt, Trista, and Sheba (from the first book) are still my favourite trio.  I loved the nerdy Trista and I think Sheba was given just a bit more personality on the page than Saxon.  Similarly, the story was a bit more suspenseful, maybe it was the Russian mob’s involvement, but it just felt a bit edgier.  That said, Armed N Ready still left plenty of ‘who is involved?’ suspicion, and although it seems the players are all on the field from the beginning, there is still a couple of surprises in store!    
Tee O’Fallon has a wonderful writing style that keeps you turning the pages. She has the knack of writing a character that you can genuinely like, faults and all.  Nick and Andi were two characters that, despite you being fully aware of their weaknesses, you genuinely cared about them and wanted it to all work out.
Armed N Read could be read as a standalone, although there are reoccurring characters, there is nothing that will disturb the flow if you don’t know all the history.   BUT I wouldn’t recommend it.  Why deny yourself the opportunity to enjoy Lock N Load first?!   The characters from the first book form a substantial part of this book, and knowing the histories makes for a better experience.  I loved touching base with Matt and Trista again, as well as the rest of the boys.  I have a sneaking suspicion that Eric’s book may be next… but I could be wrong!
I’d highly recommend Armed N Ready to anyone who likes a healthy dose of romance with their suspense, add in the canine element, and you have a great book!
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Armed 'N' Ready was an enjoyable story. That started off great and kept me engaged throughout. Thanks to moments of suspense, a little mystery and some really likable characters. But to be honest there was more romance than suspense. Although the final confrontation between Andi, Nick, his colleagues and the guilty party did partly make up for this. And I did really like this group of characters and would certainly read more from them in the future. I would also happily recommend this story to others.
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Armed 'N' Ready is a sweet romantic suspense that will have you flipping pages just to see what happens next. Neither K9 Police Sgt. Nick Houston nor Café owner Andi Hardt are looking for love but love has other ideas. I really enjoyed this story. I read it in one sitting to the exclusion of everything else. Though this is part of a series it can be read stand alone.
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A riveting story. The author tells a genuine and credible story of what happens in a law enforcement investigation. The details are spectacular. Nick and Andie meet in a hilarious scene that sets the stage for the rest of the book. She is feisty and takes on the hard-nosed Nick from the onset. She is able to break through his tough exterior one layer at a time as they work more closely together. Through the suspense and the drama is they find out that what truly matters at the end of the day is loving like it is your last day.
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"Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review."
Loved this book very much.  It had just enough sweet, sexy romance and the storyline was great! I highly recommend!
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"Armed 'N' Ready" by Tee O'Fallon.

The first book I read in the series.  Now I want to read more!

5 stars.
I loved it froom the start!  The kind of love story you enjoy! 
The storyline, the characters, the romance, the suspense and action... it's got everything! And dogs!  Can't go wrong with dogs!
Also really love the cover! 

Thank you NetGalley and Entangled Publishing for the ARC of this book.  This is my honest review.  All opinions are my own.
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So many feels here!  Just the interaction with the dogs is enough to make me love these characters.  Nick is the all around good guy with a past and an awesome K-9.  Andi has a past too but makes the most of life with a new business and her stray dog, Stray.  It's got everything you expect for a suspenseful gripping story with a little romance and second chances.  Part of a series but each story has a new couple and new thrill ride.  My copy came through Netgalley, my review written voluntarily.
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I love this series!

I couldn’t wait to dive into the latest in this series! Strong characters, suspense and action, and, of course, four-legged friends, proved once again to be a winning combination!

Andi and Nick’s first meeting included a healthy dose of action as well as embarrassment. It may not have been love but it was strong and sparked a rocky relationship. Rocky? If volcanos are little nuisances...

Nick looked at Andi with suspicion even as each glance included desire. Andi couldn’t help the attraction either but given their situation, she reluctantly agreed to cooperate, knowing close quarters was going to be rough… On her temper and her control…

The back and forth between these two threaded this action-filled, suspenseful read to the brim with attitude and emotion. Anger, humor, desire – it was all there, in each spirited conversation and every time their defenses dropped just a little. They were both wary but their inner voices, and their beloved furry friends, told them to trust their instincts…

This was another one-sitting read that I wish I could have read slower to enjoy it longer!
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Another winner for Ms. O’Fallon in the Federal K-9 series. Andi Hardt, owner of the Dog Park Café, is washing her dog when police break in to the house where she is staying. Her friend, Joe, is out of town and offered her the use of his home due to plumbing issues in her home. Sgt. Nick Houston with the Massachusetts State Police and his K-9 Saxon confront her with a search warrant for the house. They are accusing Joe of laundering money for illegal gun dealers. Is she is involved in his crimes? Andi swears that she knows nothing about Joe’s criminal activity. As Nick becomes more involved with Andi, he realizes that she is innocent and her life has been turned upside down. Her assets were frozen and she is worried that she may lose her business if she can’t pay her bills. Andi feels a strong attraction for Nick, but has made bad choices in the past. With Joe on the run, she becomes the target of the criminals that want to use her to get to Joe. As the action intensifies, Nick and Andi cross the line and become intimate in one of the most sensual love scenes that I have read. So many secondary characters return from the first book and I just love it when there is an update and a chance to guess whose story will be next. Kudos to Ms. O’Fallon for giving the reader everything you could ask for in this sequel to Lock n’ Load. Loved it! I received an advance review copy at no cost and without obligation for an honest review. (by paytonpuppy)
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Spoiler alert!
A great second book in and tense and fab series. After getting over the set up (him forcing her to help with the investigation to get her life back) I enjoyed the story. Saxon and Stray are wonderful and the twist st the end completely unexpected.
I look forward to reading the next story in the series. Maybe it will be Eric...
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I received this book free from the author, and am so glad I did.
I don't know how many books can be your favorite but this is other one I will be re reading.
This is my first book by Tee O'Fallon and will not be the last.
By page two you can't stop reading to see what will happen next. The action, surprises, mystery and of course the interaction between The  hunky, tall Sgt. Nick Houston and  Andi Hardt the Blond, sexy Daisy Duke double.
Andi owns  a dog park, and cafe. It is her life's dream and she has put everything she has in to it.
When she finds the house of her ex-boyfriend that she is staying at over ran with Police, FBI , and all kinds of other agents,
she is in shock. Her ex boyfriend Joe Myer, has used her, and is wanted for selling guns.
As she and Nick with both there dogs figure out who is the bad guy, and who is just in the wrong place at the wrong time
there are so many twist and turns.

If you like mystery, great looking guys, smart sexy women this is your next book. Both Nick and Andi have had some really
bad things happen in their past that makes then not trust easy.
I can't wait for book 2, grub a copy and don't plan to do anything for the rest of the day....
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