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Baby Doe Tabor's rags to riches. . . and then back to rags again story is told with verve and colorful detail in Rebecca Rosenberg's novelized account of the life of the real life woman who was once the richest - and most beautiful - gal in America.  
Gold Digger covers the first part of Baby Doe's life, with a second book to follow, but even half of her life holds enough drama, triumph and reversal of fortunes to entertain and enthrall.   

Virtually deserted by her first husband, as desperate to support herself and her infant son as well as her family "back home," Baby Doe  showed her fortitude in the hard world of Colorado mining before finally snaring 'Silver King' Horace Tabor as her second husband.   The richest man in America  rose from privation to become Leadville mayor, and then Washington senator, striking riches in his 50s after a life of unremitting toil.  

Despite their age difference, his married state, and wide cynicism about Baby Doe's motives, their's was a love match, as the book so ably demonstrates. When Horace divorces his wife and they marry with the US President in attendance, it seems that Baby Doe's most vaulted dreams have all come to pass.

Set in the Colorado of the 1880s, Gold Digger brings to life the desperately tough world on gold mining in a period where hard-nosed industrial mining was replacing the backwoods fantasy of panning in crystal clear streams. Well-realized settings, strong characterization, Rebecca Rosenberg serves up a poignant portrait of a woman who came close to beating the odds, but in the end was deserted by Lady Luck.

She talks about her work on The Joys of Binge Reading podcast,
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The story of Baby Doe Tabor is exciting—full of love, rich living, and beautiful things, while at the same time we get to witness the hard life she lived and the rags to riches and back to rags struggles she endured. She definitely was a very strong woman and one who was not afraid to speak her mind, which was pretty much unheard of at that time in the old West. What a spitfire she was!

I love that this story took me back to that old West and let me experience life the way it was back then. I became immersed in that time period and learned so much about the silver mining in that area. It was interesting to experience the life of an 'outsider' to the area as Baby Doe was shunned by society and was never really accepted. I admired her strength and her determination to get what she wanted.

Gold Digger: The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor is a must read for historical fiction lovers. It truly gives us a look at the tough times, but also the glorious times, of the old West through the eyes of an amazing woman.
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I won a copy of this book and also got a copy via NetGalley from the author for my complete, unbiased, and honest review. 

This book was so good from the very beginning. I was a bit unsure whether I was going to like it at first but after reading the very first page I was hooked. It weaves so much history throughout the story. I learned so much about the gold and silver mines in Colorado. I also remembered a President that I had forgotten about. The 21st president of the United States. President Arthur. I know my presidents usually but for some reason forgot about him so I googled him. I love when I read a book that makes me a bit smarter. 

I loved this book. I loved most of the characters. There were some that I detested but that happens. It had so much feeling. Deep love, aching, heartbreaking pain, a bit of laughter. All the feels I expect from a good book. Baby Doe was a great beauty and all the men wanted her. When she gave her heart it was for real. It was for life. Not for money but for true love. I wept in a few parts of this book. It broke my heart and then I would feel so happy. I hated how the women treated Baby Doe. They should have given her a chance. She was kind, tender, loving, giving to a fault and loyal. Horace Tabor fell in love with her and made her his wife against all the crazy odds of the Colorado laws. I could not believe that a woman could not get a divorce back then. That was crazy, but true. It was hard for Horace to get a divorce so he could marry Baby Doe. Theirs is a love story that transcends the ages. And what an age difference they had. Her young and beautiful and him somewhat old. He was actually quite a bit older than her but they had the thing that keeps a couple together. Complete love and loyalty.

This book was so well researched. I felt like I was right there. In the mines, in the mountains, in the hotels, opera houses and even in the White House. Ms Rosenberg did an outstanding job with this book. She brought history to life with words. Words that I won’t soon forget. I treasured each word in this book. It was truly a beautiful story of love and loss. 

I can’t wait for the sequel now.

A great big 5 stars and more if I could. 
Thank you to #NetGalley #Rebecca Rosenberg for this book.
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Rebecca Rosenberg, Author for “Gold Digger The Remarkable Baby Doe Tabor” has written a captivating, enthralling, intriguing, intense, and suspenseful novel. The Genres for this novel are Historical Fiction and Romance. The timeline for this story is around 1878, around the time of the gold rush, in Colorado. The author describes her colorful cast of characters as complex and complicated.
Baby Doe came to Colorida with her new husband to work and look for gold in the mine her father-in-law had suggested. She wants to send money to her family. Baby Doe finds herself working very hard. Baby Doe shows how courageous she is when her husband leaves her. She files for a divorce
After this happens, Baby Doe moves to Leadville. Baby Doe does meet someone.  I love the way that Rebecca Rosenberg vividly describes the Western days of mining. The prospectors are looking for gold and veins of silver. Men are fighting for their mining rights. There is a political agenda, discrimination, betrayals, and danger. Even when Baby Doe is considered successful and is charitable, it is difficult for her to make friends. I eagerly await the next novel in this series. I highly recommend this Historical Fiction Read.
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I love a story that can draw me into another time and place! Rebecca Rosenberg has done a marvelous job with creating Baby Doe's world and I am so glad that I got to take a peek! You can feel the cold of the blizzard the night Baby Doe delivers her son and you slow your breathing has you read of Horace claustrophobia and feel the mines walls closing in! Such a good read!
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Gold digger by Rosenberg caught me by surprise. After rI axing the blurb about the synopsis of the book I really felt as though this author picked up a piece of history and brought it back to life so I really wanted to read this novel. I am so glad that I did. The story starts us in the late 1800’s  where we meet a young lady whose name is Lizzie Doe. Doe’s real life struggles are brought to life in this story of hope and fear. Doe is pregnant and now abandoned when her life takes a significant turn. She Manet a man who is much older than her and finds in him the love she was looking for. However, rumors start flying and we see a woman do what few women ever thought about doing in that era. If you want a book that will have you rooting for the protagonist, this is the book for you. I had never heard of this story before and am so glad that I got the chance to do so now.
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Rebecca Rosenberg is one of those authors who guarantees a rollicking read and Gold Digger aptly does so in spades. Based upon a real person, this tells about the life of 'Baby Doe' in the late 1800's. 
Life is difficult in those days for everyone but single women seemed destined to encounter a myriad of specific problems. (I don't want to post spoilers but just imagine life for a woman during the Gold Rush Era - it could get ugly.)
Rosenberg first happened across my radar with her novel The Secret Life of Mrs. London and I rapidly became a dedicated follower. She heavily researches the material in her novels. The time period that Gold Digger is set in is one that I USED TO know little about (Having now attended Rosenberg 101, I know a lot more!). 
This is a book that fans of historical fiction will eagerly devour. I highly recommend it! 
I received an Advance Review Copy of this book. All opinions my own.
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Discover how the Tabors navigated the worlds of wealth, power, politics, and scandal in the wild days of western mining.. Interesting book on a time and place I knew very little about.
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I loved it!!
Baby Doe lived an exciting life and had remarkable perseverance for her time.  I enjoyed finding out about the mining practices during this era.  I hope Rebecca Rosenberg continues her great writing.
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Rebecca Rosenberg's latest novel, Gold Digger, is the story of Lizzie, aka Baby Doe. Newly married, she and her new husband are off to Colorado with hopes of striking it big in the gold mines. Things don’t go as planned.  Her rough and tumble beginning is the bewitching tale of Gold Digger.  

Baby Doe is only twenty years old when she arrives in Colorado.  Soon after, her husband abandons her and she is left to manage the gold mine alone. She has no hesitation about donning overalls and doing a man's job. She fends off sexual predators and suitors but she quickly realizes that she can't support herself on what the mine brings in.  Her father was a tailor and he taught her well. She takes advantage of this and convinces the local tailor to hire her.  When he expands to Leadville, Colorado, she moves there, too.  

Once in Leadville, Baby Doe has no real friends and no role models.  To her benefit she is resolutely independent and survives, almost thriving  on her unruly disregard for society's prevailing norms.    She falls in love with Horace Tabor, a married prospector who has struck the biggest silver vein in history.
She endures the gamut of difficulties that life and society threw at her because of her strong will and the love she had for Horace Tabor.   When Horace, the man who has showered her with riches, loses everything, Baby Doe stays right by his side holding her head high.   Rosenberg calls her 'remarkable'.  She is!  I can't imagine navigating the world of the real Elizabeth (Lizzie) McCourt Tabor. 

This is the second novel I have read by Rebecca Rosenberg.  The first one was The Secret Life of Mrs. London.  I loved that book so its a puzzlement to me why I don't feel as strongly about Gold Digger.  Her writing is as  solid as it was in Mrs. London.  The 1880s come alive in a world of miners, strife and those who struck it rich in the Colorado, the nouveau riche.  We go on a roller coaster ride of opulence, scandal, heartbreak and resiliency.  Rosenberg's chilling depiction of a terrifying attack on Chinese workers teaches us how deep was the anti-Chinese sentiment toward the people who came to do the manual labor.  Because Baby Doe is a divorced woman she is subject to the social rejection that is most obvious when she and Tabor are married.  He is a Senator at this point but their wedding is shunned by all of Washington, D.C.'s society except President Arthur! 

So, why am I questioning what I thought of the book?  I just couldn't like Baby Doe!  I didn't trust her.   I didn't get the empathy for her that grabbed so many earlier reviewers because I was left with too many unresolved questions.  Was she resourceful  or selfish?  Did she love Horace or was she simply using him because of what he could offer her? Where did the relationship with her own family come from?  When her house was burning down, why was I sensing ambivalence on Baby Doe's part and not the pain of loss any of us would feel? 

I can't answer these questions so I have to hold off on a thumbs up or a thumbs down review.  As for Rosenberg, herself, she writes about women who are survivors and she speaks from experience.  Both she and her characters know about resilience. Rosenberg and her husband lost their home and lavender farm in a California wildfire in 2017.  Maybe she was able to keep going because she remembered some of the beautiful thoughts she wrote through out Gold Digger.  The one that has stuck with me went something like:  "Love is like a wild horse, impossible to tame.  The horse takes you places you never thought you'd go. But if you hold on tight, it always leads you home."
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I received this from for a review. 

Good background on how Colorado (Denver) was built. This is a fictional account based on historical real-life character Baby Doe Tabor. I kept googling events while reading and was glad to see the book events were accurate to what I was reading on the web.

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I do not usually read Historical novels, but am so happy I did as this is a remarkable story.

Gold Digger’s is set during the Victorian era in Colorado and based on the life of Elizabeth McCourt Doe Tabor (Baby Doe Tabor).

It is a well written historical novel as it is obvious there has been a lot of research conducted to collaborate the story of Baby Doe’s life.

She and her husband Harvey are newlyweds in Colorado during 1878. Baby Doe is a remarkable woman who overcomes the death of her son, a divorce after her husband leaves her, and a lifetime of ups and downs. During this time she continues to stay true to herself.

It’s encouraging to see she finally overcomes her struggles and finds love in Horace and gives birth to two daughters. Even though she ends up in poverty again after going from poverty to riches, she realizes there are more important things in life than money.

The author’s description of the mining locations during this time period is so vivid you feel as if you are actually there - great job!

Baby Doe is a survivor and it is well depicted in this novel.

Overall as mentioned this is a remarkable historical novel that is very well written and I highly recommend this book. 

I was provided this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion.    

I GIVE IT A 5 STAR: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
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“Think about it,” he said. “Important things aren’t about money. Health. Friendship. True love. If you don’t have those, money can’t buy them for you.” 

Elizabeth McCourt married Harvey Doe in hopes that she could help her family get back on their feet after a fire destroyed their livelihood. Abandoned, and trying to keep their mine going, she has been nicknamed “Baby Doe” by the miners she works with. Without trying she catches the eye of Horace Tabor, the Silver King, a prominent miner twice her age. With his help she sues Harvey for divorce, almost unheard of in Colorado.

Everything Horace touches turns to silver, and, still attracted to Baby Doe, he expands his holdings to include most of the impressive buildings in Centerville Colorado. Baby leaves him but he follows her, marrying her just as he becomes senator. Despite the scandal and shunning, she and Horace make a fairly good life until silver tanks as the US switches to the Gold Standard. Society is sure Baby will leave Tabor but theirs is a “Matchless love” that can withstand almost anything.

I became a fan of Rebecca Rosenberg with her book “The Secret Life of Mrs. London”, some of the best historical fiction I have read in years. With “Gold Digger”, Rosenberg has solidified her place in the world of storytelling. I highly recommend this book.5/5

[disclaimer: I received this book from the author and voluntarily reviewed it]
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Baby Doe Tabor is a legend among the women of the mining West. She holds the reputation of being a great beauty, a home-wrecker, and in her later years, a madwoman.  How much of this is true?  You need to read "Gold Digger" to discover for yourself.  I found the history of Elizabeth "Lizzie" McCourt Doe to be a fascinating story of a strong willed, smart, resilient woman who never let circumstances get the best of her.  She reminded me of Garnet from "Jubilee Trail", which was the first adult book I read and one that changed my dreams.
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What a great historical read!  Baby Doe Tabor, what a character!  This story really pulls you in. No spoilers here!  You need to grab this book and dive in!!
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It is hard for me as a 21st century woman to imagine what life must have been like for Baby Doe.
The book Gold Digger, really gave me  insights into her thought processes and desire to survive,, help her family and to respectfully be with the man she loves.
A complex woman in a complex time. Ms Rosenberg has a style of inviting me in to read more My reading light stayed on many nights after the household was quiet so I could finish reading Gold Digger.
This story should be made into a movie.
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My favorite thing about reading historical fiction is that I can be entertained while learning something new about a time, a place, and people I’m not familiar with. I felt like I was living in the 19th century in Colorado, a time of hope and desperation. The author has told this story with gritty honesty, and with the great ability to transport readers. The characters were immensely fascinating, especially Baby Doe, who really comes to life on the pages of this book!
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Life was so tough back in these days especially for women all that women were good for was marriage having babies and taking care of the family! This girl comes to life and takes what life wats to throw at her,it's not easy!  Wonderful description of the area of the world she lives in and the people just pop out at you and you feel like you are right there with this girl and her discoveries! Enjoyed this book and so will you!!😺😺😺
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A delightful and fast paced story of the incredible life of Baby Doe.  Packed full of historical, well-researched facts that are woven into a fascinating tale of hardship and struggles for success. A dash of romance adds to the fun, with the conclusion of the book leaving you breathless for more.
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The story of Baby Doe Tabor was an interesting one, and truly one I never would have heard or read without this book. I love that not only did Rosenberg cover the personal side of the story, but also the political climate at the time. Very educational read for those that love American History.
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