Middle School Misfits

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Middle School Misfits tells the story of Jilly, her mother, and Kaylie, her little sister. After her father died and her mother's second marriage to Kaylie's father fell apart, the family moved to a little town. They moved around often after her father died, and Jilly never felt a part of something outside her family. With the help of Anton and a few friends, all misfits, she accepts that not all families are born...some are created through friendship, help, and kindness. 

Overall, the story was cute but predictable. The characters felt flat and stereotypical. The bully, Brianna, and her friends were mean just to be mean, and the misfits were misfits just because. One thing that really disrupted the flow of the book were the critical thinking questions at the end of every chapter.

Thank you NetGalley and Boys Town Press for the opportunity to read an advance reader copy.
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Middle School Misfits
The Stained Glass Tree
by Leona Lugan & Illustrated by Kyle Merriman
Boys Town Press
Children's Fiction ,  Parenting & Families
Pub Date 01 Mar 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Middle School Misfits through Boys Town Press and Netgalley:

For Jilly drama defines middle school. She’d much be able to walk through school invisibly, but drama always has a way of finding her.

Jilly’s Mom battles depression and financle struggles mean the family bounces from town to town.  Jilly changes school a lot and hasnt really had the chance to make a best friend.

There is nothing scarier than moving to a new school in the middle of the semester with her country accent and clothes that are far from cool.  And an odd hard to pronounce family name that ends up earning her a horrible nickname, Jilly is made to feel like an outcast, a misunderstood misfit.

Can Jilmy find a way to fit in, while still being true to herself?

I give Middle School Misfits five out of five stars!

Happy Reading!
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