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The Lady in the Coppergate Tower

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Could not put down

This was a fantastic steampunk take on Rapunzel, but there author really made it a unique story. This was a fascinating read, I love the world and magic system Nancy Campbell Allen has created! This was a sweet and clean romance, I'd rate PG-13 for thematic violence and mention of resurrection.
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Thank you Netgalley for the chance to read and review this title. I will review this title at a different date.
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I love this series! I've always been a fan of fairytale retellings and this version of Rapunzel is great! You grow to love the characters so quickly and the suspenseful plot keeps you wondering what will happen next.  I can't wait for the next one!
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I really liked this steampunk romance set in London and Romania. The characters were really well developed, and I loved the romance between Sam and Hazel. The uncle was really eerie and eccentric. I also loved the automaton Eugene and his sarcastic humor.
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I've always loved fairy tales and the twists that Nancy Campbell Allen adds to them are phenomenal! Rapunzel, Steampunk style, had me on the edge of my seat. In fact, I couldn't put it down and read it all in one day.

Hazel is a healer, of sorts, and assists a cutting edge surgeon, Sam, with his work. I loved those medical aspects, as they really showed the teamwork and foundation necessary for a solid relationship. When Hazel leaves with her uncle to go find her sister, Sam and his automaton (bot), Eugene, tag along, despite fears and misgivings.

The dark overtones complemented the complexity of this mysterious and dangerous tale and I was captivated with the imaginative elements, twists and turns, and fantastic characters (Eugene almost stole the show with his robotic sarcasm and wit). The secrets unraveled to reveal a wonderfully intense climax and I just couldn't get enough. Of course, I adored the budding romance, which only served to add to the deliciously satisfying layers of entertainment. This is definitely a story you won't want to miss!

Content: mild romance; mild+ violence/moments of peril

*I received a complimentary copy. All opinions expressed are my own and were voluntarily given.*
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3 stars:  Thanks to NetGalley and Shadow Mountain for an advanced digital copy of this book in return for an honest review.

You are likely to enjoy this book if you like:  fairy tale retellings, romance, steampunk, a family mystery.

I enjoyed the interesting twist on the fairy tale and am a big fan of steampunk.  I was less engaged by the romance as I found it a bit stereotypical - unrequited love that is not really unrequited is a trope that I find frustrating rather than enjoyable.

While I have only read this book, I understand that it is loosely part of a series but that you do not have to read the books in order - they stand on their own but have recurring characters throughout.
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This was a book that I don’t think can be read as a stand-alone from the rest of the series—the world building was a bit too complex for me to pick up on without those prior books’ backstories (& I still don’t know this world’s definition of a vampire by the end despite it being a riff on Dracula?).

Otherwise it was well written with some hauntingly gruesome scenes—TW below. Ironically I wanted a slower burn for this chaste romance but if you are hoping for steampunk Rapunzel meets Dracula, this is the book for you.

TW: implied attempted sexual assault both depicted in scene and described in conversation, ableist language around mental health/frequent use of words such as mas/crazy, mid-level visceral descriptions and depictions of gore re: murder & dismemberment, depiction and description of injury to eyes
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I enjoyed the latest instalment of Nancy Campbell Allen's 'Steampunk Proper Romance' series. It continues to be a fun, quirky, mystery series with a dash of romance and an air of suspense. I liked what I read of Hazel in the previous book so I was looking forward to her story, especially as Sam MacInnes tagged along. 

I like how well the author manages to weave together fairytales, the paranormal, steampunk clockwork and romance to make unique romps that also feel comfortably familiar. Entertaining, fast-paced and intriguing, this instalment does not disappoint. I look forward to continuing the series.
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I love Nancy Campbell Allen's steampunk fairy tale retellings. Each book is a standalone, but the characters from the previous two books are talked about or make an appearance in this one. If this is your first book I think you'd be fine because I have a terrible memory and tend to forget characters, but I didn't get confused.

Hazel and Sam make a great couple, and it's not because she has a gift of healing and he's a surgeon. They work well together and they have that "something" people call chemistry. When Count Petrescu visits Hazel's mother and wants Hazel to come with him to save the sister (Marit) she never knew she had, Sam insist he come along. Of course if Sam goes then his automaton (or bot) Eugene must go too, and it's a good thing they do because all is not as they've been lead to believe.

Eugene is a wonderful character--it's like he's the comic relief. He's different than all the other automaton's and frequently acts as if he's a human. There a a couple of scenes involving rain that will make you laugh. I could really use a Eugene in my life.

I didn't want to put this book down--I needed to find out who Count Petrescu was and what he was up to. There was such an intensity towards the end of the book I couldn't read fast enough. It truly is a retelling of the original Rapunzel. This books are so much more than the steampunk elements, there are vampires, werewolves, and elements of magic woven in too. I really, really hope that Nancy Campbell Allen has more steampunk fairy tale retellings planned for the future. 

Thank you NetGalley and Shadow Mountain publishing for my copy. All thoughts expressed in this review are my own.
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This was a good fantasy mystery. My rating: 4.5.

Hazel is a gifted healer but also thinks she has skills as a Medium. She constantly dreams of a different version of herself, a young woman with different color hair who is going mad. Hazel has an unrevealed ‘thing’ for her employer, Dr. Sam MacInnes. She does not see them in the same social set so she tries to resist her feelings for him.

Sam is a talented surgeon who is attracted to Hazel, a young woman whose life he saved before she became his employee. Sam runs in the higher social circles but doesn’t let that impress him.

Wealthy and impressive Romanian Count Petrescu arrives in town telling Hazel that she is his niece who was abducted at birth. He claims that she has a twin who is seriously ill and needs her help. As Petrescu convinces Hazel to travel with him to Romania, Sam insists that he accompany her, along with his personal automaton, Eugene. Sam, who doesn’t like closed places, suffers some qualms when they realize they will be traveling by submarine.

Sam and Hazel agree that Petrescu is darkly mysterious and not to be easily trusted. He has a rough bodyguard who becomes a suspect in an attack on Hazel’s maid. The closer they come to their destination the more Hazel connects (even unwillingly) with her sister. She begins to realize her sister is trapped in a tower and her life under abusive manipulation is distressing and driving her mad.

I enjoyed the steampunk aspects of the automatons, the submarine and the wicked tower. It was easy to be drawn to Hazel and Sam who are both warm characters who are very respectful of their growing affections. Petrescu and his right hand man are appropriately villainous while Eugene makes a fun, rather smart alecky robot. The pacing was mostly good with consistent mystery even though the crisis seemed to peak as a rush to the ending. Still and all this is an engaging story and I recommend it to reader’s who enjoy steampunk, mystery and fairy tale elements.

Source: 2019 NetGalley.
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I never thought I would love steampunk, but Ms. Allen has intertwined Victorian era romance and mystery with wonderful imaginative gadgets and 'tons. This one also has a Dracula-esque feel to it as well with the mysterious Count Petrescu on the scene to reveal some dark secrets to our heroine Hazel. Luckily, Sam is willing to help Hazel unravel her past, though there are a lot of twists and turns on the journey!

I thought Ms. Allen did an amazing job in highlighting intellect and contrasting that with gifts that defy explanation. Her setting is beautifully done (the underwater scenes were incredible!) and the characters have warmth and depth, (even Eugene. Loved him!), but Sam and Hazel will all have you on the edge of your seat to see if they can make it out alive and find their happily-ever-after. We do get glimpses of previous characters from the series, but you can read this as a standalone and not be lost. (Though I highly recommend the other books in the series. It's one of my favorites!)

I can't wait for the next book to come out already! This is definitely one for the keeper shelf.
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A sweet friends to lovers romance with suspense thrown all around. My stomach was in knots as I tried to figure out what was happening. Definitely a wild ride. As Hazel and Sam try to discover the real reason they’re on this journey, it was fun to watch as they realize that their feelings for each other are way stronger than just friends. It was sweet.

I’m happy to say that the steampunk aspect didn’t distract me like it usually does. I was able to focus on the story and not the movable parts.

I enjoy that these stories are interconnected standalones. When past characters pop in, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything, since I don’t remember their stories. I am curious about a few characters and hope they get stories as well.
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Shadow Mountain released the third book in Nancy Cambell Allen’s fairytale-inspired steampunk series, Lady in the Coppergate Tower this fall. This proper romance narrates the love story between Hazel and Sam Macinnes, a brilliant surgeon. Hazel thinks a romance is forbidden to them on account of their different stations in life and the fact that she works as a nurse assistant in his office. Everything changes when her mysterious and previously unknown Uncle, Count Petrescu, claims her as his niece. Petrescu insists on taking her to Romania to meet her twin sister. Both Sam and Hazel know that the Count is up to no good and team up together to try and discover his secrets. 

This book has a lot of fun elements and a decent plotline, but I found it kind of ho-hum. The author presents a lot of promising conflicts but never really explores them completely or thematically.  The characters are trapped in a submarine for most of the plot and while the atmosphere is creepy, almost haunting, there was also almost nothing going on most of the time. They were surrounded by tons that did almost nothing but stare at them. I’ve said it before, I love big-cast plots, so maybe this just wasn’t the book for me. It is also possible this book had a mild case of sagging middle syndrome. 
Eugene, Sam’s ton, was interesting and posed questions about where humanity starts and ends. The author didn’t really explore these questions, though, which would have paired nicely with other elements in the plot--Prescu’s obsession with obtaining life-extending objects, the true depth of Hazels healing powers, and the world's definition of Zombie’s. There is super interesting stuff here but the plot isn’t constructed in a way to thematically explore these interesting conflicts. The book is content to be a romance novel, which to be fair is how it is marketed. It delivers a story that will satisfy its intended audience, but I see a frustrating amount of potential taking a back seat to genre conventions. I wished the book had managed to be both a romance novel and grappled with interesting thematic material at the same time.
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Could not get into this book for the life of me. Steampunk is not my go-to genre, but i do love some of the stories out there. The novel started too middle-of-the-action for me, too dramatic at the outset and lost me in all the trauma. Well written, tho, and well imagined, the storytelling style just wasn't for me.
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Ok, the very first thing I have to say about this book is...Eugene! I've decided that I need a Eugene in my life. Now I have you wondering who Eugene is don't I? *smirks* Eugene is the best. Perfect timing, every time. Humorous, efficient, friendly, a little oblivious, understands sarcasm, impeccable taste in clothing, smart, loyal (to a fault), and a very humble (hmmmmm maybe not very but a little bit) automaton. I love Eugene! He just made me so happy. I giggled every time he was in a scene. His comments were hilarious! Honestly, I think you'll really want to have a Eugene in your life too once you meet him and read this book. The scene where he is waiting in the car in the rain *wiping tears from eyes while laughing*.

I am most definitely a fan of Nancy Campbell Allen's writings. She weaves together stories and characters that I can't help but adore (or abhor-depending on good or bad). The mystery, the character growth, the friendships, the settings, the descriptions of the steampunk world, the sweet romance. Oh my! All great aspects that combined together make a great read!

If you haven't read any other books in this series, I would really recommend you read them in order because they're great and build up the world that the author has created in the Steampunk genre. But if you haven't read the other two, this one was written in a way that I think you'd be fine jumping in and reading as a stand alone.

This series has some elements of paranormal, fantasy creatures, fairytale retellings and (of course) Steampunk. If you're not sure if you enjoy those elements take a chance and see what you think. If you're not a fan, then you will probably want to skip this one. It's not my go to genre but I have really enjoyed each of these books that I instantly grab them. If you're looking for another option for a steampunk series to enjoy, I highly recommend Colleen Gleason's Stoker and Holmes series. It combines Sherlock Holmes and Bram Stoker's, Dracula, together. The characters are Sherlock Holmes niece and Bram Stoker's sister (fictional characters of course). The Clockwork Scarab is the first book in the series.

I think the synopsis does a great job of telling you what's in the story so I'm not really delving into that in my review. I loved Hazel and Sam and was turning the pages quickly to try to unravel the mystery right along with them. And Eugene too, of course. I can't forget Eugene. I loved how the author used Rapunzel as the inspiration for this book. Very fun. And that Coppergate Tower...beware! Oh, and also, don't fall asleep. Those dreams Hazel is having, they can be very dangerous! So when you read this one, read it quickly, one sitting. I know, I didn't. I tried, I really did. Life, school year starting and pure exhaustion dictated that I couldn't read it straight through. But it was a nail biter for an ending...I was reading it before I fell asleep and couldn't turn the pages fast enough. 

Now, the question I have is this...Nancy Allen Campbell will we readers be seeing more of these characters? Will there be another book in this series??? I really have my fingers crossed for Oliver and Emme....just saying. *smirks* Thanks for a fun series and a fun Steampunk world to escape to during my reading time!

Content: Clean. Some mild scenes of peril and violence but nothing overly graphic. Some kissing but nothing further. 

I received a copy from the publisher, Shadow Mountain Publishing, via NetGalley. All thoughts and opinions in the review are my own.

Happy Reading!!!
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I have read some of Nancy Campbell Allen's previous books, but this was my first venture into steampunk (hers or anyone else's!) I found the storyline compelling, but did have to put the book down a few times to process what I had read. 
The romance was sweet, if at times a little too surface level for my liking (it felt like much of their relationship was explained rather than shown, which left it lacking in some depth). The character of Eugene was one of my favourites - I would have loved to have more of his background!
Being a fairy tale steampunk novel, there was some magick which was intriguing at times. That said, I almost put the book down when the undead were mentioned as I get easily creeped out by such things. Without spoiling it, I can only say that I did continue reading and am satisfied with how that particular plot point went. 
As a first time reader of steampunk, I would have appreciated a bit more explanation of certain things (e.g. more descriptions of items and how they work). However that might have interrupted the flow too much, and I was able to understand enough of it to get by and focus primarily on the story itself. 
If you enjoy different twists on well known fairy tales, you should try this book. 

I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review.
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I have nothing to say except: Wow! The Lady in the Coppergate Tower is an extremely fun, original read, that takes from classic tropes and gives them a steampunk twist that leaves both romantics and those that like a little more fun in their stories. 

Nancy Campbell Allen manages to stay true to the original tale while at the same time adding her own, magic touch, to the point where now I can't wait to read other books of her!
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I have read many of Nancy Campbell Allen's books before and love her style. Yet, I was quite hesitant to read one of her steampunk books. With that being said, my daughter-in-law could not get enough of these books. So, I decided to give this one a try and I LOVED IT! The writing is phenomenal and the story line is very captivating! I especially love the fairy tale twist. I will definitely be reading the other books in the series!
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Very slow to get started, and (not being familiar with the series or this iteration of Steampunk England/Europe) I was swimming through information-overload for the first 20%. Interestingly, it was the names of all the characters (those coming from earlier stories - I assume - and those being set up for their own stories going forward) that was the most harassing.

I was thoroughly charmed by the steampunk technology, ready to roll with whatever I was told was real, because the characters themselves were so believable in their interaction with it. The people were harder at first (perhaps) because we were still determining their reliability along with their motivations.

Ultimately it was very creative, but I don't see myself pursuing other books in the series. My recommendation for other readers is to know the genre or take advantage of any "look inside" /preview function to see if this is a style that suits you.

My thanks to Net Galley and the publisher for the digital copy they provided for my review.
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What a unique story!  I confess that steampunk is not my typical genre, but this one was satisfying. With elements of paranormal adventure, moments of steampunk ingenuity, and shadows of Regency romance, this book is a fun read from start to finish. It is possibly best to start with the first book of the series to have a more full understanding of character cameo appearances, but I was able to follow along easily even with being “dropped” into the story. This retelling of a familiar fairy tale is so unique that it is hard to see the original “bones of the story” until the last few chapters. Quite entertaining!

Rated PG-13 for some mildly distressing moments. 
—no sex
—no language
—some violence
—little to no gore

This ebook was provided to me free by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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