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Oh how I adore pandas and honey badgers alike. I do love Laurenston’s view on prodigies. It was fun seeing such a quirky person grown up. The sister dynamic was amazing. I love these three women who have only ever been able to depend on each other, cope with the issues that causes just naturally. Healthy or unhealthy, family is everything to them. Well there very small slice of that family. Great book, lots of belly laughs.
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*4.5 stars*

Hilarious, shifter romance…

Every time I pick up a book by this author, I’m careful to have lots of time and an empty bladder because I know I will be laughing hard and not wanting to stop… Honey Badgers “don’t care” may just be their life motto as Stevie and her sisters bluster, fight and love their way. This is a romance and Shen and Stevie have their moments but the witty banter and crazy, off the wall capers between all the characters are what makes this story shine so bright. Simply put, they are all insane. From Max who isn’t afraid of blood and gore (and causing it for a good cause!). From Charlie who can bake her way out of any trouble (even though she loves to cause it). To Stevie, a science/music prodigy, easily startled and laugh-out-loud crazily destructive. Shen quietly eats bamboo, and supports his unexpected new love, throughout the many, many ups and down and insanity-level hysteria that drives this story to epic entertaining heights. I would call it a shifter free-for-all with just enough sweet, romantic elements to call it romance.

If you are in a reading slump this read will catapult you out of it, one chuckle and guffaw at a time!
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Stevie is the youngest of the MacKilligan sisters and she is terrified of bears. 

Bodyguard Shen Li is a giant panda shifter that finds himself the object of Stevie's affection because she loves pandas.  Even though she is not the usual type of woman he is attracted to he can't seem to resist Stevie.   
But trouble follows Stevie when she goes undercover to take down a scientist experimenting on other shifters. Whenever you threatened one of the MacKilligan sisters you can count on a reign of destruction.
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This story is so great that I've read it, read it while listing to it and I've just listened to it at least 5 times and it gets better each time.  Just realizing that I didn't even review it. SMH, Shelly please forgive me. Stevie is my favorite sister. I mean really she actually scares her own sisters to the point that Max jumps out of a second-floor window naked after already losing a fight with a feral cat all because she thought she heard sweet little Stevie getting ready to shift.  LOL
The imagery is excellent as to be expected from Shelly Larenston with great dialogue and lots of laughs. 

**  :) ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review. :) **
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Few books make me laugh out loud no matter where I am and Shelly Laurenston makes this happen with every book. I love a great shifter book and this series has ruined me for others. Her characters are always relatable and hilarious.
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Shelly Laurenston has a completely unique voice that I’m not sure I’ve ever read anything close to similar to. Her female characters in particular are incredibly strong, and I’m sure some would say unlikeable, but I love them. In this one Stevie is afraid of herself and what embracing her true self could potentially mean. She’s a honey badger shifter – and if you’ve read the first book, you know that means she’s truly the bizarre of the shifter world. Just willing to go completely out there, but she’s also afraid of who she may hurt which she’s in that form.
I love the relationship with Stevie and her sisters – they love and hate each other, like real like family does so often. And her relationship to therapy seemed very realistic to me as well with the push and pull of both wanting to get better, but also being afraid of the work and the possibility of changing. Her relationship with Shen Li was hilarious and touching. I can’t wait for what’s next in this series.
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A sexy badass panda shifter that sings Creedence Clearwater Revival with a who-gives-a-fuck attitude? Hell yeah, sign me up.

I have been looking forward to reading Stevie’s novel a long time and realized after the last novel that Shen would probably be her man, but I had no idea just how amazing their story would be or how much I would laugh while reading it.  True, as always, I have to throw out the caveat that a Shelly Laurenston novel just isn’t for everyone, that you might have to be just the tiniest bit different to enjoy them, but thankfully I am way beyond a tiny bit different and close to almost as nuts as some of her characters so I can thoroughly enjoy these psycho bitches!  Stevie is no exception to this rule, with her strange fears, OCD, weird friendships, and off-the-charts level of intelligence. While in the previous novel we got to know the more normal sister, Charlie, Stevie is definitely all kind of nuts and Shen seems to be able to appreciate and ultimately love her despite it, even though he is about as normal, calm, and level-headed as it gets.  Shen has spent years as a bodyguard to one of the most annoying and irritating little fuckers alive, and dealing with Stevie is almost easy compared to that, even though she turns him on beyond belief and he is a bit worried because of it.  I loved seeing Stevie finding her own niche, not only in her family, but in her larger community, even though she still has some issues to work through, and getting Shen’s love was just what she seemed to need to balance her out. Shen on the other hand lost his mind a few times while dealing with Stevie constantly putting herself in danger, but once he found a way to calm her ass down and show her that he will keep her safe, he is able to find his own inner calm again.  I absolutely loved watching these two fall in lust and ultimately come to terms that they are mates and the way these two sparks off each other was so funny and sweet too.  The overall story arc continues to become scarier and scarier, showing us that just because they are special doesn’t make shifters any less bigoted that humans, because honestly they are just as bad as us regular folks in some cases—people are people and hate is hate. I am really looking forward to the next story in this series and seeing the last sister meet her match, and I seriously hope whatever man steal her heart is just as psycho and badass as she is. Another crazy amazing series is fully underway and I am hooked!
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Shen and Stevie - I loved them. I feel like I waited forever for Shen to get more page time, but it was well worth it. So many old friends and new enemies. There's a lot going on in this book and somehow, Laurenston makes it all work superbly. I'll just be over here not so patiently waiting for Max's book.
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Shelly Laurenston is very hit or miss for me and unfortunately, this book was a miss. I had a hard time getting into the story and it was incredibly easy to walk away from. While I liked Shen Li, Stevie was a bit obnoxious and really couldn't root for her the way I normally can for romance heroines. This book also suffered from too many guest appearances from other novels and too many point-of-view changes. I get that authors love their characters, but sometimes a smaller cast makes for better storytelling.
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this series. I devoured this book in one sitting and then a week later decided to read it again! Shelly Laurenston just keeps getting better and better with every book.
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Exciting! Thrilling! I enjoyed this one. Plot had a few holes but nevertheless a win. A favorite author of mine indeed!
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I love the MacKilligan sisters and author Shelly Laurenston has never let me down with her writing style. I enjoyed the laughter and the meanest of all the charters. I can never get enough of bears and the past charters. 

I am so looking forward to the next book.
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I used to love Shelly Laurenston books, but these honey badger books are just not very good. The humor just comes off as juvenile, and the sisters are just crazy. And not cute crazy, crazy crazy. Stevie was childish and annoying. I did like Shen for the most part, but not enough to save this book. I can’t wait until she moves on from the honey badgers.
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Shelly Laurenston returns with a new installment in the Honey Badgers Chronicles. Whenever one of these books come out, I’m always very eager to read them because I know that they will be a breath of fresh air from the normal books that I read. Although still technically a Paranormal Romance, it’s clear that Laurenston has her own distinct way of doing things.

What was interesting about this book was that she used a lot of different POVs to tell her story and while you may think this is a typical and perhaps normal thing for authors to do, what’s unique about this book is that she tells the story through the eyes of a lot of secondary characters or perhaps characters that you wouldn’t normally expect to hear from.

This was something kind of unique to me because it offers the book something entirely different than what’s out there and also showcases the ruthless aspect of these honey badgers. If you think they are over the top now, wait ‘til you see them through the eyes of a “normal” person. Shelly really made her character look like freaks.

There’s a ton of action and mature content in this book, which makes me wonder if Laurenston reads many other books in her genre because I honestly couldn’t see any similarities. She really makes this book wholly her own and it’s more special because of it.
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Another amazing read from one of my favorite authors! I love all the MacKilligan sisters and this time the plot revolved around Stevie and Shen. I really enjoyed getting to know both main characters and see their romance blossom, all while laughing my head off at the sisters antics.
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I have read most of Shelley Laurenton’s novels and have really come to enjoy her crazy characters and insanely funny plot lines and action However, I could not get into this book. It suddenly seemed harder to keep track of which character was which and instead of being improbable/funny I found it improbable/who cares? I will read the next book she releases to make sure this was just a fluke. But I cannot recommend this item.
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I read both this and the first book in this series in less than 24 hours, which gives a clue about how much I loved this.  Laurenston’s done something really interesting, by having multiple povs, so you get to know all three of the MacKilligan sisters really well, whilst still managing to focus in on one central romance in each book. And in In a Badger Way, it’s youngest sister Stevie’s turn.
Stevie, part-Honey Badger, part-Siberian Tiger, is a genius. That’s not hyperbole, she genuinely is a genius. Internationally famous composer at 10, and now working with the top scientists in her field. All that fame, though, has an impact on a person, and Stevie suffers from acute panic. Some of the funniest moments are where she gets startled by the bears who live in the houses near her and her sisters, and she clambers onto the ceiling, or hides behind Shen.
Oh Shen. The Wild Panda shifter I didn’t know I needed in my life. He is funny and constantly calm in a way that offsets Stevie’s frenetic energy perfectly, and I love the fact she just decides this is it for the two of them. Watching them fall in love, whilst surrounded by the chaos that is Stevie’s family, is both heartwarming and hilarious.
A really unique way of engaging with a larger cast, I cannot wait for Max’s book!.
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This is one of the most craziest books I have read in a while.  The series is focusing on three sisters and Stevie has to be the craziest of them.  She is a lethal badger shifter that has attracted the attention of a panda shifter, Shen Li.

There is more violence in this book than I normally like.  I kind of ignored it because I liked the way the book was written.  It a slow build to romance for Stevie and Shen Li.

I voluntarily reviewed an ARC provided by NetGalley and the publisher.  Thank you!
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I have finally read #shellylaurenstons In a B.adger Way. Iiiihh, it was wonderful, just as I suspected. I live the MacKilligan sisters and the people around them. And it was great to meet my favorite hockey player Bo Novikov again. Thank you @netgalley for this opportunity to read this book. 

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This book was so freaking hilarious! I loved the first book, and yeah, I was really looking forward to reading this book. And it didn't disappoint, I really enjoyed Stevie and Shen, they were a great couple, thought they were unconventional.

I'm planning on reading the prequel series. I really think I have to, because from skimming the synopsis' of those books, those characters are showing up in this series, and with everything that's going on, it is a little confusing. 

There were a few things going on. There's Stevie's ex who is though to be doing evil experiments on other shifters. There's Stevie's anxiety and lack of control over her shifted self and thus wanting to get rid of that self. And there's a death in the family, which means the Irish side of the MacKilligans as well as the girls' dad. So much going on!

I really enjoyed the relationship she and Shen have. Like, she just tells him that they're dating, and that's it. It's pretty hilarious! And as he's a panda, the most adorable of bears and thus won't eat her, he doesn't make her panic, and he calms her down. I really enjoyed them together!

Loved reading this book, and I can't wait to read more of this series!
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