Darkness Returns

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After so long of a wait, this amazing series picks up right where it left off with a story of intrigue, magic and mystery as a sexy and dangerous vampire ventures to a dangerous location on a quest to free his master from a century of entrapment that will surely have left his crazed and angered. I though the series had ended with the last book, so this new edition to the series coming so much later was a very welcome addition to my life, and I was thrilled for the chance to read and review it. Chiron is a vampire that we have never met before, but when we learned his back-story and how he fits into the overall world of the series, I was immediately intrigued. It is interesting to see that he has made something of himself, despite having no support from others of his species over the centuries, and I love that he has collected other misfits and outcasts to form not only a clan, but a true family.  When the new king of the vampires comes to him with new information that has come to light, he sets out on a mission—with our favorite gargoyle as his sidekick—to find his former master who he long thought murdered, and release him from a century long imprisonment.  His search leads him into the everglades to a very well hidden demon-only hotel run by the enchanting Lilah, who immediately grabs his attention and his passions.  As he hunts on the property for his master, things begin to unravel and he learns that neither Lilah nor her hotel are all that they seem, but he wants her too much to stop. Lilah has led a truly sheltered life and has forgotten the majority of her past and childhood, blocking it out for some unknown reason, but running her hotel and living a life of peace is all she desires, until the sexy vampire Chiron bursts into her life. As the truth is uncovered, the love that Lilah and Chiron has begun to feel is challenged and they are forced to trust in it if they want to be able to have a future together full of that love and happiness. I loved the sensuality and strength that Chiron portrayed, but his sweetness to Lilah when he saw how innocent she was and understood that she is to be protected at all costs was what rounded him out as they perfect mate to me.  I enjoyed watching as he fought his attraction at first, but then once he gave in, fought even harder to make Lilah his mate and to prove to her that they could have a long and meaningful life together despite all the forces against them. Lilah has an inner strength that isn’t immediately apparent, but once she begins to truly shine we can see that she has really been hiding too long needs to find her way out of the darkness to live by Chiron’s side.  I am dying to see what comes next in the series now that it has been kicked off again, because Alexandra Ivy is truly one of my favorite paranormal authors, being one of the first that pulled me into the genre.  I love everything she writes and I cannot wait for the next book, but no matter how long it takes, I will be first in line, guaranteed. Team Levet, all the way!
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Book Review- Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy

This is the first book I’ve read from this author.  The vampire world revolves around the Anasso, or king.  There is a mission the Anasso sends Chiron on.  He has to find the key and free his mentor.  With the annoying gargoyle in tow he finds himself at a demon hotel in the swamp owned by a lovely woman named Lilah.
So, the author sets the stage for intrigue, love and sacrifice.  Lilah is innocent and naïve which I understand but find annoying.  She does well at ignoring the truth of things.  I like how Chiron arrives and shakes things up a bit.  The story was entertaining with the gargoyle causing havoc with his ideas and comments.  It was fun to watch Chiron want to strangle him but have to check himself.  When Ulric shows up it gets even funnier with the interactions between him and Levet.
The storyline had some surprises but most of it was predictable.  I know who was behind all the incidents and I knew where the key was hidden.  The only real surprise was why and how.
The relationship between Chiron and Lilah was sweet and quick.  Lilah was ready for her life and her past.  It was a quick read with good characters.  I liked the dynamics the author presented.  It ended on a mysterious note, so I am interested to see what happens next.  I give it a 4 out of 5.
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This is a wonderful series and this latest installment is a wonderful addition! I loved the interaction between Chiron and Lilah and highly recommend this book.
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This title didn't pull me in the way Alexandra Ivy usually does.  I found it really hard to become invested in the story and didn't care for the hero or heroine.  Hopefully the next installment will be better.
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I'd only read Alexandra Ivy's Romantic Suspense series previously, and thoroughly enjoyed them. This felt slightly less engaging, but that could be in part that it is part of series I am not versed in. It was a pleasant read, with humourous characters, and plot twists galore. 

I couldn't help but think of Shrek throughout the entire book.
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This sounded like an exciting premise with a whole cast of magical creatures and at the center a romance between a charismatic vampire and a woman with an unknown magical background. I enjoyed the story.  Chiron and Lilah’s attraction was immediate and fast, but a mating in the magical world doesn’t need a whole lot of build to make it work.  I also was intrigued by Lilah’s mysterious background, her magical origins and how it all tied into Chiron’s search for his master.  

I laughed at Levet, the gargoyle sidekick, clueless antics and his bungling of the English language.  

I think I’d have liked this more if I read the previous books and had more of a foundation instead of jumping in at book thirteen, but I did still have fun.
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This is book thirteen in the GUARIANS OF ETERNITY series.  I found this book to be an interesting read.  I strongly suggest reading the series in order.  I love that the author brought back a character from a previous book; you don't want to miss that.  I really like the setting of this book, all the magic and mystery, so my thing. I felt that the characters were strong and well written.  The ending is somewhat of a cliffhanger, I have the feeling I'm gonna love the next book!  If you like PNR you'll have to give this book a try, I know I wasn't disappointed!  

***I voluntarily reviewed this ARC for an honest review via NetGalley also received a copy from a giveaway via Goodreads, this is my honest opinion and has not been influenced by the author, Publishers, NetGalley or Goodreads in anyway.*** Thank you!
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DARKNESS RETURNS is fabulous! No other word will do. You have a sexy vampire, who runs casinos and clubs in the human world; a heroine who has been a little out of touch with the real world; other characters from the past Guardians of Eternity series (especially Styx and Viper) and, of course, everyone's favorite gargoyle Levet. He's sent by the king (who probably only wanted him out of his hair for a while) to help Chiron.

Annetta Sweetko, reviewer for Fresh Fiction

Complete review: http://freshfiction.com/review.php?id=68562
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Reading that the Guardians of Eternity series was coming back had me so excited. Darkness Returns was a great addition to a series that I absolutely loved. It was not my favorite though. It is still a good book in an amazing series. 

Vampire Chiron enjoys spending his time running his numerous Dreamscapes Spas, Resorts, and Casinos. They've made him a very wealthy vampire. Chiron has had a good life for the most part. Even though centuries have passed he still carries the guilt over the loss of his master. After so many centuries Chiron is skeptical when the Anasso Styx approaches him with an ancient and spelled scroll that might hold the key to Tarak's whereabouts. 

Owning a hotel that caters to the paranormal beings of the world keeps Lilah busy. With its magical barriers and spells it also keeps her protected and hidden from the world. Her ogress keeper Inga has kept her company for as long as she can remember. Her memory or lack there of is just a few of the problems that she doesn't notice or question until vampire guest Chiron starts asking questions that puts both of their lives in immediate danger. 

In the previous Guardians of Eternity books readers knew what the big bad evil was. This is a new tale in an older series. Clearly the foes are going to be new. The lack of knowing where this was headed (other than a mated happily ever after) made it so it took me a bit to get into. The abrupt (not a cliffhanger) ending has me curious about the mental state of a certain vampire. A little searching has shown me that he will have the next book in the series. Crazed vampire promises for an entertaining read. 

Of course the legendary hero Levet is on this journey. He's up to his usual.
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I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that Alexandra is writing more Guardians Of Eternity books! Darkness Returns has Chiron searching for his master who was taken years ago by the previous Anasso.. And his trip leads him to Lilan his mate. But what is she other than his mate ? If you are a long time fan catch up with the series here and see some old friends and meet some new ones as another Guardian finds answers and love. Not a standalone book – should be read as part of this series…. Lisa
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In Darkness Returns the 13th installment to Alexandra Ivy’s Guardians of Eternity, Chiron a vampire seeking the key to release his master. In order to find the key he has to be willing to trust, in others and an untold legend. It was great to return to this series; after so long await. Darkness Returns, full of suspense, action, and romance. Though this story didn’t flow as smoothly as the other titles in this story. I did enjoy it immensely. The story had a nice set up for the next book in this series.I would recommend this title for any PNR readers.
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When I requested the book for review, I was not aware that it's book 13 in the series and I thought that was book 1 or something. I should have checked it on goodreads and I don't know why I didn't. I didn't have a huge problem at understanding what was going on, but I felt like some pieces were missing and that I would have enjoyed the story a lot more if I knew what was going on. There is obviously some story that led to our characters to where they are now and I would have liked to know more of it. To be fair, the author did a great job of explaining what was going on and why Chiron and his friends were there. The fault lies on my side and that's the reason why I didn't give a lower rating to the book. 4 stars is what I would have probably given to the book if I knew what was going on from the previous books. The reason why I didn't go for 5 stars is mostly because I was bugged by something we found out about Lilah's past when she got her memories back. I would have liked a little bit more exploration on the person she used to be and how she changed. Overall, the book was good and I will continue the series given the chance!
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I’ve admittedly not been the best at keeping up with this series.  I jump in and out, but they are usually easy enough to “catch up” on that it doesn’t really matter.  If this is your introduction to this world, then I don’t think you’ll struggle at all.  This feels like the beginning of a larger story anyway.

We meet up with Chiron, a vampire who is the owner of some successful casinos.  All his undead life, he has been struggling with his master’s death only to come to learn that he was actually imprisoned all this time.  Already late to the game, he goes on a journey to try to find him that (for some reason) means that he has to take a weird little gargoyle character who can sense magic.  Their path is slowly leading them towards a mysterious “key” to unlocking his master’s prison.  On the way, however, they end up at a magical resort for demons.

It’s at this resort that Chiron meets Lilah, who is a mystery all her own.  Her overbearing ex-nanny has been helping her take care of the resort for as long as Lilah can remember, which actually isn’t very long.  Chiron and Lilah’s relationship really moves quickly, all while Chiron’s partners end up uncovering a larger secret.  There’s twists and turns, but we ultimately get to some sort of happy ending for these two lovebirds.  Not everything is wrapped up here, though, and if you were trying, you could make an argument that this ends in a cliffhanger.
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Thrilling, heart pounding excitement, action packed danger and riveting twists that kept me glued to my e-reader all night long..... loved the sexy passion and engaging charters. I have loved this series from the beginning and this story is the best addition so far. Loved it!
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He has existed outside the order of the Guardians and trusts no one but Chiron has created an empire of resorts and casinos. Using the peace offering given him by the new vampire king, he sets out on a quest to find and free his master, only he never expected to find a lush paradise owned by a mysterious and mesmerizing woman. 

Chiron and Lilah are two very strong, alluring characters that easily compel readers to read their story which is full of some powerful electrical chemistry and scorching passions. The romance is on the sweet side but has a few obstacles that stand in the way Chiron’s mating which causes quite a bit of intense emotional turmoil especially since Chiron’s quest is reminding Lilah just what her life is missing.

This potent and exciting plot is full of suspense, action, romance and unexpected twists that grabs the readers by their imaginations and hold them hostage as the actions that take place in this fast paced plot promise to bring about some challenging events to come for the Guardian world. The author has brought back her creative and fascinating world full of vampires, shifters and magic and added some wonderful new elements and intriguing new plot that puts the future of the Guardians in the hands of one rebel vampire who must choose between loyalty and love. While the story concludes with a happy for now ending, it also provides an intriguing set up for the continuing story that is ensures readers have to know what will happen next. Oops, I didn’t mention that Levet is back and up to his usual – finding heaps of trouble and causing readers to LOL.
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Free ARC provided through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Guardians of Eternity by Alexandra Ivy is a series that had been on my TBR list for a few weeks. Then, I see Darkness Returns on NetGalley and just knew it was fate to read this series. I’ve really enjoyed all of the books! They tend to get a little repetitive at times, mainly in the beginnings and descriptions, but I think that’s fairly common with most series. I mean, there’s only so many ways to describe “Tall, Dark and Handsome” for one specific character over 10 times, right? 

“The current Anasso, Styx, was a six-foot-six male with the stark Aztec features of his ancestors.”— Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy

You get the picture, right? That being said, it really only is the opening lines that are like that in each book and the rest is golden! It seemed that the plot was beginning to lag a bit on the last few books, but with Darkness Returns, we see new characters and it’s clear that the plot is expanding into new territory. With new creatures, plots and villains(oh my!), Darkness Returns is a great addition to the series.

“Holy hell,’ he said in low tones. ‘I didn’t know this hotel was blessed with angels.’ Her Eyes has widened, as if she was equally stunned by the impact of Chiron’s presence. Then, they abruptly narrowed as Chiron spoke. ‘That’s not the worst line I’ve ever heard, but it’s close,’ she informed him.”—Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy

I hate spoilers, so I won’t mention any but I will say that Darkness Returns is well worth the read if you’re into paranormal romance. It’s the perfect mix between romance and fantasy with well thought out plot planning. I love Chiron and Lilah’s story and I hope to see more of them in the next book!

“Shh.’ He allowed his fingers to stroke over her cheeks, bending his head until they were nose to nose. ‘Look into my eyes.’ She released a choked laugh. ‘Isn’t that a little cliched?’ ‘You already know I have a fondness for cheesy lines.”—Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy
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Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy is book 13 in the Guardians of Eternity Series.  This is the story of Chiron and Lilah.  For me this was a standalone book since I haven't read the previous books yet. 
Lilah has spent most of her life behind the enchanted walls of the hotel where she is at.  Chiron is a vampire who master was taken a long time ago and while looking to get him back he has made a living in the human world.  When he has clues of finding his master leads him to meet Lilah.  But is she trust worthy?  Attractions between the two are hot but there is mystery around Lilah. 
Exciting Read.
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Darkness Returns by Alexandra Ivy is the 13th volume in her Guardians of Eternity series. After a 4-year absence, the author comes back with the original series that made her success and I must say this first volume in a new arc is a success.

The book begins with a conversation between two of the series’ most popular and powerful heroes: Styx (Darkness Everlasting) and Viper (Embrace the Darkness). Styx has a major problem when he finds proofs of another treason by the previous Anasso.
For those who’ve been following the series from the start, Styx has become Anasso, king of vampires, after the death of the previous one who was a big bad guy and who had duped most of his subjects including Styx. Through the volumes, Styx learned how much he was manipulated by his former master.
In Darkness Return he’s just discovered that his former master lied to a group of vampires who were considered traitors and who Styx helped to banish. Now, this group is called the Rebels. He’s got in his possession information that would allow Chiron, one of the Rebels, to find the clan’s chief who’s considered missing or even dead. And even if he doesn’t trust Styx, he decides to go and search for his master. For that he’s helped by… Levet, the famous. LOL. Because Levet is always able to find sealed portals and if the master is captive, this power will be useful to free him.

The action of the book begins when Chiron appears and begins his investigation. With Levet’s help he arrives in Florida, in a hotel which belongs to Lilah, our heroine. It’s the moment when the heroes from the first arc “disappear.”
We see really quickly the common thread of the story with bad guys from another species who could put all our heroes on danger, the previous ones as the new ones.
It’s not really useful to read the previous volumes to read this book but I recommend to first reading the other or none at all. Indeed, reading Darkness Returns then When Darkness Comes could only disturb the readers.
As usual with Alexandra, in addition of the romance, we have action, a well though plot, an ending where we have all the answers to the questions of the book and a little idea about the next heroes.

I was very surprised by Lilah and we can say the author keeps us on tenterhooks concerning her past. When we finally have the answers well… LOL. Read the book because it’s a much unexpected twist we have here.
The hero however is very transparent: we know what he wants and we admire his determination.
As usual, the attraction is immediate between our heroes and they yield quite fast with the idea it will not last. It’s the kind of relationship I love in romances and I wasn’t disappointed. There are not many sex scenes, which is logical as the heroes have a mission to accomplish.

To conclude, Darkness Returns is a very good addition in this series and I think that Alexandra Ivy has very well renewed her series. I can’t wait to read the next volume expected in August 2019.
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It is great to get back to the Guardians Of Eternity once again. We find Styx making amends for the horrors caused by the former insane Anasso by offering Chiron, who was once a warrior, clans member and now a Rebel in exile, clues to discovering where his master has been imprisoned. As Chiron sets out to find his master Tarak, a powerful lieutenant to the previous Anasso who was hidden away in captivity when he dared to confront him about his activities. Of course he is accompanied by Levet, so graciously on loan from Styx. It leads him to an isolated supernatural hotel in Florida and his fated mate. But the circumstances surrounding her and the key to his master's prison is more sinister and complicated than he ever imagined.
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A chance to find a missing vampire master has Chiron meeting a mystery and an enigma. Magic and hidden veils hides Lilah from the world but once Chiron comes near, he knows just how important she will become to him. But can he prove strong enough to discover the secrets? Will her past be revealed before danger strikes? A search for the key leads to betrayals, secrets and lies. As always, Levet’s inclusion with his inability to be serious, provides a lighter entertainment in a darker story.
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