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Eerie, and original tale that is sure to stand out from the crowd . With unnerving and spine-chilling scenes that will haunt the reader long after the pages are closed..
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Thank you to netgalley and to the publisher for the ARC. 

I tried this but I could not get into the book. I think I got 70 pages in and just told myself I did not want to keep going. I just could not follow the writing. It was very confusing to me. I have so many other books that I need to get to that I had to lay this one down. 

This is nothing again netgalley or the publisher. I just did not enjoy the authors writing in this book.
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The Ward is a book of a future Sacramento, California where it has become a prison that is constantly at war.  There are several groups hoping to be the one to rule the ward.  The people that go to the ward are those who are given a choice of execution or going to the ward. The world is covered with ash.  It is dangerous to stay out as breathing it in will eventually kill you.   For the people to survive in this prison, they must come together and be “one.”

It is an action-packed dystopian thriller.    It grabbed my attention but at time I became confused in understanding what was happening in the story.  In the background of this novel is the theme of mental illness.  It is a darkness in this novel that brings one aware of the struggle of mental illness.  It is discrete in the novel but I did become aware of it.  It is a different dystopian novel to read which makes it worthy to read.  Do read it!
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I really wanted to like this book, as the synopsis sounded really good. But the writing is extremely hard to follow and most of that is NOT due to eARC edit necessities. I had a really hard time getting into the story because of the fact that the writing makes it nearly impossible to figure out what exactly was going on most of the time. Sentences are choppy, or run-on, with barely any cohesion to solidify an overarching theme or thought. It was just really difficult to read and follow along.
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Honestly, I found this a difficult book to read....from the initial paragraphs, I found the writing almost unintelligible and full of disjointed phrases and muddled references. The dialogue was grandiose and challenging to interpret... Essentially, I imagine this was a dystopian novel, trying to show a future my opinion, not worth the effort....only my opinion.
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