The Senator's Wife

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I received an ARC of this novel from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

Good beach read.  Predictable.  It reads like a steamy Lifetime movie of the week.
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This is usually not a book I read but I was pleasantly surprised with this one! I loved the story line and was very impressed with the writing style. Julia Gabriel did an excellent job on this novel and I cannot wait to read more from her!
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(I generally don't consider something that happens in the first 5% of the book to constitute a spoiler, and, moreover, I think it's important that I talk about the plot in this instance. But, fair warning, I'm discussing an early plot point in the next several paragraphs.)

I struggled to get into this book, despite the description having attracted me to it in the first place: "An irresistible story about the power of friendship, standing on one’s own two feet, and the sensual pleasures of art … this is Julia Gabriel at her funniest and sexiest" = yes, please. I think maybe I just didn't read enough of it to enjoy the plot like I thought I would. I was interested in following Marie as she moves on from her marriage and (seemingly) becomes more independent. I love reading about people coming more into their own. But, I'm DNFing The Senator's Wife at 7% for a bigger reason than my just not being able to get into it: Inappropriate sexual advances. 

I get that there's this trope of the mercurial man who suddenly kisses the woman. But this is wrong: "Then before Marie knew what was happening, Luc's arm was on her back and pulling her body against his chest. She opened her mouth to object, but found her lips quickly sealed over with his. She tried to free her lips from the kiss, trying to speak, but the only sound that came out was more akin to loud humming than any meaningful protest. Pushing at his chest only made him tighten his arms around her more securely."
^ That interaction is not okay. She did not consent to being touched in such a way. Her reaction is an attempt to physically push him away, and his response is to make it harder for her to stop him. The scene continues:
"He lifted his mouth away from hers for a split second, just long enough to say, 'Relax, Marie. It makes a kiss more enjoyable.' Then he resumed the kiss, his hand now cradling the back of her head, pulling her lips further into his mouth.
The nerve of the man! She squirmed in his embrace, trying again to free herself."

No. That's not okay. Even if she comes to enjoy it a minute later. Even if he's this sexy, mysterious French art teacher. Even if she's in the midst of a divorce and starved for attention and touch. He kissed her, she tried to end the contact (more than once), and he did not allow her to do that. He forcibly kissed her. That's not romantic. That's not sexy. That rises to sexual abuse in some locales, and sexual assault in others. This sort of a scene reinforces the idea that men are allowed to do what they want to women's bodies, regardless of how the woman reacts.

I understand that a surprise, forced kiss is a trope; that Gabriel didn't invent this sort of behavior; and that she isn't the first to suggest the reader should find it romantic rather than inappropriate, creepy, and dangerous. But this is not a book for me. (I gave it two stars as perhaps others can look past this and enjoy the rest of the book. It really did seem like an interesting and potentially promising premise.)

(Thank you to NetGalley and Serif Books for an e-arc in exchange for honest review.)
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Didn't really enjoy this one. I didn't like Marie's character from the get-go. Starting a highly charged sexual relationship with your art teacher after one or two encounters feels ridiculous. I"ve never really read romances (and not sure if this book is supposed to be one) but maybe that's typical in these books. It just didn't feel realistic to me and left  bad impression for the rest of the book. The story also felt long and disjointed at times.

My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.
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I have mixed feelings about this book. On the one hand - I was sucked in and had to finish reading to find out what happened. On the other hand - many parts of this plot were not well thought out and just plain implausible. I enjoyed the first part of the book more - while I found some of the events outlandish I was willing to suspend belief. However, there is a time gap between the first and second parts. I thought it was a cop out for the author not to walk us through what happened during that gap. I found those events, as they came to light, to be difficult to believe. I almost think this was glossed over simply because it was hard to believe. 

Also, from the title I was expecting this to be more political than romance. The entire politics aspect is minimal and confined to the first part of the book. The main themes are love/romance/sex, which is all find and good.

Overall, I would not recommend this to someone unless they are interesting specifically in romances. 

I received a copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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I loved the first half of this book. It reminded me a bit of the TV show The Good Wife (but defiantly a more soap-opera version, with a lot more drama and scandal). Marie and Luc were likable characters and as a reader, you were really rooting for them as a couple.

Then there was the second half of the book. I almost felt like we were reading about two different characters, in a complete different book. The way the characters acted and the decisions they made just didn't seem like the same characters in the first half. I felt as though the first half could have had a more definitive ending and just left the second half out completely.

4 Stars - Because I just really couldn't get myself to like the second half of this book.
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Perfect chick lit!  I loved the premise and the characters were well developed!  I recommend this for anyone looking for a light and fun read!
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The Senator’s wife is based on a politicians wife involved in scandal. Her husband is divorcing her to marry his mistress. There were parts that I enjoyed but there were parts that were lengthy and I lost interest unfortunately. Thank you to netgalley for this free digital copy to review,
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No. Did not enjoy this one. I really wanted to, it started off great but the further I went the more and more I didnt care to finish. Some of the situations just left me shaking my head and feeling irritated with the interactions between the MC and side characters.
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A romance with a dark twist with great character development.  I was graciously provided this book via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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It is very rare that I do not finish a book; however, I had to put this one down. I should have known from the beginning when the author seemed to not know the difference between a Congressman and a Senator. The writing was simply sloppy and needed several more revisions before it was ready to be published. 

The premise of the book sounded interesting, especially to someone who works in politics and lives in a political city. I wanted to like these characters and their stories, but they seemed one dimensional and not fully developed.
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While i loved the idea and the characters in and of this book, it was so incredibly long. There were so many parts that could have been shortened or skipped. I actually really enjoyed it until i realized I'd only read 18% and i pushed through to the end still.
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I have to be honest & say I wasn't too keen on this book. It was all going well until the main character came up with that appalling idea of embarrassing her husband enough so he'd want to divorce her. I found her to be totally spineless and not someone I could empathise with at all. After this I have to admit that I flicked to the end of the book and just read the last chapters. I wasn't a fan of the time jump either.
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Thank you for this ARC.

Unfortunately I just could not get into this book and after seeing other reader reviews, I could not bring myself to fully commit. Slow.
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Thank you to Serif Books and NetGalley for a free reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

The story line was what piqued my interest. Political wife - and daughter - scorned, that strives to find her own path in life sounded interesting. Unfortunately, this turned out to be much more of a classic bodice-ripper than I was expecting. The heroine's naiveté grated on me, and once the scheming political husband was out of the way, the back and forth between the “sexy French artist“ (what a cliché) and the heroine quickly got rather boring. I did finish it, but it was more because of my sense of responsibility than anything else.

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As I read through this book, I realized it’s 2 different stories / books really. And once I searched for the author’s name, I came across the two books that made up this one.  At first, I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to combine them then I understand why it’s better together.

The first part (or book), is a steamy romance. The plot is thin, about a senator’s wife who met an artist, fell in love, and fled her uptight life, the central conflict is with family and her upbringing. There’s some interesting arts history and a great friendship. Marie and Luc were hot and tender together, and that kept me reading.

The second book brings home character growth and development, and that’s usually what makes a great story, and it was great to see Marie changed. However, I noticed the steamy details were less, as Marie and Luc are in conflict with each other in the second half.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book. Some sentences fell flat and cliche, and not imaginative.  And get, the steamy scenes between Marie and Luc were amazing, “white hot” as some had said.
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I could not finish this book.  I think it was because of the way her parent treated her.  It just made me mad  maybe at another time I would be in the mood for a story like this.
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I was expecting a completely different kind of book, certainly not one that had a bit of a 50 shades- feeling. I admit I stopped reading after a while, therefore I won't make this statement public on Goodreads, it wouldn't be fair to the author.
Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing a copy!
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I thought this book was interesting, and not at all what I expected with the title "The Senator's Wife" I felt like I may be getting a Women's Fiction, light-hearted and possibly political type story. I felt like it was anything but that. In my opinion it was more of an Epic Saga Drama/Romance Novel. The 2 parts of the story could have easily been 2  separate books, and about 80% of the way through, I felt like the whole story line was going off on another tangent and I had to skim to get to the end, I liked the characters, Marie and Luc. I was pulling for them the whole time, but it was a little lengthy and at one point I just had to get to the end. So, overall I did like this story, just not what I was anticipating.
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I really need to read the summaries of books more carefully before I request?! I had no idea that this was a romance novel; not my genre at all and, as a result, not able to offer much of a review. It wasn't my cup of tea, but that is more to do with the genre rather than the novel itself.
I didn't find the plot or characters particularly believable, and the novel was way too long - needed some serious editing. 
Not for me.
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