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This is an incredibly inspiring story! I enjoyed the sincerity in Remi's voice as he discussed difficult topics such as the not so great decisions he's made that shaped his path, but also his ability to use his past to transform his future. To not sit in the shame of the past but instead sit in the joy of his transformed evolved self. The hardships and difficulties are relatable and an inside look at his story show that making poor decisions is not always so black and white. There's some grey and we shouldn't be quick to judge. It's truly inspirational to see what Remi was able to do with his life and how he evolved into a stronger and better version of himself living up to the title "Transformed." The beginning is a bit slow but you will enjoy reading it. It stirs different emotions which was unexpected. I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it to anyone, especially those looking to for inspiration.
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I wasn’t familiar with Remi Adeleke’s story prior to reading Transformed: A Navy SEAL’s Unlikely Journey from the Thrones of Africa, to the Streets of the Bronx, to Defying All Odds. To be honest, I hadn’t even heard of him. As the title notes, this book details Remi’s global journey beginning with early childhood in Nigeria, later moving to NY still as a child, and then becoming the man he is today: a veteran, an actor, a father, and a role model. 

Remi’s resilience and determination is admirable. He overcame numerous obstacles and faced constant adversity yet triumphed repeatedly. He is unwavering in his beliefs but wasn’t always that way. Remi made many poor choices as a teenager and young adult. While reading Transformed, I often fluctuated between feeling sympathetic toward Remi’s decisions, given his circumstances, and frustrated with his decisions, feeling he should have known better. I also recognize it’s easy for me to pass judgment (unfairly), not having grown up in the same circumstances. 

Parts of the book did feel long and unnecessary to the overall story, yet I recognize the subject is Remi’s personal journey. The dialogue, while kept in casual, conversational tone, often still felt scripted and/or drawn out as well. My overall enjoyment of Transformed was only slightly impacted by these two observations. 

In his mid-20s, Remi was fortunate to meet a woman who gave him the help he needed to get on a positive path, beginning his journey in the U.S. Navy. I liked the stories Remi shared about his military training to become a SEAL, then his subsequent work, including the physical battles, mental challenges, and friendships he made during this time.

Even though he didn’t always make the smartest decisions, I enjoyed Remi’s progression and growth to become the person he is today. His story is inspirational, with many parts serving as a good reminder to hit pause the next time you think you’re having a bad day.
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"Transformed  "  by  Remi Adeleke   is  a true  story of how  Remi   was able  to overcome  difficult  odds.  He  grew  up in Nigeria and  then  when  He   moved to  the Bronx in  New York  after his Dad passed away.  He   lived in  a  very   tough part of town. His Mother took her  two  boys  to the Bronx  after her  husband passed away.  She   lost all the money  her husband   had worked   for  in Nigeria. She   worked hard in New York to support  her boys.    Remi   ends up in  several illegal  activities   before He  decides to join the Navy. He has a goal to become a Navy Seal.    He    finds  each step along the way very challenging   in the Navy.  He   starts down the path  to become   a Navy  Seal  and  ends of facing   road blocks  .  During one of the road blocks He  turns to  his  brother and   asks  questions about God. Remi  has   tremendous   determination and perseverance  to   continue  towards his goals. Does He  eventually become a Navy Seal?   Does He  become  a Christian?    The book was  given to me by  Thomas  Nelson , netgalley to read and review . I am not obligated to give a positive  review.  I appreciate   this opportunity to read and review this wonderful book.
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