Lucy: Speak Out! (PEANUTS AMP Series Book 12)

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LOVE the entire peanuts series. Lucy is so sassy and awesome. She have such a powerful voice and just does what she wants. XD
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Love Lucy and the rest of the Peanuts Gang!

Peanuts never disappoints. Although the focus is on Lucy, the rest of the Peanuts gang gets their fair share of the limelight in this engaging set of comics. Charles Schulz was genius at helping us learn things about ourselves and others in entertaining yet thoughtful ways.

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Great! Of course being PEANUTS it is great -- but we enjoyed the illustrations and stories included. This is another great additions to the AMP Series and does not disappoint. If you are a fan you'll enjoy it. If you haven't started with the PEANUTS yet then this is a great place to start. Enjoy!
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Is there really anything left to be said? They’re Peanuts comic strips. After doing collections loosely based on topics like dancing, these feature a certain character, though in this case Lucy is not in every plotline.
Funniest: Santa Claus and his rain gear.
I will never forgive for “barking up the wrong tree.” “Flaw in the ointment” wasn’t any better.
Never knew Marcie had a crush on Chuck.
Find out what happens when Lucy DOESN’T pull the football away. . .
At the end there’s a section on the author’s support of women’s sports.
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An ambitious and beautifully organized and collected narrative and images to accompany them. A must for young children and young children's classrooms.
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Everyone loves Lucy and the Peanuts gang! I don't care how old you are! This book brought back great childhood memories for me!
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I love the Peanuts cartoons.  However, I feel the way this series of books is divided into a specific character, in this case Lucy, just loses the story behind each strip.  If the book was full panels in chronicle order there would be an overarching story that is lost when just strips of Lucy are put on display.
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Charlie Brown: Do you know exactly what you're going to be when you grow up?

Lucy: Of course, a smart cookie!

That one interaction gives a pretty good glimpse into the character of Lucy Van Pelt. She is a hard headed young lady who knows who she is and what she wants out of life. Whether she's in the psychiatrist booth, writing a biography of Beethoven, or playing ball, she knows what she wants.

We also get to see Snoopy and his bird troop, a glimpse of the WWI flying ace, and other favorite characters like Peppermint Patty, Marcie, and, of course, Charlie Brown.

Four and a half stars
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We always enjoy a good comic. My kids and I really enjoyed this one. But then again who wouldn't love the characters from Charlie Brown. They are always going to be a classic.
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This is a fun collection of Peanuts comics, featuring Lucy, a girl who takes charge of her own life.  She is fearless and strong, showing girls they can do anything, even taking on the boys!  I would recommend this for upper elementary readers and older, and for anyone who'd just like a smile.
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Peanuts is a comic favorite.  I feel like Lucy is my spirit animal, I enjoyed a few hours our visiting with her.
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I have always liked peanuts, and I guess I always will.  This is another good read.  I am an adult and I found this book of comics to be quite enjoyable.
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Reading Peanuts reminded me of Sunday. Both my father and I will be reading the papers; him reading the news section and me reading the comics. In my book, nothing can go wrong with Peanuts in your life (shelf).
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With Peanuts, you know you're going to have a good time. While we were fans of Peanuts at home, I never read much of the comics when I was younger. Thus, I'm having a great time reading many of them for the first time.

This volume focuses around Lucy, who is loud at the best of times and definitely in this one. As per usual, I much liked Woodstock. There is also some social commentary about gender equality which remains a hot topic still.

Would recommend!

Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review!
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This isn't just Lucy--it's the entire wonderful cast of characters brought together for lots of comedy and color. I grew up on Snoopy comics and these are awesome. Highly recommended.
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I really enjoyed reading Lucy Speak Out. It was a lot of fun to get to see all of the new adventures they went on in this collection. Some things had changed, while others stayed pretty much the same. There were a lot of laughs and a few serious moments too. Whether you are an old time fan or a new one there is something for all ages to enjoy in this collection.
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Lucy..... from Peanuts; I knew I was going to enjoy reading this one.  I was able to savor each of the comics.... even the ones I had read before.
They just don’t write comics them like they use to!  I remember looking forward to getting my hands on the Sunday funnies.  Right there on top was Peanuts!  You could count on a giggle!!
Lucy:Speaks Out didn’t disappoint!! Such a joy!!!
Fun fun read!!!
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Lucy has been one of my favourite Peanuts characters for over thirty years (Geez, I’m old!). I loved her so much as a kid that I completed a cross stitch design of her sitting behind her infamous “Psychiatric Help” sign when I was about ten and I still have it.

While it was inevitable that I’d already know some of these comics I was pleasantly surprised so many were new to me. This collection of comics felt so decadent because, unlike the comics I had as a kid, it’s in colour!

Lucy writes a book about Beethoven, Sally writes a story for school about Santa Claus and his rain gear, Snoopy barks up the wrong tree, Woodstock dances up a storm, Charlie Brown goes to the emergency room and Eudora made me crave marshmallow sundaes and pizza.

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the opportunity to smile my way through these comics. I’m already looking forward to the next Peanuts collection.
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Peanuts is a comic that truly stands the test of time. 

Whether you're just discovering it, or revisiting it with nostalgia decades after you first read it, these comics are hilarious, silly, poignant and just down right fun. We have all the classic situations here, from Lucy kicking Schroeder's piano, Patty and Marcie's dysfunctional relationship, Charlie Brown being hit with far too many fly balls. 

And of course, Lucy moving the football before Charlie Brown can kick it. Except this time, she actually holds it still and lets him go. To dire consequence. 

Reminder for the next time someone says Lucy was a brat. She had her reasons!
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If you are a fan of the Peanuts cartoon you will enjoy this book. The only issues I had with this is that I was curious to know why the title was focused on Lucy, but there are plenty of cartoons without her. Also, more reason for the collection, an organizational aspect if you will, would have helped. Otherwise, at times the cartoons seemed random. Still enjoyed them, but kept wondering about it. Would highly recommend.
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