Firebrandt's Legacy

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 28 Feb 2019

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Misogynistic, violent, and not well written

I love space opera and I don't mind big strong heroes and their lovely partners in crime. Bring it on.

Here however we have nothing of the sort, just lots of people getting summarily shot in the stomach with the women simpering helplessly nearby. I don't have time for this nonsense.
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Review: Where to start. Overall story line was fairly entertaining. A space pirate ship questing the shipping lanes for viable plunder. This approach embraces constant movement while entertaining elements of the weird. There is this hard authorial push to make Firebrandt this moral relic while capturing the swashbuckling ideal. He is at once ruthless and willing to kill if met with resistance while caring deeply for his crew.

Did I buy it? Yeah, I liked Firebrandt’s dichotomous personality and the author does a good job at keeping the movement constant and interesting. The scenes are variegated enough to capture attention along with the insertion of strange aliens. “So why you give 2 stars!!?”.

Suki fukin Mori. Try this on. “I was found naked and strapped to a chair but the captwins swaved me and now once the crew trusts me, I mutiny but the captwins forgives me cause I am so hot and shjt. I can build an alien jump drive in less than three hours cause I am so smart….and hot. Now I love Firedick but tease him cause sex (due to venereal disease) is taboo but we finally do it and now I run around like a mother hen with my hands on my hips, admonishing him. That’s love right?”

Well, besides the cringe worthy cover art, you can thank Suki for tanking this novel. Personally I would have shoved her out an air lock.
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I read this futuristic space opera book which on the face of it was a delightful pirate adventure and the description captured me. It has lots of little details and clever nods to the reader so it lives up to that claim. Especially if you enjoy 3rd person historical fiction, this might be a great book for you to read on an evening after a long day at work. However, the style was frankly pretty impersonal compared to 1st person and frankly ruined the overall potential of the work in terms of worldbuilding because it never really pulled the reader in. Which was kind of a shame because I liked the author's imagination. This may or may not be a big deal for you.
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