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The first book in a new series is always fun as you get the main story as well as the building of the setting, secondary characters abd the overall feeling of the series. The suspense was from and centre in this book and Ms. Hunt had me trying to decide which of two characters was the serial killer. Add in the best friends sister, love interest and things were heating up nicely. On my toes the entire read.

Knox has returned home for the first time since he was discharged two years ago. To say his brothers are pissed at him for staying away so long is an understatement. His fear of not being enough have kept him away for too long. He has held a special place for his best friends little sister, but seeing her now really knocking him out kilter. Will he be able to stay away this time.

Zoey has heart issues and has found herself in and out of the hospital over the years. After the last scare she has decided it is time to live her life. Taking a new position and getting herself out in the field collecting evidence is exciting. Her over protective big brother isn't to happy. Is she too close to the case?

Will they find the killer? Will Knox be convinced to stay?

I am excited for the next brother to get their story. 

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This book is the start of a brand new series and what a great way to kick it off!  There is a little of everything going on in this book.  There's family drama, suspense, action, and of course romance.  While it may appear like the typical best friend's little sister trope the story it's wrapped up in makes it so much more.  We get to know all the amazing characters that make in Steel Ops and I for one am looking forward to all the great stories to come.  Anyone who loves a great romantic suspense doesn't want to miss Knox and Zoey's story.  I definitely recommend it.
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Okay, the new Steele Ops series is off to a great start! I read this book fairly quickly, and although I could guess parts of the plot, I still couldn't put it down. I loved Zoey! She's been coddled her whole life, and for good reason, but she's ready to live her life outside the safe zone. Her standing up for herself just made me smile. She's just a great female lead! Then there is Knox Steele. Yum. He's a little damaged, a little alpha, and whole lot of sexy. Don't get me wrong, he has these moments where he is a total idiot, but don't we all when it comes to the people we care about? The way these two come together is so enjoyable! Plus, the suspense of whether or not Zoey might be the target of the serial killer they're all trying to catch makes this a book that keeps you captive the whole way through. 
Thank you to Forever for the ARC in exchange for an honest review!
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I love a book full of Alpha men and strong women. I especially love military Alphas. I'm especially pleased when a book provides me with these men, lots of suspense and a sweet romance. Deadly Obsession delivered on all counts. 

Knox, sigh, he's the real deal who almost blows it. He knows better than to look twice at his best friend's sister but Zoe is just too appealing to stay away. He's so perfect for her. She's strong but physically damaged. Very realistically, the people in her life tend to try to protect her and don't recognize her inner fortitude. She's so loved and her friends and family just want to be helpful. Knox doesn't want to put her in a safe tower somewhere. He doesn't want to fight her battle for her. He wants to fight with her. 

Zoe's had a rough go of life. Put up for adoption young, she was lucky to find a wonderful woman who took a very sick Zoe and her brother in and gave them a great, loving home. Even so, life still throws her plenty of unpleasantness with her ongoing health issues. Her brother Cade and his friends would likely have been highly overprotective of her if she'd always been healthy but they're far more so because of her weak heart.

Zoe's stronger than she's ever been and she knows all too well how finicky life can be so she's more than ready to take chances. Learning to defend herself in a fight, working in the field at horrific crime scenes and acting on the long term crush she's had on Knox.

The story has tons of suspense on top of the back and forth of a new relationship between star-crossed lovers. Hunt has added a serial killer to the mix. So in addition to great characters and a budding romance, the reader has plenty of additional stress and mystery to keep hooked from the first page to the last.

Reviewed by Jem
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I have to give some serious props to this author. She put you in the head of a serial killer, and it MAJORLY creeped me out! I was drawn into that perspective more than I expected to be. 
Thankfully, this intensity was broken up by the amazing chemistry between Zoey and Knox. This relationship came across realistic and genuine. I never felt like these couldn't be real people. Yes, Knox tried to be alpha male with her, but she soundly put him in his place. At the same time, he truly saw her strength and respected her. He stood up for her when people wouldn't hear what she had to say. She is strong, and at the same time had a beautiful vulnerability. Though she falls under the trope of "sick girl" you see her stand up for herself in more ways than one, and prove that she isnt a sick little girl anymore. 
Consent was clear with these two, and made to look sexy. There is a particular element of this that made me very happy that the author made that clear to the readers. 
Though the plot of this novel made it feel like a novel, these characters and what they were going through felt very real to me. I will be reading more from this author.
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I could not put this book down!  Twists, turns, drama, emotion and a sweet love story all wrapped up in one great story. 

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.
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Deadly Obsession is the start of a new series from Author April Hunt. In this book, Knox Steele has just come home to take care of a little unfinished business before turning tail and heading back out. Despite Steel Ops being his brainchild, he has no intention of being a part of it. He had just come home to help his brothers get the security agency up and running, never expecting that he would stumble across a murder scene or that this unfortunate incident would bring him into the same vicinity as the one woman he truly wanted to avoid.

Knox had grown up knowing Zoey as his best friend’s little sister but somewhere along the way he had developed an attraction to her and there was no way that he could act on that, her brother would probably literally kill him. Now that he was back in town, he had to make sure that his attraction was tamped down because he was not staying and a woman like Zoey deserved more than his hot mess of a person. Despite knowing what he should do, Knox was unable to stay away from Zoey, especially when it became clear that she was in danger.

When her new role as a CSI agent put her in the middle of an investigation with a serial killer that kept eluding the authorities, Zoey saw it as her opportunity to make a giant leap forward into what she wanted to do. Since her latest heart scare she was no longer the same woman. She was going to be bolder, take more risks, and live her life to the fullest. What she did not expect was the scorching heat and attraction she would experience with Knox, a man who had never looked at her like he was now. With the body count climbing higher and the nights being even hotter, both Zoey and Knox were going to have to be on alert if they were to stay ahead of the killer who was drawing ever closer to Zoey.

What ignited between Zoey and Knox in Deadly Obsession was truly scorching! They were both well-developed characters who had history and that propelled them in their choices, for good or for bad. There were also several swoony moments in this story that had me ‘awwwing’ over Knox. The mystery element was suspenseful and I was drawn in from the start and there were some real creep out moments that had me shuddering. Though, I did feel that the mystery behind everything was drawn out far too long. I would have preferred a little less romance and a little more on the suspense front. Overall, Deadly Obsession was a nice series starter filled with all the right moments to make it a hot, hot, hot romance and with such memorable characters that I will definitely be continuing in this series.

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Knox Steele has stayed away from DC for two years but now he's back -- temporarily -- to help his brothers set up their covert Steele Ops business. Getting to see Zoey Wright again is just a bonus but no matter how attractive he finds her, he knows he can't get involved with his best friend's sister. But when the serial killer stalking DC targets Zoey, Knox will do anything to keep her safe.

I really enjoyed Deadly Obsession and this was a great start to a brand new series. There's a lot of set up for later books as we meet the loud and rambunctious Steele brothers as well as Zoey's cop brother. The serial killer story line waned a bit in the middle but picked back up toward the end. I just wish that we would have gotten more of Zoey working the case as a forensic investigator because it was a key part of her finding her independence and it pretty much gets dropped in the second half.

Zoey was a really fun character and I loved her fire! A lifetime of heart disease has kept Zoey from really living a normal life and her health complications has turned her brother into an overprotective bear along with the Steele brothers who are like family to Zoey. She's finally pushing for her independence but it's an uphill battle with these guys and I liked that Zoey is never afraid to speak her mind and push back. Thankfully, Knox enjoys her spirit and while he wants to protect her, he doesn't want to control her life.

A prime protector, Knox has always looked out for Zoey but his feelings are anything but brotherly. But Knox has no plans to stay in DC and he doesn't want to break Zoey's heart, let alone his own. To make matters more complicated, Knox's absence has created tension between him and his brothers and they are not giving him any slack. I'll be honest and say I didn't quite get why Knox was staying away for so long and I would have liked a little more to that part of Knox's past. Otherwise, Knox was a great hero and rides the line of alpha and sweet perfectly. 

Knox and Zoey have such a rich history filled with good memories and as adults they have great chemistry. Overall, this was a really great read and I'm excited for more, especially Liam's story.
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This is Hunt’s first book from Steele Ops Series and my first book from this author. I’m happy to say this was a pretty great read that included some of my favorites topics in novels. It’s a suspense romance with crime scene investigation, a serial killer on the loose, delicious military alpha men, sassy and strong heroines and a friends to lovers combo. 

We get introduced to the whole gang of Steele and Wright family. Deadly Obsession book focus on Zoey Wright and Knox Steele. 

Zoey Wright is the new CSI trying to bring down the latest serial killer in town. Knox Steele, sexy ex Ranger and big brother in the Steele gang decided to come back home to DC after two years away. He was escaping his trouble past but most of all he was escaping his feelings towards his childhood friend and best friend sister, Zoey. 

Besides action and intrigue, this books brings a lot of romance and family dynamics. Looking forward to the next additions to the Steele Ops series.
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I am a huge romantic suspense lover, and Deadly Obsession is the first book I have read from April Hunt . . . and this book was everything I was hoping for. Action-packed, and a hot sultry love story that burned the pages. Deadly Obsessions is your average brother's best friend trope with a deadly serial killer on the lose. With the start of this brilliant series we get to see the true value of family and friendship. Brothers in arms Knox started a security/ special ops agency that protects the innocent. 

Knox is tall, dark, and handsome to the core. 
But don't let his good looks fool you, he is not looking for a relationship. 
That is until lines are blurred with spitfire Zoey Wright. She has been pinning for him for years, but Knox just wasn't interested until they have to work together to find this elusive serial killer. 

This book left me on the edge of my seat from the very start. 
So much action, betrayal, and a bloody killer that knows everyones deepest darkest secrets. 
No one is safe, not until justice is served.
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In Deadly Obsession, April Hunt weaves an intricate romantic suspense story between Zoey Wright and her brother’s best friend Knox Steele.  April weaves high tension and passion into an addicting story ultimately surrounding the struggles of living with a congenital heart defect.  The well-laid humor in the story balanced out the gritty, albeit a bit predictable plot.  This is a great start to a new series and I cannot wait for the next one.
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I went into this weekend wanting to read a romantic suspense, and was deeply satisfied with what I got in April Hunt's Deadly Obsession. Ms. Hunt is a new-to-me author and this book—the start of a new series—seemed like the ideal time to jump in. 

And it was. 

Though this book has all the hallmarks of a first in series—time spent introducing and establishing each characters—it's also an edge-of-your-seat read, even if there are elements that are touch predictable. Why? Because the writing is engaging, the characters interesting (Zoey, the heroine has CHD and it certainly lends more weight to the story), and the ending suspenseful regardless of whether or you correctly guessed vital mysteries/occurences/identities that make up the plot. 

I will definitely be back for more of this series, since I have a few unanswered questions, which I hope and expect to see resolved as the alpha men of Steele Ops each fall, one by one. (I can't wait to see that, BTW. Especially Roman.) 

A great place to dive into a new-to-you author and/or a rewarding start to a new series.
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Deadly Obsession was an enjoyable story and I certainly found the prologue intriguing and it left me excited to dive into the rest of the book. However, it did take me a while to get into mainly because it took a few chapters to really get going and establish all of the characters and their relationships. But there was suspense and the identity of the killer kept me guessing. Not to mention the various characters were all extremely likable and the romance between Zoey and Knox,  especially with the family and health related conflicts was enjoyable. Although it did over shadow the hunt for the serial killer. Which I found a bit of a shame. Yet, as starts to series go this was a good one and I'm certainly intrigued enough by these characters,  particularly Cade and Grace to want to read more about them. So I will definitely be checking out the next book in the series and I would happily recommend Deadly Obsession to others.
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This is the first book I have read by this author, but she is definitely going on my must read list. This book has enough suspense, action and romance to keep you hooked from the first page to the last. I did not want to put it down. I like how Zoey has faced serious health challenges in her life but refuses to let that stop her from living to the fullest. She and Knox are awesome together.
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This is the first book that I have read by this author but, it definitely won't be the last. It was a fast-paced, suspenseful read with loveable characters. From the beginning until the end I could not put this book down. I can't wait to read the next book in this series.
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Knox had just returned to find the love of his life bent over a crime scene - the latest Cupid Killer victim.  Knox had come back to help his brothers set up their new bar / secret ops business after being away from them for two years.  Little did they know that ha had been there a year earlier - to check on Zoey after her latest heart surgery.  Cade and Zoey were adopted / raised after being abandoned by their parents years before.  The two siblings lived across the street from four ruff and tough  brothers and their female cousin.  The bound between them was tight - no one was going to hurt one of them without the others - beating the shit out of the perpetrator.  What no one knew was that the Cupid Killer was too close to all of them - always in the background.  I guessed the killer's identity in the early part of the story - I just needed confirmation of the culprit.  

Knox and Zoey have agreed to give into their attraction - but are both afraid of being hurt - or ruining the close bond between their families.  Dr. Samuel is forever in the background ready to come to the rescue of Zoey --  hint this is important in the story.  Dr Samuel was responsible to saving Zoey a year ago.  Dr Samuel's own father operated on Zoey's heart for years before he took over the care of Zoey.  After her six month checkup - the killings started taking place with all the victims resembling Zoey.  

Knox, his three brother, Cade, and Grace have always looked out for Zoey - due to her congenital heart condition - the boys all carrying her around - Grace being her confidant and best friend.  Zoey feels that none of them want to give her the freedom to make her own mind up / lead her own life.  She fights them on every level.  When Zoey disappears all of them come together to rescue her from the killer.
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Amazing read!!! I loved it. This is a great start of a new series. A story of ex-military hot brothers and one of them falls in love in his best friend baby sister. Who is not so little and innocent anymore. Zoey has serious heart condition since she was a little girl and after the last operation, she is decided to really start living her life with big names. That is why she is on the team for finding a serial killer. Her brother and his best friend are not so thrilled with it especially when strange things start to happen. I loved this action-packed love story. It is really great written, intense and with such great characters. I loved both of them Zoey and Knox are easy to fall in love. The story develops beautifully, we see the struggle from Zoey and Knox although both different natures. The story is funny, intense, action-packed and full of family love. Loved it! I hope that the next one will be also amazing.
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Zoey Wright has a CHD, Congenital Heart Defect which has required a number of operations and hospitalizations. The most recent operation resulted in Zoey feeling really well. She has decided to stop sitting on the sidelines and to get out and "DO." Zoey liked her job in the crime lab in Washington DC but becoming a CSI, Crime Scene Investigator is the beginning of her new "take charge" life. The first crime scene she works is at the location of a body drop by the Beltway Cupid Killer. This coincides with the return of Knox Steele, former Army Ranger and one of the Steele brothers. Zoey and her DC police brother, Cade grew up with the Steele brothers. The brothers are all heartthrob sexy guys but Knox has always been Zoey's secret crush. She is still attracted to him. Now that he is back in town will Zoey be able to catch his eye and see if a relationship is possible? Will she be able to contribute to the capture of the Beltway Cupid Killer? 

Deadly Obsession by April Hunt is the first book in her new Steele Ops series. This story was full of heart racing action and suspense. All the characters are very likeable and I look forward to what April Hunt has planned for the rest of the Steele Ops agents.
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This is the start of a new series, and hit the mark on a lot of the things that I look for. The romance is there, the suspense is there, and it's now going to be a long wait for the next one!
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If you are looking for a sweet little romance, this one is not for you, but if you are looking for a story that captures your attention from the first page, look no further.
Zoey Wright has spent most of her life in hospitals due to a serious heart condition. Now that she is healthy and back in control, she is thriving, and taking chances. Her new job as a CSI agent is one she is very good at. 
Knox Steele, a former Army Ranger, is back in DC for a short time. He’s been away from his family for over 2 years. They feel he abandoned them, he feels he is not good for them.
Detective Cade Wright, is Zoey’s brother and Knox’s best friend. When they meet up at a crime scene, Knox comes face to face with Zoey , the girl he’s always watched from afar and one he will never have.
As the friendship develops into more, so does the danger of a serial killer.
It’s a story with a complex plot filled with a whodunit, bad guys, hunky good guys , strong and romance.
But it’s more than that. It’s a story about family and friendship.
Can’t wait to see what else the author has in store for us in this series.
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