Secret Service

Pub Date:   |   Archive Date: 07 Jun 2019

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An excellent story about espionage & the ongoing battle between the Britain & Russia. 
Kate is a spy working for the British Secret Service who receives information  that a Russian agent has infiltrated the British government. 
The story is so well written & would easily transfer either to TV or film.
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Very much a book of 2019 - Russian interference in UK politics; who can one trust.  'Secret Service' will keep readers guessing through many twists and turns until the final chapter.

A realistic, well-written novel - would recommend to anyone.
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Fantastic, I loved this a very believable story great characters some great clues as well as red herrings with twists that will make this a book to remember and topical (no Brexit so don't worry). It starts in London and travels around ending down memories lane for Kate and well that would be telling and you need to read it for yourself.
Kate holds the Russian desk in the secret services with a strong team and bosses desperate for climbing ladders. When Kates team gets the tip of of tip offs that the PM is about step down because of health issues and a Russian man is sorted to step up. And the story begins booking me from the start and why would i want to put it down and sure you will see what i mean. 
I do highly recommend this book and no I'm not related to the author but i do love his book as i said earlier.
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My thanks to NetGalley and publisher Random House UK for the ARC.
This is a cracking thriller - no less worthy of a TV series like The Bodyguard and Homeland; excellent writing and characterisation for the main protagonists, Kate and Stuart Henderson, and really good dialogue.
A contemporary feel to the storyline which encompasses the use of social-media, misinformation and election-rigging by foreign powers.
Kate Henderson, an MI6 Russian Desk officer, is married to Stuart and have 2 children Fiona and Gus.  Stuart works in the Department for Education as an aide to the Minister, Imogen Conrad and, with her husband, the two couples are socially friends.
Kate receives unsolicited information from an old friend, Sergei, whom she had met in Russia many years before, that three high-ranking Russians were to meet aboard a super-yacht Empress in Istanbul.  With a small team she mounts an operation to eavesdrop on the meeting, having used an illegal immigrant, Lena, to secure the job as Nanny to the owner's grandson on board.
The information the tapes contain point to the imminent resignation of the UK Prime Minister followed by one of the subsequent election candidates being a Russian spy, facilitated in their leadership quest by 'Viper' - who must be a mole working within either UK Government, or the security services.
The investigation into the two main leadership candidates begins:  James Ryan the Home Secretary, and Imogen Conrad, but both become compromised in their challenge - Imogen through social media and James through press speculation.  Which one could be the spy?
The hunt for the mole takes us from Istanbul to Athens, to the Greek islands and Helsinki, with sojourns in London for Kate, her boss Ian Granger, and Sir Alan Brabazon - 'C', to investigate just who the traitor could be.  Eventually there are only four possibilities, and Kate is one of them.  But Kate has her own suspicions and is determined to meet them head-on and does just that.
A really good story.  I'd like to read more of Kate's adventures.
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