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I was really excited for this book because it is a romance and a mystery book. I enjoyed the concept of the book (lawyer from big city filling in for a lawyer in a small town) but just could not fall in love with the book. I really wanted to enjoy it but I thought it was just okay. I felt that the story could have had "more" to it and it could have explored more depth. But as it stands, it's a bit too simple for me and I found myself getting bored at times. It's just missing something... I'm not exactly sure what it is I felt it was missing but it needed more "oomph" I guess? 

The book was still a cute, simple love story with a fun concept. 

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an e-ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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This was a cute, fun book which was very easy to get into. It really did paint a lovely picture of small-town American life, and the characters throughout were really engaging. The love affair was hot and I sped through the pages. A nice, easy, summer read
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This was a nice, cute story about a lawyer, Emma Ryan, who is sent in a little town near her city to fill a place temporarily. Here she meets Luke, a police officer, and she can't help but feel very attracted by him.
It was entertaining to see the two of them bump into each other throughout the book and it was cute to see them getting closer to each other and inevitably dating.
The two main characters are well described and developed. However, I can't help but being a little bit confused about Luke's character. We read he is a playboy, but other than him flirting with Emma we don't see anything else. Also, sometimes he seems cute and nice, other times confused and not able to make his own decisions. Just like when he ends things with her twice over something that he didn't bother even discussing with her.
Other than this, it was a cute, light read and I liked it. The author attempted a little mistery to solve, but it wasn't the focus and also it wasn't even really that interesting. I also have to say that it was predictable, it was really obvious who was the one behind the threaths. 
Undoubtedly I will read other books by this author, probably the rest of the series, I really liked her style and the story.

*Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for the advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review
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I wasn’t too crazy about the main characters in this and I think that’s an important part when reading a book - finding a connection with characters. The lead male came across kind of annoying at times and to be honest so did the main female, who as a lawyer should have been a little less insecure and a little more tough. Emma is covering for Penny Shaw, as a public defender, who’s on maternity leave and often crosses paths with Luke, a police officer. They are on opposite sides. Overall the book missed the mark for me and the chemistry between characters was flat and uninteresting at times.
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I really liked the plot for this book and I loved the male main character. The female main character was pretty good as well. I felt the plot could have been better executed as there were quite a few scenes/actions that I didn't find believable. When a character is portrayed as being smart and having common sense it is frustrating when they seem clueless. Overall this was a decent romance and it had some suspense as well. It took me only a few hours to read and I would say it was worth it!
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I was intrigued when I read the blurb but I didn't feel that the book lived up to it. I didn't like Luke and thought that Emma should have been a little tougher especially being a lawyer and all..Yeah getting off the train.
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Emma Ryan grew up in a small ‘one-traffic-light’ town. She moved to Baltimore to escape her parents’ expectations and made a successful life of a public defender. When Emma gets sent to Chestertown as a temporary substitute to Penny Shaw, who is on maternity leave, it is like finding herself back home but with a much improved social life and possibly more. Luke is an attractive police officer whose life ambition is to become the town sheriff. There is an instant attraction between Emma and Luke but the election campaign and politics may throw a spanner in the romantic works. After all, what Emma does for living is defending criminals. Should Luke overlook this potential conflict of interest and treat her as a professional? He also appears to be oblivious of the temporary nature of Emma’s residence in Chestertown. Emma starts getting threatening messages and the mystery part of the story begins to unfold.
What I liked the most about the book was the small town atmosphere, which seems authentic, despite an unusually high crime rate. I also liked Emma’s new friends. I was less convinced by the main couple. I did not find Luke particularly likeable. Emma is supposed to be sassy and sarcastic but actually comes across quiet and shy. I would have loved more banter, more interaction between them esp. in the first two-thirds of the book. The resolution of the mystery is not credible either.
I did enjoy reading the book and will be looking forward to the next title in the series.
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I did not like this book at all. The transitions between chapters is so sloppy and the writing feels like it needs major revision. The characters are not very likable and the mystery is so boring. I began to skim read this book because it was just so boring. I am so disappointed because based on the premise, it should be a favorite but it did not meet expectations at all!
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I received a copy of Ms. Lawyer by Lea Coll from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Overall, this novel missed the mark for me. I thought the writing was alright and the plot should have been interesting given the summary, but the plot wasn't evenly paced and it was boring/predictable. Also, the main characters' chemistry fell short. 

I'd give Ms. Lawyer 2.75 stars.
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Thank you Netgalley for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
I have to be honest I wasn't crazy about this romance. The heroine was a bit too insecure and Luke came on too strong. Neither were very memorable characters and all they did was complain about her cliental. The author writes very shallow characters and an uninspiring plot.
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For the next three months, the new public defender Emma moves into the small town of Chestertown where she comes across Luke, the police officer who challenges her at every turn. Their relationship heats up but what will they do when someone threatens to tear them apart?

Lea Coll's “Ms. Lawyer” falls into the mediocre category. I liked the over premise of the story which I was drawn to when reading the blurb but ultimately it fell flat. Emma and Luke lacked depth, there was no excitement leading up to the built-up of the conclusion of the novel and I frankly was done and over this half way through. Nothing particularly stood out and overall writing left much to desire. Basically “Ms. Lawyer” shall remained unmemorable by my standards. I appreciate the ARC and the time the author took to write this but to say the least, this just wasn't for me.
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The story of Emma and Luke
She is new in town, only there for 3 months while she covers maternity cover as a public defender. Luke is a police officer running for sheriff, so often they are on opposing sides.  Will they let this get in their way?

Hoping this is a series, as I would like to read more!
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This is Luke and Emma book, like is a police officer and is running for the local sheriff, Emma is a public defender and she's definitely used to bending the truth for her sketchy clients! Her and luke have some major heat between them but her job doesn't really look to good for Luke running for sheriff! I definitely enjoyed reading this book but I hate single pov!! To me you only get half the story?! But like I said it was still worth reading and a great little story! I just wanted to know more what Luke was thinking! Thank you Netgalley and the publishers for sharing this book with me!
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