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The End Note

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The planet is overwrought, overcrowded, and overcooked. Now the world looks to one, final summit of the world’s most powerful people to save humanity. Then this guy gets invited…

Professor Magnus Adams has failed at literature, at love, and, it seems, at life. After inexplicably receiving an invitation to a gathering of the world’s most influential one-percenters, he finds himself harassed by anonymous text messages from someone who seems to know his most shameful secrets. Against the backdrop of a Trumpian world sliding into irrevocable catastrophe, Magnus grapples with technocrats and terrorists, cosmic horror and crushing hangovers as he tries to discover the identity of his tormentor. But little does Magnus know that there’s much more at stake than his precarious sanity.

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The End Note for me started rather slow, but towards the very end it picked up momentum. Overall the story is interesting and the characters are well-crafted.
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Although this story starts slowly it finishes strongly. I thought the story was very interesting and totally probable .
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A tech science fiction blend, this novel was slow moving for me, and didn't keep my interest well. The main character was a little flat for me as well. A couple instances in the novel the tension and plot seemed to be going to a climatic point, but then it fell flat again. I liked the Trumpian world setting which made it "real" to me, like this could really happen holy cow! I wanted to be more interested in Magnus, and the book as a whole, but it was a struggle. I am grateful for the advanced reading copy and I would consider another try by this novelist.
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The prose is so gorgeous and the story being told so strangely fascinating that the book flew by. Rimas is an author worth watching and his protagonist is deeply flawed and consistently hilarious.
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This is really a straight novel with some tech/sci-fi thrown in, which is fine. Unfortunately, there wasn't anything to connect with in the main character. Tension was meant to be built, but didn't really solidify. I think the author has talent but the premise and execution was just average and not terribly memorable. I try to be generous with my reviews, but this one just didn't work for me. However, I really appreciate the opportunity to review it via an advanced copy!
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