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Chloe is a princess who is going to be a graduate student at Harvard. She wants to be a normal girl, going incognito, without her bodyguards. However, just by the title of the book, we know that's not going to happen. We learn pretty early who the bodyguard is. But a murder was committed in her residence. And the killer could be anyone. 
It really suprised me that Chloe didn't know earlier that Jason was her bodyguard. It was pretty obvious that he was protecting her. She realized when they met that he behaved differently around her. He acted sometimes like a father (which was super weird...) Also, their romance was a little rushed and passionless, in my opinion. They fell in love in the blink of an eye. 
A student residence (more like an apartment building) with graduate students that live off coffee. Most of the students seem to be 30+ years old, because they had serious jobs before applying to Harvard (for example, a nurse). Everyone seems to be studying the same Master's Degree (they live in the same building and attend the same classes).
Althought Chloe wants to hide her royal status and pretend to be a regular girl, she invents a game called "What's Your Background?", so they get to know each other better, tell where are they from and what they did before Harvard... It doesn't look like a game suitable for someone that's faking her social status, country of origin or last name.
Everyone could be the killer... At some point, everybody is a suspect. But Jason and Chloe, who like to play detectives, are the most naïve investigators ever. When someone tells Chloe to keep an eye on Jason, she tells him right away (she doesn't know if he's the killer because they have met a week ago). When she and Jason suspect of someone, she tells her roomie Alya. When they discover that Ian was sleeping with Emily (the victim), the Police doesn't arrest him. Nor when they discover that Peter was Emily's boyfriend (why didn't the Police make a criminal record check of every resident? Why didn't the students call a lawyer when they were interrogated? Why weren't Emily's roomies considered as witnesses?) And when Jason planned the bus trip was the biggest nonsense. He gets paid to protect Chloe, but he thinks it's a good idea to put everyone in a bus. Everyone. Even the people he knows for sure that is spying on someone else. Even the people he has proof that could be the killer. He puts her several times in actual danger, just because he loves her. 
Taking for granted that the killer was a boy was a big mistake. And, althought the killer's identity didn't susprise me (I suspected it from the beginning), the murder's outcome is quite simple. 
The mystery part was predictable and needed more depth in the crime solving, Detectives investigating, et cetera. 
The romance part, as I mentioned beforehand, seemed rushed and too quick. 
The New Adult/College Students/Living Together part was good. I liked the friendships and it wasn't difficult to remember the characters's name (and the background of some of them).
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What an exciting, fun read! It was equal parts sexy and cool. The narrative hummed along and kept me turning pages.
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I loved this book. The romance is well written and the characters seem real. It was quite the page turner that I literally could not put down.
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A Bodyguard For The Princess is a mystery romcom style story. The premise is charming and fun. It's a light easy read, and it's entertaining. The characters are likeable and the story moves quickly. Just a cute overall read. Thanks to NetGalley for an arc in exchange for an honest review.
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Sexy, fast, fun and so dang entertaining for me. I read this book twice and I enjoyed it just as much as the first time I read it.
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The attractive cover for the eBook caught my attention first of all.   Then the author's name and then the book blurb drew me in.  So since I had wanted to read this book for a while when the opportunity came I grabbed it.

This was a quick, fun, light story.  Well, it was until more people started getting injured or the fear of their wondering who was "next" kicked in.  And the first body happened early in the book.  As usual I had my own "suspect" lined up.  But no, the twists at the end showed me how wrong I was.  Still I did enjoy the journey. 

The people in the college dorms all had their own stories, which filled out the book.   I wouldn't say that the 
innocent people in the book had really deep stories but we do see what happens in their lives two years later.  The Epilogue connected a lot of dots about that. 

A somewhat predictable H.E.A. for Chloe and Jason. But I think the revelation of the who and why of the killer makes up for it.  Didn't see that one coming.

 “I voluntarily read and reviewed a copy of this book through Netgalley.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.”
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Chloe is studying for her master’s degree at Harvard, going incognito. Her brother hires an undercover cop, staying at the co-ed dorm, taking same classes.For her without bodyguards, she meets and befriends some. Till she gets a letter in the mailbox showing who she really was. Monday morning scream wakes her up. Was it a suicide, knowing no more jogging at night. Still wasn’t sure the guy she seen last night wasn’t a stalker,  though he is in her class today. Good setting at Harvard, the characters trying to find themselves, as was Chloe. Can be read alone, and a good one by author to read. Given ARC by Net Galley for my voluntary review and my honest opinion
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This book has a "Chasing Liberty" premise, which was a movie I loved, but Chloe leaves a lot to be desired as a well-rounded character. She wants independence and is very careful about what she tells people and what situations she put herself in but in reality, she puts herself in a lot of bad situations, with bad people! I wanted to like Jason, but it seems unbelievable that she would enlist his charge in trying to solve a murder instead of just protecting her or telling the people who hired him.
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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion. This was a great suspense book and Jason and Chloe are two pretty fierce detectives trying to figure out who was behind the murder and and tragedies.

The only thing that bothered me was she was too close to Ian for my liking when she truly had feelings for Jason.
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