Riding Hard

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(I didn't read the first book in the series and, while I'm curious how Mark was portrayed there, I didn't really feel like I missed anything.)

Damaged by an early relationship, Mark's held himself back for a lot of years, considering himself to be unlovable.  And definitely too dark for someone as sweet as Katelyn.  As we begin to understand why Mark is the way he is, we fall a little more for the stand-offish cowboy who is so dedicated to his family but secretly dislikes himself just as much.  It'll take a special woman to get through to him and make him realize that he's worthy of love ... and he's just met his match.     

 I loved how everyone considered Mark to be cold and reserved but Katelyn was able to see below the surface to the real him.  She shows a lot of perseverance and grit pushing for what she wants, especially when what she wanted was Mark.  It's a very adult thing to not turn tail and run at every bump in the road, even when that bump is as big as this particular cowboy, and Landish does a great job of giving us a heroine (and a hero) that we can get behind.  

Riding Hard has just a little extra heat, a whole lot of understanding, and a hero who finally finds his perfect match.  I'm looking forward to seeing what she has in store for the next Bennett brother :)
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I really enjoyed this book. I loved the struggle that Mark felt and how he didn't "just get over it" like some authors have their heroes do. I'm glad he struggled throughout the book, even after coming clean with Katelyn. 

The only thing holding me back from giving this 5 stars is because I didn't feel like we knew enough about Katelyn. We met Mark's entire family and even knew about his brothers, but we didn't hear much about her family. 

** ARC received from Netgalley **
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The Bennett Boys are HOT! This is the second book in the series and can be read as a standalone. This is Mark and Katelyn's story. Mark is the oldest Bennett and feels the weight of carrying his father's legacy on by running the family ranch. He has responsibilities and is very serious. He doesn't show emotion. Katelyn is new to town. She's starting her life over. Ready for the rainbow that is life, not her beige past.
The writing is great and will suck you into the story. Told in both Mark and Katelyn's POV.
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Loved this book! Please see my review on Amazon below!

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This story was a surprise favorite, I loved how the characters in the story evolved. Poor Mark, he was so rigid when we first met him in the story so afraid of rejection, to watch Katelyn accept him and show him acceptance was beautiful.
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Riding Hard is book 2 in the Bennett Boys Ranch series by  Lauren Landish. This book is Mark and Katelyn’s story and I was hooked from the first page. This author never disappoints with her writing and she defiantly takes you on a hard ride with this one. I loved this book and can’t wait for the next one.
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Riding Hard by Lauren Landish is book 2 in the Bennett Boys Ranch Series. This is Mark Bennett and Katelyn Johnson's story. 
Mark is the eldest brother and is the most responsible. He doesn't date and just takes care of the ranch. Suddenly that all changes when his brother's wedding planner Katelyn comes to town. Suddenly the sparks are flying between them and the chemistry is pretty intense and amazing. Can these two make a connection or will that spark flash out? 
Sweet romance read that has great characters, good plot and great humor.

My Rating: 4.6 stars ******
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This was such an interesting book where you get to see the alpha male go through a major transformation.  Still keeping his alpha male card intact but realizes that with the help, love, and strength of a good woman he can come out of his own darkness.  The darkness where he had self-appointed himself a freak and a monster.
     So, Mark was known in town as the asshole loner who only nodded, stared, and growled or grunted at peopled.  But never leaving the ranch except for ranch business and stopping into Hanks a bar for a beer and a meal before heading home that was it.  Maybe going to see his little brother the world champ in bull riding too.  Giving him no people skills.  Yet, he was always polite.  Would date every blue moon but they always wanted more than he could give like communication always.
     Then comes Katelyn the new events planner at the resort where his little brother James is getting married.  When he rushes into the office hitting her with door and nearly knocks her on her behind.  Luckily, he catches her and the connection between them has many sparks.  Katelyn notices Mark yanked her chain which was not funny at first but when chatting she realizes he has a warped dry sense of humor and more stoic it is funny.  So, she used her people skills to get a better read.  When she catches another little quip of his.
     As the story goes you find out that Mark was severely scarred by his ex and first real girlfriend mentally and sexually.  Making him feel his type of sexual urges were ugly and wrong.  Therefore, he is not loveable, and he and Katelyn shouldn’t be together no matter what.  Even with how much they care for one another.
     I loved the interaction between the brothers.  I especially loved how three big trees for men and alpha at that would shake in their boots if Mama Lou was not happy.  Her word was law.  Very enduring and funny.
     Most of all, I loved the relationship between Katelyn and Mark to see the walls between them fall away.  Yes, there was some vanilla BDSM, but their interaction was only with one another and it was with each others consent and done with total trust and consent.  Not for everyone but it worked for them.  They were just a sweet couple.

     I give this: 5 stars.  Provided by netgalley.com.  Follow us at www.1rad-readerreviews.com.
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An unusual take on the typical rancher/cowboy story. The author interlaces elements of depression, self-recrimination, and the long, slow ride to a healthy version of a loving relationship. They each had to be willing to let go of their past habits in order to grab onto a much more satisfying life - a new one they created entirely on their own.
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Gotta love cowboys

Lauren certainly hit the mark again with Mark and Katelyn's love story.  Falling in love with each of the Bennett brothers, can't wait for the next. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.
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3 Different Strokes Are OK Stars
* * * Spoiler Free
As a loyal fan of Sly & the Family Stone, the phrase "different strokes for different folks" from the song Everyday People, was running through my mind while reading Lauren Landish's Riding Hard. Haven't read a lot of Landish but could tell she likes to get down and dirty with her characters.

The premise was a new woman in this small town is now working at the big resort as a wedding planner. Katelyn has left her ex-boyfriend who she had been with Forever...High school, college, and new adulting. At one time, it was a given they were going to get married...but as years went by and beige sex happened and then sort of became more roommates than lovers...When she had this opportunity to move and take this fantastic position, the non-interest of her boyfriend's in her chance for success and accepting her leaving with no fight...She left with a clear understanding of a fresh start possible.

All Mark Bennett ever wanted to do was be like his father and run the ranch. His father took him out as a young boy and continued to mentor him as he grew into a teen, man and even after now that he has passed. Mark's family is tight knit with a mother who ran the home and kept her boys in line. Now, men, they are all back working the ranch in expanding each of their expertise. One breeds highly prized horses, the other trains them. It has been a long time coming because Mark has felt all the pressure on him to keep the ranch solvent for a long time.

These two meet due to the wedding of his Rodeo Star brother. Katelyn has been put in charge of this huge wedding and she is nervous but excited to get started in her position. The family tradition dictates the Bennett family pay for the reception so Mark was asked to deliver the check to cover it as the soon to be groom was out of town. As Mark pushes open the door to the office, Katelyn was about to walk out. This causes both in the wrong place at the same time. Katelyn is about to fall on her ass when strong big hands grab and hold her, saving the day.

This is the first meet, sparkles sizzle and instead of paying the reception in full as scheduled, Mark leaves a deposit when means he will be forced to meet with Katelyn two more times. Now why he decided to do this, Mark has no idea. He knows he is not a man who would be right for a perfect, sweet woman like Katelyn. What runs through Mark's mind...the forbidden ways he wants her is something he refuses to even admit to thinking...He already experienced the rejection and humiliation from someone he let his guard down with.

Oh, Lust and Interest...These two are so drawn to each other it isn't even funny...Nope, not funny at all because there are many many mixed messages happening throughout this story. Mark is more than capable of showing Katelyn how Non-Beige Sex can be. She is open to all of it without any reservations??? and is wooed with all the dirty talk this cowboy whispers in her ear. The other thing which Katelyn is able to do is See Through Mark...His one word comments or grunts are much more than they seem...and she gets every grunt means.

So as these stories run, both of them fall hard and need to figure out how to accept the love they have for each other. There were lots of Sexy Times and Kink for those who are looking for this type of fun.

A gifted copy was provided by Montlake Romance via NetGalley for an honest review.

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Mark Bennet keeps his feelings close to his chest and he has given up hope of ever finding the one woman who will see through all his walls to the man hiding deep inside. Katelyn Johnson is planning the wedding of Mark’s brother, a rodeo celebrity. She is tired of living her old boring life and wants to fill it with colour instead. Mark finds ways to see more of Katelyn, but tries very hard to keep her at arms length, because he doesn’t believe that he deserves love as much as the rest of us. 

This is a story of discovery for both of them. Mark is finding out exactly how much he can show Katelyn and she is discovering just how far she is willing to go to get under his skin. This is also a story of sexual discovery between Mark and Katelyn.

I enjoyed the writing style and that the chapters were written from either Mark’s or Katelyn’s perspective. The author put a lot of effort into sharing these characters’ thoughts with us. We (the readers) know exactly what they are thinking and feeling, and it can get quite intense at times. Mark’s actions were very frustrating at times, and at some points I kept wondering why Katelyn is even trying anymore. How much is too much effort to convince someone that the relationship is worth it?

This was an interesting read with lots of focus on emotions.

I received an advanced copy of the book from Netgalley to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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Kinky cowboy. 

I enjoyed RIDING HARD, the characters were likable and although the plot was without angst or drama it held my interest for most of it.

Katelyn is starting a new job as a wedding planner, a fresh start, new job, new town and hopefully new life. Katelyn has no hidden pasts or something she is running from, she's simply a woman who wants to make her own choices and be in-control of her own life after being in a bland relationship for years. 

Katelyn first meets Mark when he visits the resort to pay for his brothers wedding and both of them are instantly attracted to each other. 

Mark has the whole hot cowboy, silent grunting alpha male thing going on, whereas Katelyn tends to jabber on when she's nervous. 

A friends to lovers romance develops but Mark is afraid to commit and thinks his needs make him not worthy of someone sweet like Kaitelyn and he thinks once she discovers his darker side he will be rejected, so there's a lot of push and pull, Kaitelyn being the one doing all the pulling and chasing. I prefer it being the other way round, a bossy alpha going after what he wants but in this instance, Kaitelyn doing the chasing fit with the plot. 

Basically, Mark likes kink and doesn't really understand his needs, a past relationship experience left him feeling like a freak for wanting more than vanilla and he has avoided relationships since. Fate obviously brought him Katelyn and the two are a perfect match and work through it together as their new relationship blossoms and it's so hot! 

RIDING HARD is a story of finding "THE ONE" a story of fate, new beginnings and true love. 

An enjoyable read. Told in first person dual pov and leads to a sudden but heartwarming hea
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Another outstanding book about the Bennett brothers and their lives. I love following a series and getting to see the old characters in each subsequent book. No disappoint in this one either. Mark has secrets and a great need for a little Katelyn in his life. Just as she has needs she doesn't even know about. Way to go!!!!
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Ms Landish never fails to please.  Mark has things that happened in the past to make think he's better off alone.  Katelyn was looking for color in her life. Making life changing decisions put her on track.  The second book in this series is spot on and so hot. I couldn't put it down.  Journey with Mark and Katelyn on their ride to happiness.  I volunteered to read and review an advance reader copy.
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I received this book as an ARC on the condition that I post a review (good or bad).  I’ve read several, if not all of the books written by Lauren Landish, and this one was a little different from her usual writings.  This particular book dealt with a harsher form of sex, but it pleased and met the desire of the main characters.  Katelyn left her “beige” life to find work that satisfied her spirit, and there she meets Mark, a local single cowboy.  While Katelyn helps plan the wedding for Mark’s brother, their relationship begins to heat up.  She works hard to breakdown the walls that Mark has built around his heart and finally she succeeds.  Through several misunderstandings they finally accept each other and end their story in a beautiful, loving HEA.  I love reading books by Ms Landish and will continue to read any and all books that she releases.
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I loved the first book in this series and this follow up did not disappoint. Landish creates a great world for us to disappear in and get lost. I thought there was a great balance of hard and soft, adventurous and cautious between the H/h. They are beautifully paired and I can’t get enough. I can’t wait for more. I’d definitely recommend. I requested and received an advance copy of this book. This is my voluntary, true, and honest opinion.

I tried to do bookbub as well but it's not listed yet.
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These two were such an amazing romance. Mark was the extra broody, never thought he could love man but Katelyn drew him out and saw the real him. Their blow up towards the end was EMOTIONAL and such a good part of their love story. I couldn't get enough!
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Loved this book! Could not put it down. A highly recommended book! A great way to spend the afternoon reading this fabulous book! I can not wait for more books by this author. I am voluntarily leaving my review after reading an advance copy of the book from the author.
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I read an Advanced copy for an Honest review.
I love those Bennett Boys!!!!
Mark is the Eldest. He runs the ranch, keeps everything repressed inside himself and has a strong need for control, even in the bedroom. This has kept him from dating because in the small town he is from, he's afraid everyone will think he's a monster.
Katelyn is the new events coordinator at the resort. She left eveything behind (including a boring, "beige" relationship) in Boise to start a new life that she hope she can "fill with color"
When Mark and Katelyn meet, things do not start out promesing. Mark thinks she's a "city Barbie" and not his type at all. However, when they touch the sparks are instant.
This story is interesting, because things do not go smoothly. They have their nights of passion, and then sudden retreats from Mark, due to his fears.
Katelyn is a modern girl and she decides to fight for their relationship. She also realizes that the things Marks desires, she finds turns her on too.
The passion in the book is hot and sexy and there is a HEA.
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