The Stillwater Girls

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This was a really good story and had a huge twist at the end but parts did seem a bit over the top. I really enjoyed the mystery of reading the 2 separate story’s and not knowing how they would connect. They did come together really well and blended seamlessly. It was still a really intriguing and intense book!
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Minka Kent does a lovely creating a mystery with equal parts character development and suspense. This book jarred me in the end, and I'm so glad I took the chance to read it. It didn't take long to get into and fall in love with the characters. Get ready, dig in, you won't see it coming either.
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Let me start by saying that I would not consider The Stillwater Girls to be a thriller. The pacing is a bit on the slow side and while it did have thriller potential during the chapters about the girls, the parallel chapters from Nicolette's point of view barely held my interest. The storylines do come together eventually, but up to that point, I was sorely tempted to skim Nicolette's chapters. There are a few hints about where those chapters might be heading, but you have to be prepared to head into dark territory. That said, Wren's chapters did keep me reading, and once the man shows up, the story started to lean in the direction of a thriller for me. Then, it fell apart again with the big twist. In fact, I can pinpoint the exact sentence where it all went wrong and I started rolling my eyes - it's roughly 61% into chapter 40. There was no turning back from that point because the whole idea was so completely over the top. I'm trying to be deliberately vague here so I don't give spoilers, so let me just say that the idea of how things happened is far-fetched, but not completely beyond the realm of possibility. However, the idea that so many people knew without saying a word, including casual people about town, is where this one completely lost me. I find it impossible to believe that this town, small or not, did not have a single gossip who would've been all too happy to share that kind of information. I realize that this is fiction, and some leeway can be given, but this one pushed way past that for me.
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I found The Stillwater Girls to be an enjoyable read. I felt the ending was not what I was expecting and left me with a lot of questions. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for this ARC.
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Two sisters are left in their cabin in the woods after their mother flees with their youngest sister to get medical help for her after she falls ill, months later she hasn't returned and their supplies are dwindling. Meanwhile a woman finds out her husband is keeping secrets from her and keeps digging to find out what he's been hiding from her. 

The Stillwater Girls has an excellent premise and the format is easily devoured.  The story is told from the POV of Wren, the oldest sister in the cabin and Nicolette, the woman who suspects her husband of being unfaithful.  

As this novel spins more and more secrets get uncovered and I found my disbelief less and less suspended.  It's a good and quick read but almost a tinge too far-fetched for me.  

Overall it captured my attention but it fell a smidge flat for me at the end.  

Recommended for those that want a quick mystery read without too much gore.  

Thank you to NetGalley and Thomas & Mercer for the eARC copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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I went into this book really intrigued – the synopsis was enough to arouse my curiosity and the narrative gripping enough to keep me hooked in until the very end. The whole trope of the unreliable protagonist is an interesting one and I personally love it. After reading books like The Woman in the Window, Gone Girl, The Girl on the Train, etc.,  I was looking for more such domestic thrillers and this book’s synopsis promised to deliver. 
The plot was well stitched together. At one point, I thought I knew how it was going to end, but boy was I wrong! The entire narrative had a jigsaw-like feel and in the beginning, I had no idea how the author would possibly intertwine the two storylines into one. The themes were universal and as such, I believe that many readers will b able to relate to them; some are relationships, dealing with authoritarian figures, infidelity, keeping secrets, identity crisis, etc. Of course, there are my interpretations.  
The character of Nicolette also underwent growth – she is absolutely different at the end, from the way she was at the beginning of the book. The anagnorisis in relation to her character is enormous and lends the narrative great depth and feeling. Brant is also an interesting character and although not the protagonist himself, his role is just as important.
Wren and Sag also undergo growth and this is very important as we see them dealing with various issues that most teenagers may perhaps relate to, (I am talking about the happenings towards the end; needless to say, I wish no one has to go through what they did). 
The writing style is flawless – it flows and gives a very lucid effect on the narrative. Apart from the twist and the jaw-dropping end, the characters too were amazing and had such great depth!
I absolutely enjoyed the book and I hope to read something similar from the author soon! I really enjoyed the book and I rate it 4/5 stars!
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I really enjoyed the book and read it really quickly. I felt hooked quite early on but it did get quite predictable. Great book for an easy read but don’t expect too much from the plot.
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I did enjoy this book but the last 20% fell short for me. It was a good a book but fell a little short just as it was getting good.
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Great twists and turns that kept my attention and wanting to keep reading to find the solution to the mystery. The story is written by two narrator's.  It captured  my attention and I found it to be an easy read. However, the ending left me disappointed .
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What a fantastic book. I read this in two sittings, it would have been one but I was travelling and forced to put it down for a few hours. 

I loved this story and the characters were also very relatable. I have enjoyed a few of Minka Kent's books but this one is my new favourite. 

The book captured my interest immediately and kept very good pace throughout. 

I highly recommend this book

Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for an advance copy of this title in exchange for an unbiased review.
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I did enjoy the story, but ultimately found it to be predictable and very unbelievable. The two story lines meshing in the way they did and the fact that they were so close in proximity made the story hard to swallow. 
It was a quick read and good if you suspend all disbelief before reading.
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Sometimes the right book comes along just when you need it. I didn’t even know I needed this mystery/family drama, but I enjoyed it so much. Wren was the heroine we all want to be — strong and resilient. Be a part of her journey, and it was quite the journey, brought out so many emotions in me. Nicolette and Brant were a little more difficult to connect with, but I still got there by the end. I found this a quick read, perhaps a bit predictable, and really loved it.
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What a breath of fresh air!  THE STILWATER GIRLS by Minka Kent .. Is remarkable..  giving us a smart, capable,  and relatable heroine.. Minka Kent's writing is fresh, impeccably mysterious,  is impossible to put down.
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Wren has always lived a primitive lifestyle in the Woods with her Mama and two younger sisters; Sage and Evie. They live off the land and rely on The Supply Man for other necessities. Mama warned the girls to never, ever venture into the Stillwater Woods. 

But Mama is gone now. She took Evie – the youngest girl – to seek medical attention and has not returned for months. With winter approaching and their supplies dwindling, Wren must decide how to save herself and Sage. And when a strange man shows up at their cabin looking for Mama, Wren knows she must act fact. They must go into the Woods. 

While I enjoyed the writing style and characters in this novel, the plot is what deemed this book a 2.5 rating. I found the conclusion to be very predictable, and a little too out there for me. The reactions by the characters to major life changes didn’t feel believable or appropriate, also. And while the story wraps up all neat and tidy, it felt a little flat. 

I am interested in reading other novels by this author. I would recommend this novel as a quick and easy read, however the ending is only meh.
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Bestselling author Minka Kent returns with a story based around an unconventional off-the-grid family living in the beautiful seclusion of a hunting cabin in what can only be described as a clandestine compound where they appear to be living under some extent of brainwashing. I couldn't help but get hints of cult influence throughout which led to a chilling and oppressive claustrophobia and a sense of total unpredictability in terms of the way the plot may have been heading. With books such as these, you can safely say that bedtime has never been so redundant. Many thanks to Thomas & Mercer for an ARC.
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Thank you to the publishers snd Netgalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for a honest review.

I am a huge fan of Minka Kent. Her books are always exciting and keeps one guessing. This book was no exception. I was intrigued from the first page and practically devoured this book. 

I highly recommend this book.
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Jumping into The Stillwater Girls, I wasn't sure what to expect, but this ended up being such a fun read!  The premise was definitely interesting, and this book kept me guessing the entire time.  While the ending seemed just a tad unrealistic, the twists caught me off guard (in a good way) and weren't at all what I had guessed!  The Stillwater Girls kept me engaged until the very end.

Wren & Sage are living in a secluded cabin in the forest, and their mother and sister have gone to town to seek a doctor.  After some time goes by without the return of their family, resources become more and more scarce and one day a stranger arrives at their cabin.  The sisters decide to leave, but what they find outside of their isolation is beyond what they've ever imagined.

Thank you so much to Thomas & Mercer and NetGalley for the advanced copy in exchange for the review!!
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You know when you pick up a book thinking that it's gonna be good but then you are highly disappointed that the book just isn't up to your standards, that this book for myself. I can't give a review for a book that I wasn't able to finish.

Thank You for the chance to read this book!
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This blurb is weird, it’s accurate and all but it leaves out something pretty big and I really don’t understand why?! So many times I feel like blurbs actually spoil things and I’ve even cut parts of them out for my reviews, but this time I’m just scratching my head wondering why. What they left out that I think is important for you to know is that besides the story of the sisters there is another main character that you hear from in alternating chapters. Nothing is ruined by knowing this, in fact it actually piqued my interest even more once I started so I figured telling you guys would only be beneficial.

Wren narrates things from her and her sister Sage’s POV and there is also Nicolette, a totally unrelated woman and I had zero idea as to how things would ever tie together. Their lives couldn’t be more different, Nicolette lives an affluent lifestyle and the girls are living off grid and barely surviving so trying to figure out how their stories would merge was damn near impossible. Between my intrigue with the plot and the insanely fast paced writing I was totally invested in this one.

As much as my overall feeling about this book is one of enjoyment I do have to point out that the big twist and subsequent merging of the two groups of characters was pretty out there and unrealistic. Did I even care? No, not really I was just having so much fun with the whole thing I had a moment where I sorta rolled my eyes and then I just moved right on. But I wanted to be honest, I know many of you are bothered by that kind of stuff, so if you have issues suspending disbelief just be aware. If you don’t, give this one a chance, it had an original premise and was a fast paced, addictive read!
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I liked the two interweaving stories and being able to figure out how they were connected.  the two thirds of the book was well written, the last half felt rushed and not nearly as interesting, wrapped up too neatly but still worth reading overall
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