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Omniverse: Book I of the Omniverse Chronicles

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It took a great amount to read the first few pages of the book. I do not generally leave in between. But I could not just continue reading the book. The summary was quite interesting but it did not convert to a good storyline.
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Couldn't connect with the character or the story. Didn't finish the book. The blurb made the book sound more amazing that it was. Unfortunately, it just didn't reel me in that way.
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I lasted til chapter 5, trying to get into the story. Trying to find something to like about the MC or the story. But i didn't.  The MC was drinking, complaining, having The Dreams wich made him seemingly unsure if it was real or not, and that his wife left him because of them. I could'nt find sympathy for the MC at all, I just disliked him too much.Just nope.
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This story is set in the US in the 1970's. The hero of the book, Jack Thornton, is an ex-Marines officer who fought in the Vietnam war. Now he's a lawyer, he drinks and smokes an awful lot, and by all accounts he's quite angry and quite lonely. He is troubled by terrible and strange dreams, which lead him to discover that he is special, and that he will once again have to fight for what he believes to be right.

This was a bit of a weird one for me. I was expecting it to be a straight sci-fi story, but actually it's a mixture of sci-fi, crime and action. There's a lot of reference to guns and weapons, fighting and soldiering, so for anyone interested in that kind of book that will be a bonus. I wouldn't usually read war or action books but actually it didn't make me enjoy the book any less. It was an unusual mix of genre, also having a historical twist and some reference to politics as well.

There were a few negatives - firstly, it was pretty long. There were parts when I started losing interest a little bit. There were also parts where I felt like it was definitely a book written for men not women, especially when describing the female characters and how attractive they are! I could have done without some of the misogynism in the book, despite it being appropriate for the the time it was based in, there could have been less of that because it wasn't really important to the story at all.

To start off with I didn't really like the book at all, but by the end I was invested and I was enjoying it. The action scenes were pretty good, and the story was mostly solid even though some of it was a bit out there. I just tried to embrace the ideas and the stark contrast between the futuristic sci-fi and historical war themes, and yes I think the author pulled it off. I would definitely read the next book in the series.
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I was enticed by the description of Omniverse: Book I of the Omniverse Chronicles, but I found the end result to be very different. Normally I would write a quick spoiler free synopsis of the book, but there's nothing that I can write that isn't contained in the blurb about the book.

In terms of what I enjoyed, there were some plot points that I found very interesting. The mythology spanned multiple religions and mythologies, which I appreciated. I did enjoy the concept of the Big Bang creating multiple universes that run parallel to our own and don't always contain "good" entities, leading to a war between good and evil that takes place on Earth. This was an incredible idea that the author could have done a great deal with.

Delving into this book, I started realizing that there were some points that weren't working for me. First, though I enjoyed the mythology that spanned multiple beliefs, the rules were often unclear on how these interacted and what each of them was aimed to do. This decision also impacted some of the supporting characters who were tied to these mythologies and often made them fall a bit flat.

Several plot points fell flat. This included the nosey upstairs neighbor plot that didn't really seem to make sense to me. Others that weren't explained included the identity of The Watcher and why there was a need for Jack to go on so many dates within the book. At times, I felt the scenes in Jack's apartment, work, and personal life were an attempt to show how normal he was before his life changed. However, this caused these parts of the book to be very slow and tedious. The novel also seemed to want to span many genres, which I have seen pulled off successfully, but didn't really add up here. At times, it felt like it wanted to be a mystery-thriller rather than a military-sci-fi novel, offering a disorganized feel to the overall work.

William Grace is clearly very learned. He writes in multiple languages (French, German, Russian, Latin, and a few others I'm sure I missed); however, many of the instances were these languages are used are not translated, which sometimes led to frustration because I felt I was missing key details. Having read the likes of Gloria Anzaldua, I will say that not everything needs to be translated for full comprehension, but having multiple paragraphs over several pages can make for a difficult reading experience, especially when so many languages are involved. This also ties into the phonetically spelled accents, which were tough to grapple with. Roughly there were seven individuals who were written in this manner.

As for the slow burn, it was over halfway through the novel before the reader finally received a bit of the backstory and explanation. It was more than three-quarters of the way through before the protagonist learned his role in the story. I love science fiction and I can appreciate a slow burn, but this seemed a bit long for key details to be revealed.

Overall, I will say that I may not be the key audience for this book, and while the overall concept was interesting, I will be skipping the next installment.
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Sadly I couldn't get far in the book. My main issue is that I couldn't connect with it. The other was the expectations. I expected something different, more of science fiction/urban vibes, and the book took a different turn. Finally, NetGalley has to fix the stracture of the ebooks, because it makes it even more difficult to read.
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First, it is absolutely not a science fiction book, second, it's more a metaphysical essay with a mix of a lot of different mythology, all the old "good" ones again the "evil" ones. the author seems ready to exonerate an IRA hitman because he refuses to go with the supporting of the Nazi; so the line is drawn, killing for Irish nationalism is OK, but supporting nazi Germany is not, well, go to say that to the victims of the Belfast's bombing.. Killing is evil whatever the cause. The writing of the dialogues are quite difficult to read with a lot of slang, and the author looks like he plays to transcribe all the language distortions from Irish, British, and low grade american; It could be fun in a movie but in a book a few hints of it would be enough. Anyway here the main storyline: the good guy, former marine from Vietnam War is the unwilling pawn of the "Good", The evil one is a former WaffenSS, death camps executioner and torturer exfiltrated in the USA. they fight and at the end the good guy drives the evil one away, but without killing him because he's needed for the sequel (a so despicable one can't be wasted...). I really didn't enjoy this book, didn't like the storyline. it's a pity because obviously, the author spends a lot of effort in the writing, but really, no thank you.
2 stars for the redactional effort.
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This book falls into the Fantasy category, not sci-fi, though this first(?) book is really more of a "cops and robbers" story.
The author has mashed up just about every legend and belief system available with an added bit of Kafka thrown in (and maybe some things I did not recognise).
Our hero, Jack Thornton, is a Vietnam veteran who has studied law after being demobbed and is now working as a junior lawyer in a legal practice. His regular pub is an Irish pub into which he initially walked by accident. He starts having nightmares and when he mentions these, the pub landlord sends him to an Irish herbalist. Once he gets round to drink the medicine she gives him, he gets rid of the nightmares and the side effect is that the group, to which the landlord belongs, knows he is part of them. This group knows of the infinite number of universes and the limited contact between them and the nasty things that live in some of them.
The second strand is the psychotic boss of our hero Jack and the former SS soldier who lives below him and gets upset about Jack's screaming when he has nightmares. They have a fight which Jack, who is also a Karate black belt, wins, earning him the eternal hatred of the SS guy. His boss also loathes him and when they have a fight and he loses, he, too, wants to kill him. When a nasty thing from another universe gets involved, things turn really unpleasant.
The book ends with our hero winning the day, but without killing his adversaries. So things will continue in the sequel.
The one thing that bothered me was spells to try and stop the things from the other universe coming in. Really?
Other reviewers mentioned that they could not cope with Jack Thornton sometimes being called Jack and sometimes being referred to as Thornton. Maybe they should stick to picture books, It is not really that difficult.
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Unfortunately, I was unable to really get into this book because formatting issues of the galley rendered the paragraphs difficult to read. Sentences were broken up in odd places which did not help the story flow the way the author intended. I appreciate the good versus evil tale, but was unable to get into the story or connect with the characters.
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This was a superior piece of hokum. A rattling good yarn full of ups and downs and uncomplicated fun. I enjoyed the characters, and they certainly were characters and the fast pace of the story kept me turning the pages to the end. A splendid way to relax, switch off and enjoy the show.
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I did not get far in this book.  I had difficulty with connecting.  The cover and description were enticing but I found the writing overly ponderous.  I couldn't get to the point there was too much stuff to wade through.
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First thing first-I'm not sure I would actually categorize this as scifi..... even though it's scifi? I've had to read a few reviews on here to wrap my head around what I had read; I agree with other reviews stating that this is a soft space opera. I think I would enjoy this more on a second read, knowing what to actually expect out of it. That being said, I'll be keeping an eye out for what the author writes in the future, as I quite enjoyed the writing style.
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I’ve really tried to read this book but no matter how hard I try I just can’t grasp it at all, whether that’s down to the author or just merely not being for myself I just cannot carryon reading this book.
The front cover and blurb really captured my attention because of their beauty but even on the first page I was just purely confused and felt so forced reading the few chapters that I did.
This may sound strange but it felt like too many words were used to describe everything, I just couldn’t understand or imagine how everything was. 

I’m giving it two stars because you can tell the author has put in a lot of effort and they deserve that credit and recognition, maybe this book wasn’t for me.
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The title was intriguing. 
The cover photo - inviting. 
The story was something that was very hard to get into and finish. Good vs evil. This time the book run flat for me and I barely finished it.
It was a disappointment.
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I loved this author's writing but I couldn't fully immerse myself in the story because I just wasn't...interested. Two stars because the author put some hard work into it and deserves recognition.
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This book sounded interesting from the blurb and the cover is beautiful...but the good ends there. 

I almost decided to put this book down after reading the prologue. The author uses a lot of extra words that I felt were unnecessary to convey the message. It's almost like the author just wanted a higher word count. 

The story doesn't get much better after that. There were many times that I felt I should just stop. It was confusing when the author would refer to the main character by his first name and then immediately refer to him by his surname. 

The story had potential with the main character having dreams about parallel universes with strange creatures and the fighting of good vs. evil for the omniverse. Unfortunately the author took an idea that could have been an incredible adventure to read and just poorly executed on the writing.
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After reading the prologue I nearly gave up on this book. As the author used lots of big and flowery words in sentences that just didn’t make any sense to me.

One I started to read the chapters it started to make much more sense, but one big bugbear is that the author keeps calling the main character by his first name and in the next sentence he’s using his surname it gets a bit confusing and distracting and it doesn’t make fluid reading to me. He also does that with the other characters in the book too.

I really didn’t enjoy this book at all, and nearly gave up on it daily.  It seemed so long winded to get to the point and the true action at the end of the book which is the only part of the book I enjoyed.

I like the concept of the book, about a man who starts to have vivid dreams about parallel universes, with strange creatures and fighting good over the evil that is trying to take over not just our world but the omniverse. Along with interesting characters that help him as he thinks he’s going crazy.  It had so much potential.  Also the cover of the book made be expect so much more.

Sadly I can only give 1 star, as the way it was written was a big let down.  It took me 10 days to read it, which is a long time for me especially for the amount of pages
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Omnivers is a very enjoyable book.   The book had a fresh take on magic and the universe.   Grace did a great job developing plot.  It's a book you do not put down once you start.  I look forward to the next in series.
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Another story of Good vs Evil. This one was pretty well executed. I like the complexity of the main character, and liked the author's writing style. Lots of secondary characters add to the variety and interest in the story. Kudos to the creative plot and good dialog. Recommended.

I really appreciate the ARC for review!
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The blurb for this book sound really good. The cover is beautiful. Then I read the epilogue and I was confused from the start. It sounded like a chess game! I tried to read this book, I really did, I read 8 chapters after the epilogue and the confusion didn't clear up. I really had no clear picture of what was happening or where the story was heading. I felt continuing to read the book would be a waste of my time. Disappointed
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