Her Closest Friend

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This book was a thrill ride and not what I was expecting at all!!! I loved the troubled character of Sophie and I look forward to more from this author!

Thank you to NetGalley for my ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Really enjoyed this, it was different and twisty and gripping. I particularly enjoyed the two POVs, and that devastating ending!
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A book about friendships , with so many twists , turns, chills,  I couldnt stop reading this, I cant wait to read more. Ending was another thing your mind will explode.
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This book is both hard to put down, and hard to do it justice in a review! It is simply addictive stuff.

The pace of the book is perfect, it builds the tension so slowly. Secrets from the past are gradually revealed, and you can tell that it’s building up to dramatic ending.

The descriptive passages are very real, it’s so easy to picture the scene, and makes it feel more like you’re living this, rather than reading it.

As the plot builds up to the end, I could feel the adrenaline building, and nothing was going to stop me finishing it.

The pace then dramatically speeds up, and the shocking ending grabs the reader.

A stunning, gripping and absorbing read. The perfect psychological thriller.
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WOWWW this one was fantastic! From the first page I was hooked in to read more. I am obsessed with the way that Clare Boyd writes and the characters were fantastic. Such a good thriller and suspense novel and I want everyone to read this one!
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Her closest friend was a fast read that kept me on my toes. Each page was beyond awesome and interesting.

I love this author and the way she writes. She knows how to grip you from the first page to the last.

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I'm afraid I couldn't connect with this book at all! It just felt like the ramblings of two women! The book did come alive but not until the very end! That ending was something else!! But im afraid i skipped through several pages, something I never do!!
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I loved this book despite not liking either of the women with the toxic friendship, but there were  lots of twists,,,,and that ending........what a shocker !
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“She was my unsuitable friend. My Achilles heel. She was the drink you reach for when you know you’ve already had too much.”

Naomi and Sophie are friends from way back, though their relationship is... complicated. Sophie’s definitely got issues, but to be honest, Naomi, the apparently more functional one, isn’t exactly free of them either. And both are rather too inclined to turn to alcohol under pressure, so much so that wine is practically a third main character in the story. 

Naturally there’s a Bad Thing in the past, though only Sophie really knows what happened... and firmly believes Naomi owes her for her silence. When secrets begin to emerge, lives will unravel. In a wine-soaked kind of a way.

Her Closest Friend is definitely a good read, which escalated towards the end in a way I wasn’t expecting. There’s also a traumatic scene which I won’t say anything about other than: small dog owners - beware. (I had to go and find mine to give her a hug.)

Well written, often unpredictable, and insightful, especially as regards the characters of the two women and Sophie in particular.
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First of all: LOOK AT THIS COVER! I love the colours and contrast!

I often say I love exploring toxic relationships in books. Couples, best friends, twins, you name it, I read it. But few have felt as wrong (in the best way!) as Her Closest Friend. Because there is something terribly wrong between Natalie and Sophie. So wrong that it got me addicted. I’ve never used drugs or smoked cigarettes, but I think reading this novel gave me a similar experience. I wanted to stop reading, my head was shaking from one side to the other – a silence ‘no’ that would last until the very last page, but the urge to keep going, to dig deeper, to see how deep the hole I’d jumped in was, it was all so strong that I literally could not put an end to it. I know it was wrong (that word again) but a kind of voyeurism and the need to find out where the author would swept me off my feet and into the darkness. It takes a brilliant writing style to have this effect on me.

Something else might have put me off the book had Clare Boyd not written so well. Animal mistreatment/cruelty is part of the novel. Oversensitive as I am, I really can’t stand any form of violence against animals. After finishing the novel, I realised this was part of the plot. Was it necessary? Well, everything in one of the main characters, Sophie, is extreme, so yes, I think I can understand the author’s choice to go this way. Still, I had to take breaks from reading because it triggered my anxiety and even had me crying.  Now, not everyone will be as sensitive as I was, and you might just cringe, but I feel the need to let you know. Grab chocolate when you read this book!

Off to the novel itself… Wow! I thought I’d read toxic, but Her Closest Friend is nuclear! Sophie and Natalie have been friends for a very long time, though they are quite different. If their lives were had been on parallel paths forever, when Sophie’s husband wants out, she automatically turns to her best friend, but not just for support. We’ve all been guilty of comparing ourselves to others, even friends or family. For Sophie, Natalie has it all: two girls, a beautiful house, a nice car, a good business, and a charming husband, while her life is crumbling in the little house she lives in with her son, right next to her grandfather’s cottage. When did life decided that Natalie should have it all? Why isn’t Natalie more thankful and understanding towards Sophie after all she’s done?

But… What has she done? There were millions of theories in my head and flashbacks, like a pinball machine, would send me on the right path with heavy shots from left to right. Women friendships are intense and the bonds created sometimes last forever… But we don’t get all the pieces of the two women’s past until the wine in the bottle turns sour. I loved to hate Sophie. She scared the hell out of me! You can’t see it from the outside because Clare Boyd knows how to create wonderfully manipulative and on-the-edge characters, but if I ever meet a Sophie, I hope I’ll run the other way!!!

Yet… Is Natalie as white as a dove? That’s the beauty of Her Closest Friend. Events unfold – small ones at first, then big holes that make you pick a side, pity another, wonder about what can drive someone you love to do something – and you realise love itself can be toxic. Because the force behind the two women is definitely love. But love grows depending on how we nurture it and there is no recipe. Extreme love stems from extreme personalities or traumas, and it never ceases to change, to evolve, to colour the world around us. So did I really hate Sophie? I can’t be so certain. Did I understand Natalie? Not all the way. Do I believe their past is the only reason this book is so crazily good? No. It takes more than one point in that wibbly wobbly thing called time to forge a life, a bond, and what we do with it. Do I make sense? Probably not. It doesn’t matter, as Her Closest Friend explores the grey area and blurs all the lines. I LOVED THIS.

It all comes down to a secret. A secret that has slowly intoxicated Natalie and Sophie’s lives. A deadly secret that sealed their fate years ago.

I would be lying if I said I didn’t enjoy watching Natalie and Sophie’s world unravel. I relished the drama, I craved the next chapter for more tears, more lies, more deceit, and yes, more love. I NEVER saw the ending coming. Yet, it felt right. Absolutely right and perfect.

Her Closest Friend is truly addictive and intensely disturbing! Think twice before making someone your BFF!!!
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I was really excited to read this story- a book about friendship and manipulation- but what I got was so dragged out and boring. 

Sophie and Naomi are besties from uni and still friends into their 40's. 

Sophie has something on Naomi and when things aren't going her way she uses it to manipulate her. 

I was really forcing myself through this story- and once the big reveal happened- what Sophie held over Naomi- I quickly lost interest. 

I couldn't finish this book
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I thoroughly enjoyed this story. It is about two friends who met at uni and were still close after marriages and children! But all is not as it seems. A life changing secret is being kept and when it is revealed the reverberations will be felt for generations! A wonderful read that keeps you holding on. 
This is the second book I have read by Clare Boyd. I will be looking for her other title, and am already looking forward to her next book!!!
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What an amazing thriller! I loved the character development and stayed up way past my bedtime to find out what was going to happen next. I highly recommend this author.
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Having read this authors other two books I was looking forward to reading this one. 
I enjoyed this book and wanted to keep reading to see what happened.  I felt for both leading characters; Naomi and Sophie and Clare Boyd portrayed them both really well.
Her Closest Friend is a story of toxic friendships, secrets and betrayals with strong characters and many twists throughout.
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Her Closet Friend is a cleverly plotted, fast-paced thriller that had me eagerly turning the pages from beginning to end. The twists and turns kept me on my toes and the ending was shocking and satisfying!
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Thank you for allowing me to review.
This story follows the lives of two friends Sophie and Nadia who met at uni. According to Sophie, Nadia has it all - the job, the husband, the house, the car and Sophie feels she is owed something in return. Sophie feels that Nadia owes her from an incident that happened at uni. Sophie wants revenge and worms her way into Naomi’s life in an effort to bring her down.
The story is pretty straightforward and you really get a feel for the characters as the book is well written. It is a good thriller and I would recommend, despite a sad ending!
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Holy cow!  What a book!  I thought it was a great, fast paced, thrilling, and absolutely DISTURBING read!  I love disturbing, so I was very captivated and enjoyed this book immensely, but if you are not into dark, disturbing books, then I recommend you find a different book.  I thought it was definitely dark, but so brutally riveting.  
Will be using in a challenge and recommending to the members of Chapter Chatter Pub!
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With thanks to Netgalley and Bookoutre for this ARC in exchange for an open and honest review.

After enjoying Clare Boyd`s previous books I could not wait to read Her Closest Friend.

Naomi and Sophie became best friends after meeting at Exeter University.   Now in their forties the woman were still close and their friendship has widened to include husband's Charlie and Adam and their children.

When Adam first met Sophie he thought she was ethereal and a bit kooky. In fact Sophie`s childhood had been traumatic after her mother left her one morning leaving her with her alcoholic grandfather never to return. Sophie changed after the death of her grandfather and became difficult to live with.  During their son Dylan`s eighth birthday Adam decided to tell Sophie he was going to leave her for another woman.

Naomi meanwhile had a perfect life married to Charlie, dog Harley and daughters Diana and Izzy.  Naomi had her own successful blog page dealing in wine tasting.  

After Adam left Sophie started to drink heavily and became bitter.   Sophie held a terrible secret from Naomi from their university days.  Alone Sophie felt jealous because the devastating secret stopped her reaching her full potential.   Now that Sophie`s life had imploded she decided that Naomi should know the terrible truth.

When Sophie revealed her devastating secret Naomi`s happy life into meltdown and she started drinking heavily.  When Naomi wanted to reveal their secret Sophie was horrified and said she would make her suffer.  Sophie started playing mind games with Naomi such as deliberately losing Harley.  When Naomi found out the truth she tried to pull away from the friendship, in turn Sophie took Diana and Izzy without her permission.   

 OMG Sophie was manipulative, truly a friend from hell.  I felt annoyed by Naomi who went from ignoring Sophie one minute to forgiving her the next.   It was interesting reading how Naomi reverted back to her old heavy drinking and smoking ways once she knew the truth.   It showed that Naomi`s carefully structured life was just a facade.

I was drawn to Her Closest Friend from the first page.  The story contained flashbacks to Sophie and Naomi`s time at university.  The plot was fast paced and I couldn't help but worry what Sophie would do next.  The conclusion of this book was completely unexpected but the epilogue was the cherry on the cake.

I recommend this dark read.
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Thanks Netgalley and the Publisher.  This is a story of 2 friends and questions what is the meaning of friend.  Well worth a read
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Seriously twisted!!!

I am reeling over Her Closest Friend by Clare Boyd! This book puts the twist in twisted! It brings to mind the phrase “with a friend like this, who needs enemies?” This devious tale of friends Sophie and Naomi who met in college at Exeter is shocking, dark, and addicting! I truly couldn’t put it down. Fans of psychological thrillers will love this book!

About the Book

When Sophie’s marriage starts to crumble in the wake of her husband Adam’s affair, her best friend Naomi is the one person who supports her no matter what. But even Naomi must admit that Sophie can be a difficult person to be friends with. As magnetic and charming as Sophie can be, she is also as devious and manipulative. Naomi can look past those moments, though, because Sophie is so broken.

But Sophie needs more from Naomi than she can ever know. Sophie has held onto a terrible secret to protect Naomi all of these years. And now just as Naomi continues to flourish, Sophie’s life crumbles. It isn’t fair, is it? Naomi and Sophie are the closest of friends. They can weather anything together. Can’t they?


Well, I honestly don’t know what to say about this book because I’m so afraid of spoiling it! From the very first twist (and trust me when I say, there are many), I was shocked and delighted by this thriller. Truly, I was getting whiplash from the amount of times a new twist was thrown into the mix! I wish I could say more about them, but this is one readers need to discover on their own!

Sophie and Naomi are just absolutely the epitome of unlikeable characters. And yet, I can’t help but kind of hope they can save eachother amidst all of their disfunction! The way Boyd tells the back and forth is masterful—the same events unfold from each perspective.

And the ending is just magnificent! I read the entire last few chapters with my jaw hanging open in shock, awe, delight, and horror! What an ending! This is a book you won’t want to miss this spring!
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