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Karen Witemeyer's second novel in her wonderful Patchwork Family series, More Than Words Can Say, releases June 4th, and you will not want to miss it!

I was privileged to work on Karen's promo team for both More Than Meets The Eye (the 1st book in the series) and More Than Words Can Say, and have greatly enjoyed the experience and the books. Though I received this book in advance and am on Karen's team, it was with the understanding that I would give an HONEST review of the book. I am in no way obligated to give a good review if I don't feel it deserves one. Thankfully for me, Karen never disappoints with her stories. She continues to produce superbly woven tales with earthy characters, interesting plots, and a beautiful message weaved throughout the story. 

In More Than Words Can Say, the reader gets a front row seat to Zacharias "Zach" Hamilton's deeper story. We first met Zach in More Than Meets The Eye, but he was on the fringes, the dark, mysterious character within the story. More Than Words Can Say brings him front and center and really helps the readers that have been following this series gain a fuller understanding of his past and what drives him. 

I found Zach such an interesting character right from the beginning when we met him in the Prologue of More Than Meets The Eye as a 13 year old boy on an orphan train, on through to the end as a full grown man who has done the best he could in raising his adoptive siblings and keeping them safe, albeit making mistakes and a few questionable decisions along the way. Those very mistakes and decisions haunt him like ghosts on through to More Than Words Can Say. The question is: Will he be able to come to terms with them and accept the forgiveness that God has already given him? 

More Than Words Can Say also introduces a set of new characters and a new town, though Evangeline, Seth (Zach's siblings), and Logan (Evie's husband and a reminder of Zach's greatest ghost)  all make a brief appearance as well. The heroine of this story is Abigail Kemp, owner of the town's bakery. Faced with losing the bakery, which is Abigail's means to provide a home and future for her sister and herself, she turns to drastic measures to hold onto her beloved business. But will she succeed? And more importantly, will she find something more important to her than her business? 

 I love the way Karen weaves her stories, creating characters that are earthy, real, and flawed. In More Than Words Can Say, we have a man who is far out of his depth with communication, particularly when it comes to how he feels, and a woman who see's herself as fat and undesirable, rather than a "fearfully and wonderfully" made young woman who deserves love and admiration. Witemeyer gives the reader the enjoyable experience of watching these two learn and grow, while banding together to help one another. And Spoil Alert!  There is a happy ending. ;) 

I'd highly recommend this book. It's well written, keeps you interested until the very end, and is a joy to read. Karen never disappoints.
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Ms. Witemeyer always writes good books. I can't wait for her next title in a series, they are always detailed in description and character. Her plots are always full of twists and turns and her character's either are eccentric or have unusual occupations. More than Words can Say is a follow up to More than meets the eye. If you read More than Meets the Eye then you found yourself wanting to know more of Zacharias Hamilton, a tough introvert, with a big heart. 

In More than Words Can Say, Zacharias meets his match in Abigail Kemp. She is a feisty, outgoing young lady who knows what she wants...and what she wants is to keep her Bakery Business going and remain the Woman Entrepreneur she longs to be. To do that she has to find a husband, quick, to be her, in name only, partner so that the town council will allow her bakery to stay in business and she can continue to run things as she has.

Zacharias finds himself agreeing to the unusual contract because he's attracted to Abigail and her sticky buns; but Zacharias is not a pushover. Still he becomes a strong supporter of Abby the longer they continue their budding relationship.

Both have deep secrets that could undermine their, in name only, marriage but this read is worth the time to find out what those secrets are and how everything turns out, no pun intended. I received this ebook through Netgalley from Bethany House. The opinions expressed are my own.
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O my! More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer basically jumped off the page and read the story itself to me. It's extremely visual with tons of great characters and plot lines that had me going and going. Let's back-track a bit. Karen Witemeyer is one of my favorite authors. That being said, I've never been disappointed with any of her stories I've read, but as with any favorites, I try not to bring my expectations too high, in case I'd get disappointed. I'm more than happy to announce that this story will not disappoint, even for those that are not a fan of historical novels.

The characters are perfectly presented, each unique in their own way, with a backstory that gives them all depth and most importantly, flawed. Yes, flawed. They're not perfect, but that's why they make perfect characters for readers to get to know and invest their time in to have our own opinions about them - either to love them, dislike them or anything in between. All the main and secondary characters rounds out a story that gives readers a glimpse into their past and their present during the course of the start to the end of the novel, but with a good book, it gives readers the imagination of a future.

The start of a story of an unconventional marriage bounds for laughter, awkwardness and some great dialogue. Yet, it's the themes of forgiveness and self-confidence that highlights More Than Words Can Say from good to great. How well it is threaded throughout the story, gave readers the expectant time to build up to full comprehension. In all, a wonderful story of entertainment with timeless messages that correlate to the modern day reader.
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This is such a sweet story. I loved the characters and storyline. I liked how strong the females are in stories. Even though some are mean, the main character was able to stay calm and not sink to their level. She also fought to stay above her issues. The main male character is simply amazing. I love how his background is not so clean and how he had to survive. I honestly didn't know this was the second book to series. It was great on it's own. Now I can't wait to read the first book. Happy reading my friends.
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Here’s a story that is a good example of a marriage-of-convenience stories!  How could I expect less, since it’s a Karen Witemeyer novel?  Once again she proves herself one of my favorite authors with this gently romantic, humorous story of a woman business owner whose town board decided to force her to marry in order to keep her business.  While I wanted to kick the corrupt mayor to the curb, of course, I was in the wrong time frame to do so, and the hero was a great option!

But naturally the independent heroine isn’t as easily convinced.  She’s skeptical of men, especially after the town gangs up on her in order to give her and her business to the smarmy town favorite who’d rather shmooze the mayor than to make himself more worthy of the woman he supposedly loves.  

There were a few things that weren’t super believable, but honestly Witemeyer is such an engaging author that I really tend to just swallow down whatever delightful plot she throws my way and beg for more.  I just wish she could write faster than one book a year!  I binged her entire backlist the first year I discovered her and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for a free reading copy.  A favorable review was not required.  Review is based off a final paperback copy.
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This wasn't my favorite offering of Witemeyer.  I like this series but I didn't fall in love with the romance in this book.  I found myself skipping some pages at the end. I didn't like the female lead very much and that kept me from really enjoying this one.
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This novel is too cute! I loved watching Zach and Abby find their way to each other. I loved that Zach loved Abby as she was and wholly devoted himself to her. I loved that Abby understood Zach's quiet nature and never pressed him to say more than he wanted. And I looooovvvvvvveeeeeeed the chemistry between Zach and Abby!

The romance is definitely a highlight, but I also enjoyed the other relationships in the book—between Abby and her sister, Zach and his co-worker, and even Abby and her antagonist.

Here's the mark of a good book: I finished reading it two weeks ago, I've read multiple books since I finished it, and I'm still thinking about it! It's probably the most enjoyable historical romance I've read this year.
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Karen has once again crafted a meaningful story of love, forgiveness, redemption and grace. When reading this story, the message of God's love being an important part of any type of relationship shines through loud and clear. 

The main characters are described in such depth and realistic detail that one immediately becomes engrossed and involved in their lives. The reader easily identifies with characters who  are just like ourselves, less than perfect. Abigail who has always struggled with her weight and is very self conscious about her looks, can not believe that any male could ever be attracted to her. Even when confronted with the  difficult situation of a female owning property, she failed to think that anyone would be attracted to her without promises of something to be gained. Zach is a true jewel! He not only consents to the marriage of convenience, but does so with grace and true love, although undisclosed. These two imperfect people represent all of us. We need to always look above for our help in our rough times. We are far too hard on ourselves.These endearing characters, alongside the somewhat quirky, whimsical secondary figures exhibit the author's wit and sense of humor. 

The plot, although starting off at a very slow pace, once established, moves along well with just enough unexpected twists and turns to keep the reader glued to the page. The underlying meaning shines clearly throughout the many problems and challenges experienced by these dear people. We all need to pay attention to this message. Forgiveness of self and others is required in order for us to experience true happiness. Whether the family is connected by blood naturally or a "patchwork" of individuals, we must all consider ourselves perfect in God's sight. Faith , trust and forgiveness are requirements to a truly happy life!! God can help each of us achieve that goal, as Karen has described with her collection of characters and events.

A fantastic book!! Worthy of five stars! Eagerly awaiting the next book from this talented author! 

This book was received from CelebrateLit. The thoughts and opinions expressed are honest and my own. A positive review was not required.
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I enjoyed this story. The second book in the Patchwork Family series. Zach Hamilton from the first book has started his life after raising his "sister and brother". He meets Abby Kemp the baker in the town where he lives, she needs a husband in order to keep her bakery. He agrees to marry her and in the process the two fall in love. It's a story of trusting God and seeing what He will do.
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First book that I have read by Karen Witemeyer and I was not disappointed. Being pulled into the characters dilemma had me endeared to them from the start.
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I just love it when a book makes me laugh-out-loud and this book delivered some laughter all right!  My favorite quote from the book was from chapter 2 which said “Choosing a husband was much like choosing a good baguette.  One looked for a strong outer shell, a tender interior, and most importantly, a tractability of dough to hold whatever shape the baker deemed appropriate.”  I found myself reading this out loud to anyone who would listen 😊  If you want to laugh and enjoy some great light-hearted fiction, this is the one!!
I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.

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I loved this story! The setting of the bakery is one that I know well, having worked in a bakery for years. I enjoyed the characters and their sweet romance.
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More than Words Can Say is a historical fiction set in the late 1800’s in Honey Grove, Texas. It is the second book in the Patchwork Family Series, however it can be read as a standalone novel. Karen Witemeyer has written a fictional story about a real town, her details would delight anyone familiar with the town or its history. I enjoyed Abigail Kemp and her determination to keep her inheritance and her family’s legacy. She also demonstrated forgiveness and understanding when many would choose another route. Zacharias “Zach” Hamilton has already sacrificed to raise a family once, but finds himself drawn to Abigail and want to not only save her legacy but save her from a loveless marriage. Zach grew the most as a character to me, he went from a character that confused me to one that I loved. I enjoyed the interaction between the characters, it was entertaining while still being believable. I am looking forward to the concluding novella in the series.

I received a copy of this book from celebrate lit, this in no way influenced my review. All opinions are my own.
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More Than Words Can Say is book two in the Patchwork Family series, and was written by Karen Witemeyer. It is not necessary to have read book one in order to enjoy this one.
Summary: Abigail Kemp loves working in the family bakery she inherited from her father. But when an obscure town law threatens to shut her business down for good, she is desperate to do whatever it takes to stop that from happening-even if it means proposing to one of the town’s bachelors.
Can Abigail save the bakery? And what of the threats against her sister, and the hostile animosity radiating from her former best friend? Can she really lean on God to help her through it all?
My Thoughts: This was an OK book for me. It has a good story line and interesting characters, but it definitely focused on romance more than I normally enjoy reading.
I would say the only real problem I had with it though, was how difficult it was to remember which time period it was written in. It seemed to be written in the present, but then would start talking about horses and carriages. It was a bit confusing, because although I do believe it was meant to be in the distant past, there were some things that just didn’t seem consistent with that time period-for example, there even being a bakery in the old west. For me, it kind of wavered in between two different time periods. Other than that though, it was an enjoyable book-especially if you like romance.
I would like to thank Bethany House for providing me with a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you!
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A cute, light hearted romance. If you’re a fan of Karen Witdmeyer you won’t be disappointed in this newest book of hers,
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MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY is another delightful read from this author and series! Readers will easily fall in love with these characters and cheer them on as they try to find their happily-ever-after.

I just plain adored these characters! Abby is one of those characters that is so easy to relate to. She's hard-working, loyal, sweet, with a heart of gold. Zach is rough around the edges and somewhat gruff, but he also has a soft heart and is fierce in protecting his own. I loved their interactions and I especially loved how Zach didn't let Abby storm off or turn away from him. He stopped and sorted things out right then. I also loved seeing their relationship develop and love grow, leading to plenty of swoon-worthy scenes. The story also has plenty of moments when I wasn't sure how things would turn out, keeping things interesting to the very end.

In the end, was it what I wished for? I thoroughly enjoyed reading this from beginning to end. It did have some more mature content as the characters tried to figure out their roles as husband and wife, so I'd recommend it to older readers, but I definitely recommend it!

Content: Some innuendo, content related to marital relations, but clean.
Source: I received a complimentary copy from the the publisher through Celebrate Lit, which did not require a positive review nor affect my review in any way.
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This is the second book in the Patchwork Family series and it can read as a stand-alone novel. That is how I read it and thought that it made good sense. I do think reading them in order might provide a bit more clarity to some of the characters, but I also don't feel like I missed too much in the book either.

It's a fun little historical romance with a strong theme of grace and forgiveness running through it. Sometimes forgiveness is easier to extend to others than to one's self. It's also easy to be blinded by our choices and think that we have only one option when that is not true. 

Abigail wants to keep her bakery and Zacharias wants to keep to himself, but a marriage of convenience turns into more, of course. But then there's sabotage and orphans and things like that that get thrown into the mix, creating a fun, but challenging story. How quick am I to extend grace and forgiveness? How quick am I to offer hope to someone who needs it if it is going to inconvenience me and cause me to sacrifice?

I received this book from Bethany House via NetGalley and was not required to write a positive review. All opinions expressed are my own.
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I truly enjoyed this book. This is a genre that I tend to really enjoy. I love a good historical romance when the author takes the time to research the time and place to bring as much realism and accuracy as possible to the story and setting. Ms. Witemeyer never disappoints. This author has been one of my favorite authors for her last several books. I find that she improves with every book she writes, and I have found her work very good from the beginning! 

Ms. Witemeyer has created a slew of very well developed characters with wonderful depth. She took the time to lay out wonderful back stories for each character. I also loved that even though this book was part of a series that does build from one book to the next, it can easily be read as a single story without the reader being fully lost. This author doesn't go into repeating the entire previous story, but does share just enough to easily understand the history needed for the current story to make total sense. With many authors, either the books have to be read in order in order to not feel totally lost, or every story feels like a replica of the previous with just some new tidbits added here and there. This is not the case in this series. 

The editing is very well done. Grammar and punctuation were clearly a priority, as this story was smooth to read from beginning to end. I also was drawn in from the very first page, and found that that story did not feel at all rushed, but also did not drag on at all. There was just enough description of surroundings to bring the reader within the pages to feel like they are within the storyline without feeling so much description that you find yourself bored. 

I look forward to reading more stories from this author in the future. I'm grateful to NetGalley for allowing me the opportunity to read and review books for them. This is a privilege I greatly value, especially when I get opportunity to read such wonderful work as this one!
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Witemeyer has created another amazing 4 star novel! This one, in her trademark fashion, will have you whootin out loud with laughter! From start to finish, the reader is taken to the heart of the historical story and made to feel a part of the fun. Definitely recommend this novel that's full of hope and love, faith and acceptance to all who want to chuckle while they read. Hats of to Witemeyer! Can't wait to read the next!
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I think I’ve just read one my favorite marriage of convenience stories ever! Witemeyer grabbed my attention right from the first chapter, with the fiery Abby trying to hold on to what is rightfully hers. I mean, plus the fact that she owns a bakery, and I love baking kind of sealed the deal 😉

Then she brings Zach into the picture. Here’s this sort of quiet, shy, strong man who you can see has a soft side (the scene where he is playing with children – yeah totally liked that). I instantly knew I wanted him and Abby together. What’s great about their love story is that it is not your typical marriage of convenience. First of all, there isn’t this huge awkwardness between Zach and Abby. In my opinion, it’s more of a shyness. However, neither one of them is afraid to ask the hard questions. I mean, Zach comes right out and asks about relations as part of the contract (gasp)! I think I almost fell on the floor when I read that. This open communication continues throughout the entire story. They just easily fell into this rhythm, and I found myself not getting enough of it.

Then there were the smooches. From the very first smooch at the wedding, I knew there were plenty of toe curling moments ahead. What chemistry Zach and Abby had! Again, this was not your normal marriage of convenience story, but I was so happy with the way Witemeyer wrote it. Even more important was that Zach and Abby both had something in their past they were ashamed of. They carried guilt around for years, as a lot of us do with things in our own lives. The power of giving that burden over to the Lord, and the freedom that can come afterwards was such a great lesson in their story.

Historical fans and romance fans alike will devour the latest in the Patchwork Series. I cannot wait to see what story comes next! I received a complimentary copy of this book. I was not required to write a favorable review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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