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As with other books in this series, my daughter read and really enjoyed the characters and plot. She found it very relatable for her age and loved reading it.
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Sydney’s story is the fifth book in the series, which means it is the second to last book in this series! Like the others, this is an anthology of 4 Camp Club Girls books that are being republished in 2019 (the others of which are linked above). This was a really fun read: while it was less realistic than the other books, it was really exciting and each story was different from the others, both in this anthology and in the previous books, which I enjoyed a lot! This book covers the adventures of Sydney, and the books in this anthology are Books 2, 8, 14, and 19 from the original publishing.

Book 2: Sydney’s DC Discovery This might be my favorite book out of the series! Although a personal pet peeve of mine is when a president is mentioned in a book, without actually having been a president (a “made up” president), this book was super exciting, albeit unrealistic. It is exactly this kind of suspension of disbelief in a middle-grade book that I enjoy. The plot was really exciting all the way through and kept me hooked. There were also a lot of clues and enough danger and high enough stakes that made it a fun read. 4/5

Book 8: Sydney’s Outer Banks Blast This story was really different: while all of the other stories are pretty realistic and the girls are pretty solid in their faith and mature, in  this one, Bailey got really spooked by aliens and UFOs, which kinda ruined the story for me. Although they were always reminded of God, they believed in UFOs pretty much all the way up until the end, which was kinda obnoxious. However, the rest of the story was good enough that I’ll still rate it 3/5.

Book 14: Sydney and the Wisconsin Whispering Woods This was a fun book! I grew up in northern Michigan, so this story being set in Wisconsin was really fun to read, because it reminded me of there. This one felt anticlimactic? Sydney seems to be more prone to think the worst of people, and in this one, that really comes out when she decides to investigate a mysterious man in the forest with her friend by herself? It was . . . kinda not very smart and there wasn’t any consequence, which I thought would have happened if two tweens investigated in the forest by themselves. It turns out the man was trying to make some top level medical discovery, which was also kind of glazed over? So that was kinda wack. 3/5

Book 19: Sydney and the Curious Cherokee Cabin I enjoyed reading this, even though it did not conclude great. I felt that there was really good portrayal and respect paid to the Cherokee tribe (although I’m not well educated in it, so it may have been a terrible representation, I don’t know), and the story throughout paid respect to the heritage of the Cherokee people. I enjoyed that story, and I also really liked that Galilahi was included in with the Camp Club Girls. 3/5

My Rating-
In terms of the stories, this is one of my favorite books in the series: each of the stories were really distinct and exciting to read. Sydney wasn’t really my favorite character; she tended to jump to conclusions a little.

While I tended to rate each of the individual stories lower than average, it was simply because it was a series that was not for me: I’m not really in the middle-grade demographic. Overall, I would definitely recommend it to girls that are in the proper age range who would enjoy it, and I would have enjoyed when I was that age.

Overall Rating- 4/5

Thank you to the publishers and Netgalley for providing me with a free e-copy of this book in exchange for an honest review; I was not required to write a positive review.
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I absolutely adore the Camp Club girls! Fischer has added an addition to the series that I won't soon forget. Following Sydney and her friends on a thrilling adventure was so fun! These books are filled with powerful messages and lots of twists and turns, and if you have a young reader in your life, I highly suggest this to them. Definitely worthy of 4 stars and two thumbs up.
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Camp Club Girls: Sydney
4-in-1 Mysteries for Girls

by Jean Fischer

Barbour Publishing, Inc.

Barbour Books

Children’s Fiction , Christian

Pub Date 01 May 2019

I am reviewing a copy of Camp Club Girls Sydney through Barbour Publishing and Netgalley:

In Sydney’s D.C Discovery there is trouble lurking in D.C. There are secret messages being left at the Vietnam Memorial wall in Washington D.C? Will Sydney and Elizabeth be able to unravel the confusing clues? Find out in Sydney’s D.C Discovery.

In Camp Club Girls: Sydney’s Outer Banks Blast, Sydney and Bailey find that they are dealing with far more than they bargained for in North Carolina. They encounter baffling events on the Outer Banks! Will the Camp Club Girls discovery who or what left the footprints in the sand. Find out in Camp Club Girls: Sydney’s Outer Banks Blast.

In Camp Club Girls: Sydney and the Wisconsin Whispering Woods: Is there a wild animal on the lake or is it something more menacing, Sydney and Alexis are on the case as they are getting back to nature on a lake in Northern Wisconsin. Will Sydney and Alexis be able to solve the mystery before there time is up?

In Camp Club Girls: Sydney and the Curious Cherokee Cabin in this book Sydney and Elizabeth are once again reunited this time in North Carolina with Elizabeth’s family here they meet Galilahi, a young girl searching for clues to her Cherokee Indian heritage. Will the Camp Club Girls be able to help Galilahi find out more about her Grandmother?

I give Camp Club Girls: Sydney five out of five stars!
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My daughter and I have read four of the Camp Club Girls books so far. We have enjoyed every one. Occasionally we come across a story that isn't our favorite but for the most part, each story has been interesting and intriguing. Each of these books include four books in one, so it takes us a little longer to read, as we read a chapter or two each night before bed for our special time together. 

In this book the mystery surrounding the nation's capital and the Outer    Banks were the most exciting ones and probably our favorites.  I enjoyed the one about the nation's capital because there were "real" bad guys! Many times we learn things about history and places from the stories. Each one is a unique adventure. 

I highly recommend these books for girls in the tween and pre-teen ages. They are fun to read, and have great values and encouragement for girls to live godly lives. 

I received a copy of this book through netgalley to read with my daughter. I was not asked to review in a positive manner and all opinions are my own.
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Thanks to #netgalley for letting me preview #campclubgirlssydney before my tween daughter reads this book.  All Camp Club Girls are connected to each other and will be a great read for girls ages 9-13.

Overall a great 4-in-1 collection - 

Book 1 relates to the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC as well as Fort McHenry.  Of all of the dozen Camp Club girl books that I previewed, I think this one was the most intense.  I would not recommend it for girls younger than 10 as it directly deals with an attempted assassination.  But it is a good book about the importance of not making assumptions.

Book 2 is set in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  This one is not intense at all, and I think it is almost amusing what ends up leaving the tracks in the sand.

Is a strange creature lurking in the ocean depths? Sydney and Bailey get more than they bargained for on a visit to North Carolina, where they encounter baffling events on the beaches of the Outer Banks. Will the Camp Club Girls discover who—or what—is leaving the peculiar tracks in the sand?

Book # 3 is set in northern Wisconsin and involves a lot of fishing.  Plus a potential bear attack.  It also deals with concept of forgiveness and taking revenge.

Book # 4 was very fascinating since it dealt with North Carolina Cherokee before the "Trail of Tears."  I tried to figure out if any of it was based on fact.  The idea of the Cherokee having strong believers in their midst was definitely intriguing.
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Sydney is a lot of fun. I've now read most of the series and can't recommend it highly enough! 
Between the interesting places and history, the courage and faith, and learning from mistakes these girls experience, its hard to put down. (even in your 30s, though admittedly I usually solve the case far earlier than they do)

Sydney is the health-conscious member of the Camp Club Girls. She leads the way in fitness (running) and making good choices in what / how much to eat. She does this without shaming herself or anyone else. And she is more than willing to splurge on an occasional treat! All things in moderation after all! 

Oh, and saving the President? That was awesome!
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I loved Jean Fischer contribution to the Camp Club Girls series. I think Sydney is my favorite to date. I highly recommend this book for young girls. So good. Five stars.
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Camp Club Girls- Sydney by Jean Fischer is the next book in the series. Each book can be read as a stand alone as enough background is included in each book. Each book does feature a different girl as the main character. There are four mysteries for the girls to solve in each book. 
Sydney’s D.C. Discovery- We begin in Washington DC where Sydney lives and Elizabeth is visiting. They explore the capital and discover a possible plot to murder the president. Will they figure it all out in time to save him? 
Sydney’s Outer Banks Blast- Sydney’s friend Bailey is visiting and they are staying with Sydney’s grandparents on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. When mysterious lights appear on the horizon and people seem to disappear will the girls solve the mystery or is it a ghost story that will become a legend like the ghost ships that are said to sail there? 
The Wisconsin Whispering Woods- Sydney and her friend Alexis travel to Wisconsin with Sydney’s aunt and stay in a resort cabin in the woods. Mysterious sounds and a glowing light have the girls very curious. Will the mysterious have a simple explanation? 
The Curious Cherokee Cabin- We find Sydney and Elizabeth with her aunt back in North Carolina in the last story. They meet a family who have Cherokee roots and the daughter, Galilahi, is curious to learn more after hearing stories from her great grandmother. Will the clues they find lead them to discover the great, great, great, great, great grandmother’s cabin or something much more precious?
I like that the girls travel to unique locations in each story. Some are in the hometown of the main character with one or more girls visiting. It gives a nice background of places around the United States that many may never visit. I give this book 5 of 5 star; it kept my interest throughout and I found the background information about the Vietnam wall and Fort McHenry very interesting as well as some history of the Cherokee. I believe these books will appeal to young teens and keep them reading to the end. The girls depend on prayer in every situation and at times bring others to know Jesus through their faith.
I received an advance copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.
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All of the stories in this book are very well written and will hold your attention. All the Camp Club Girls books have a a mystery to solve and a wonderful christian message in them. I really enjoyed reading this book. Thank you Barbour Publishing via NetGalley for the ARC copy of this book. This is my honest opinion.
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