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I am almost seventy years old and liked the book.  I feel it would Be even more enjoyable to the generation 20 or so years younger than me.  It really fit the title and the characters were described well.  Yes, the typical dysfunctional family values  as well as a "twisted" one were presented well in the book.  Humor and sadness;. marriages and divorces,and other relationships that families can have were present.  The book was well written. I gave it a 3 stats for my age group but for my children's age group
In the 30s and 40s I would have given it 5 stars.
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Rarely is a books plot line so completely captured in a title - but Twisted Family Values really lives up to it's name.  Following a family through over 5 decades - from in the crib to middle age - while exploring secret relationships, twisted family logic and  secrets larger than the family themselves - Twisted Family Values weaves a colorful store with even more colorful characters.
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Twisted Family Values is a great book, but it is certainly not for everyone.  Incredibly well-written, this novel takes morally ambiguous characters and makes them almost likable.  There were many points in the book where I questioned my own morals in sticking with reading this book, yet Chickering's writing kept me engaged until the last page.  There will certainly be triggers for some while reading this book (incest, sexual assault), but those who are able to look past these subjects matters are sure to enjoy this book.
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I Loved this book! Could not put it down! This twisted, warped and morally repugnant family has love at its core!!! The author does a phenomenal job of character development and understanding. These flawed characters come to life page after page, and by the end of the book the reader is part of the family - like it or not! I would definitely recommend this book, a unique read that isn’t comparable to anything else out there! Will definitely be reading more from this author!!!
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Authentic ~ Diverting ~ Engaging
tl;dr: No family is as good as it looks
This story spans decades and generations. Despite that span, the story is not sweeping. Instead, it is almost intimate, striking the tone of quiet family gossip. The writing also feels like satire, as these people's concerns are so comic, often reeking of privilege. This book almost has the feel of Noel Coward but instead of England, WASPy America. These little family intrigues taken together give a slice of society and the faults our society at large holds.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC in exchange for the honest review.
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TWISTED FAMILY VALUES is just delightful!  It follows the lives of the Thorgrens, a prominent family in Larkspur, New Jersey.  Thew two oldest sisters, Caitlin and Cat, live in each other's pockets and their children are the closest of friends.  Perhaps too close.  Bizzy, Caitlin's daughter, and Choo, Cat's son have always been best friends since birth but as adolescence looms, the parents find that perhaps the cousins have become too close.  The novel follows the lives of the Thorgrens as Bizzy and Choo grow up and try to ignore their feelings for each other.  TWISTED FAMILY VALUES is beautifully written and very human.  It reminded me of some of Laurie Colwin's work, which I adore.
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Thank you, NetGalley for the Novel Twisted Values. 
An unpredictable and entertaining tale of secrets, desires, and forgiveness spanning four generations of an American family.

In conservative, WASPy Larkspur, New Jersey, social expectations and decorum rule, and Marjorie and Dunsfield Thornden are the envy of their neighbors. Their daughters Claire and Cat set the small town’s social calendar by throwing tastefully lavish family parties year round. Because it’s 1977, underage debauchery is to be expected—and Cat and Claire’s children, Bizzy and Choo, are at its very center.

Underneath their well-maintained veneer, the Thorndens are quite dysfunctional but have always had their entitlement to fall back on. And while some are finally ready to accept what they’re willing to give up for the life that they think they deserve, secrets that should’ve never been kept—especially not from each other—are bubbling unattractively to the surface.

So when a scandal threatens to unravel this tight-lipped family and their secrets, the Thorndens will have to decide how much they’ll let decorum rule social mores dictate their decisions and how far they’ll go to keep some secrets just that. Any choice they make could mean freedom from expectations but will change the course of their family's legacy forever.
The book was slow. It was hard to connect with anyone. The sisters Claire and Cat loved secrets and drama.
Maybe it was me, there was too many people and seem just going thru the motions.
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I read Chickering’s first novel and I was surprised at how different this book is. I love both books but definitely prefer this one. It’s all about family dysfunction, which we all can relate to, right? I love that the plot spans many years and several different family members. I read this book in just a couple days as it held my attention cover to cover.
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