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Four Seasons of Entertaining

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This book is an enjoyable look at professional decorating at seasonal events. The photography is beautiful as it captures the tablescapes for everything from a Kentucky Derby party to a New Year’s party. Definitely not a do it yourself decorating book, but it does contain some doable recipes from seasoned chefs and caterers. You can get some great ideas that you can try, but this is much more a book about appreciating beauty. You really can recreate these tablescapes unless you are a professional. But it’s enjoyable to look through the pages and enjoy the beauty and joy of the events. It may even inspire you to throw a fancy party of your own!
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Thank you Schaffer Publishing and Netgalley  for this ARC in return of my honest review. 

This was a lovely book with gorgeous photography and lots of ideas to make your next party pop.  This book is clearly marketed for parties with a higher end budget with amazing floral arrangements and beautiful place settings but it is a lovely coffee table book for everyone to enjoy.
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A wonderful book with beautiful pictures of fabulous parties you could throw with your friends, families and loved ones. Although some of the ideas maybe a little exotic and pricey for some. I liked looking through and seeing what I could do on a simpler budget.
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This is way too fancy and impractical for my patrons. Perhaps would be more popular in wealthier areas.
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Overall this is a nice book to look through.  However the menus and ideas are not practical for the average person.  I do not have a chef or florist on staff and have no idea where one would get an octopus.  The photos and menus are lovely but are nothing that I would be able to recreate or adapt.
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Four Seasons of Entertaining by Shayla Copas is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in mid-April.

Interior design and party planning for every season of the year with Copas herself detailing the 16 parties she planned and hosted that usually showcased/featured a particular holiday and property. There are photos of centerpieces, tablescapes, stationary, and recipes for appetizers & full-on meals. It's all quite dainty & posh and I really appreciated the diversity and daring of the menus, but I was aghast at a blue Christmas.
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This book is filled with great pictures and ideas to throw your next big party. From traditional Holidays gatherings to fun family get together this book has it all : decorations,recipes and table escapes to make any party a success. With Summer coming up this is perfect time to read this and have a great party!
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Thank you Netgalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Shayla Copas' Four Seasons of Entertaining is a beautiful book full of ideas for creating an elegant event.  The book is sectioned into the four seasons with four or five scenes for that season.  This isn't a boring decorate by the season concept, her ideas and color schemes are fresh and innovative; think peacock blue and pink for winter and succulents in a spring tablescape.   Each themed event includes tips and ideas along with a menu and recipes.  She focuses a lot on floral designs and elegant table settings. The photography is vibrant.  This is a nice resource for party planning and would make a great gift for favorite hostess.
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This cookbook - Four Seasons of Entertaining by Shayla Copas is beautifully presented. Although there are some formatting errors it is only a draft so I will not hold that against the author.

I thoroughly enjoyed this cookbook because besides the amazing recipes she tells a story and offers some very useful tips. Something I also found appealing with the credits at the end showcasing a picture of the contributors and their history.

On my way to trying my third recipe and am having a blast.

 This makes for the perfect coffee table book and I highly recommend it!
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Four Seasons of Entertaining 
by Shayla Copas

This is a lovely book filled with beautiful photographs showcasing each season with flowers, table settings and a detailed menu plan. It would make the perfect coffee table book. 

The flower bouquets and arrangements are over the top extravagant. 

The table setting are gilted china that’s too pretty to eat from.

The food and recipes are what you’ll find in fine dining restaurants.

Overall it’s a nice book to look at.
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This is such a gorgeous book. The photography is stunning and the recipes look delicious.

It's definitely a book that I will buy to keep on my coffee table because as lovely as it is in ebook form I think this is one that will really come to life in a hard copy. 

I thoroughly enjoyed the chapters on Valentine's day and the Christmas eve parts. 

Such fab advice and recipes that I really must give a go!
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Eat your heart out Martha Stewart! Shayla Copas is comin’ for ya. 

I read this entire book bug eyed and in disbelief. The fine details and glitzy scale of her parties blew my little mind.

Here are the titles of my favorite chapters in order of their appearance:

-Kentucky Derby: Luncheon at the stable

-Easter Brunch: at the Governor’s Mansion

-Seersucker Social: A garden inspired party

-Under the Sea: Dinner on the reef

-Valentine’s Day: XOXO Chic Dinner

Can you even imagine? Reading this was divine. 

Thanks to #NetGalley, I had an advanced PDF to read and review. 

*All opinions are my own and I was not required to post a positive review. *
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I love books on entertaining and recently had the opportunity to read Four Seasons of Entertaining by Shayla Copas. I was not familiar with Copas’ work before now.  Her party planning is extravagant and beautiful.  Her clients are clearly able to pay for parties that spare no expense. Most notable in the fantastic photography on each page is the exquisite floral arrangements. Every table is set with an abundant amount of fresh flowers. 

Overall, the things about the book that I love are (1) that Copas thanks God in her dedication, (2) the recipes are fresh and innovative, and (3) she grandly acknowledges the others who contributed to the book - with photos and bios.  

While the book was lovely to look at and read, I found that the party settings themselves would be difficult for the average person to orchestra because of the sheer costs involved.  Outside of the recipes, I found that the other entertaining ideas were not very practical.

I received an advanced digital copy in exchange for an honest review. The thoughts and opinions expressed here are my own. 

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Four Seasons of Entertaining by Shayla Copas Photography by Janet Warlick is a beautiful book of entertaining various events throughout the year. The book includes ideas for table settings, flower arrangements, food choices, decor, and dress. The book has amazing full color photos of all of the different entertaining options. It's much fancier than I would typically do for the average get-together, but I would use the suggestions for a more formal gathering.
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Always nice to see how the other half lives (sigh), but many more of us can at least enjoy the recipes in the book! Chicken salad is pretty cheap!  I do love entertaining, although I am far from having enough space to fit more than a few for dinner ( no more than 20 in a rec room dining room of a bungelow.... or 6 in my smallish dining room... cozy 4 in kitchen!) But outdoors, in my smallish yard I've had 40!  I do love recipe books and cooking for friends and family, So this book looks like it will be another fine addition to my collection not only for recipes, but for ideas! Not many themes, but good starts!
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These events looked stunning. Some beautiful venues, flowers, settings and some amazing food. As an ideas book, it was lovely. The current iteration has a lot of formatting errors (photos in wrong places, some punctuation and other formatting errors, etc), so once those are corrected, it will be a lot of fun. I had expected more "instructions" and ways to convert them to "real" life, as these are such extravagant and over-the-top, scaling them to something your average person can incorporate just isn't feasible. So use this as a feast for the eyes and the stuff of dreams, and enjoy!
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So I give this book a 3 because of the creativity and the recipes. I take a star away for some of the following trends type of tablescapes when I was looking for a little more originality but the name tag and some of the menus were one of a kind. The other loss of a star is for some of the things in the book are beautiful but can’t easily be recreated like a chocolate menu? In our little neck of the woods for a special event I’d have to drive an hour away to even maybe find a chocolatier. Some of it is just a little unrealistic.
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A beautiful book full of visual treats great entertaining ideas delicious food ideas.A feast for the eyes would make a lovely gift. #netgalley #schifferpress
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What a lovely book! It's full of ideas, interesting recipes and wonderful pictures.
I was fascinated by the different events and how the decorations change according to the season.
Highly recommended!
Many thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for this ARC
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