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I am grateful to have had the experience to read this adorable comic. 

This left itself on a cliff-hanger and I can't wait to read the next one! The characters were fun, and quirky and a unique story was told. I was very satisfied with this comic. 

Thanks SO much for the advance read!
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The art was super fun and whimsical. The story itself was interesting enough to keep me turning pages.
Following a boy named Timo in his first 'real adventure', you get to discover a strange new world along side him. His journal entries are a nice touch and it's amusing to see how his view of the world is different than how things actually are. 
The bits of foreshadowing are very interesting and make me want to keep my eye out for the next book.
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This is a lovely little comic about Timo.

He loves reading but unfortunately, he managed to read every book that exists so he decides to go on his own adventure. 

I enjoyed this comic, especially after Broof makes an appearance. But it was a little on the shirt side for me. 

I'll definitely be picking up the next one though because that cliffhanger had me checking for more pages!
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Timo the Adventurer is the story of a young boy who sets out to finally live the adventures he always read about and he immediately realises that he might be in over his head. 

This little comic is a very imaginative and interesting story. It features some special pages show casing an adventure journal with more information on the interesting creatures Timo meets on his way through the world. I know that I would have loved this to pieces had I read it as a kid. 
Right now I can still appreciate a good story with exciting adventures thrown in.
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I DNFd this book. To be frank it just wasn’t that good of a fit for me. I didn’t like the art or the storyline and I just felt like I could’ve been reading stuff that was way better than this.
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Way to end on a cliffhanger!!  My goodness, now I'm longing for book 2 so I can find out what happens.  

This is a cute, endearingly drawn story of a child who has read all of the books about adventure, and so sets out on his own adventure.  Really enjoyable, and the journal entries on the creatures he meets along the way are a lovely extra touch.
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Wonderful illustrations and cute characters. The plot is simple, but engaging and I enjoy the main character, Timo's, tenacity. I'm looking forward to reading the next book.
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A cute adventure story for junior readers. In the same vein as Hilda, which is particularly popular right now. An enjoyable read with great illustrations.
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This was an adorable graphic novel for an upper elementary classroom! An easy read, but had me giggling as I turned the pages hoping to see what would happen to Timo next. I can't wait for the next one to come out to find out what happens after that cliffhanger!
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I got an English version of this on NetGalley. And after I finished it, I had to give it some time to see what I thought. And I have to say, I found my mind returning back to it from time to time. Its a sweet story, beautifully drawn that really has be interested in what happened and what comes next. The story is an adventure that's funny and sometimes satirical. The art is cute and simple but beautiful. Its a story I would want on my shelf, in my collection.
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This was a very sweet adventure story about a little boy who wants to be like the great warriors he reads of in books. The art style is wonderful and the story is similar to books like Arthur and the Golden Rope and The Lost Path.
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This is a lovely start to a story about Timo, who is a young boy in search of knowledge and adventure.  He leaves home on his own because of this and what ensues sets up what are sure to be events that will have consequences and lessons to go with them.  The art style is vibrant and the story is interspersed with journal entries written by Timo about the animals and places he encounters. These entries help to build the environment and world that Timo lives in.  I'm interested in seeing where this story goes and what will happen to Timo as he deals with the events he has set into motion through his actions.
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Timo the Adventurer is whimsical and fun. The art is lovely and fits perfectly into the tail of the young traveler who has read all the books in town and leaves for adventure. I love the variety or creatures and my favorite part  is the excepts of Timo's journal. This was the perfect touch. 
I wasn't happy with the conclusion.While there should be a cliff hanger to get you to the next volume, i felt like the story was complete in any manner.
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This is a very charmingly sweet middle-grade graphic novel about a young book worm boy who sets out to find adventure after reading every book in his village. The story is fast paced and a lot of fun. seeing the world from Timo’s perceptive reminds me of the adventures that I would pretend to be on when I was a young kid. I think this would be a great read for children and parents or just as much fun as a solo read for those in the 6-11 age range.  The overall art style and storytelling reminded me a lot of kids shows (Gravity Falls, The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy) as it is very whimsical, cute and unique. This is such an adorable story that had me smiling and giggling the whole way through. If you are wanting a light read that will put you in a good mood then I highly recommend this book. I cannot wait to read book 2!
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Many readers may think that being this graphic novel directed to children, may not be suitable or thrilling enough for an adult audience. On the contrary, Timo the adventurer entertained me a lot more than other graphic novels for adults. The story of Timo is not trivial at all, indeed in my opinion it is very sought after. In some respects, it reminds me of the stories of the Nordic folklore. We do not know exactly when the story of Timo is set but, in my opinion, reading the story and looking at the illustrations I might think that Timo is a little Viking after all.
In this story we get to know Timo, a boy who lives in a small village. The village is located in a valley where at its end there is a forest. Beyond the forest there is the world. Timo is a curious boy who loves adventure’s stories. Every time his parents go to visit other villagers, they always bring him a new book to read. Unfortunately, not this time. Timo has read all the books in the village, so he would not be able to dream and experience new adventures.
However, Timo is a brave kid and since there are no more books, he decides to live new adventures on his own. So, when he will return back home, he will have many new stories to tell the other kids of the village.
It's been a while since Timo had prepared the backpack with everything necessary, including a notebook where to write down his adventures. Every night before sleep he writes what happened to him on that day and draws all the new beings encountered, some of whom have never been seen before.
In fact, there are not only fantastic animals in this story, but real adventures. Spite to his young age, Timo faces monsters wandering the world in search of adventures, when his is already living his own adventure. At some point, by chance, he will know an animal who will become his partner of adventures, Broof. Timo and Broof will face dangerous monsters together on a new journey to discover the world.
Although Timo the adventurer is aimed at a young audience, I had so much fun reading it. The illustrations are beautiful, all in pastel tones. I laughed a lot, while reading this graphic novel!
Sometimes I like reading books for kids, to dream and relax, wandering with imagination.
Timo is a very brave child. He has studied a lot and read a lot of books and feels perfectly prepared to face any adventure. Of course, as it should be, he has resentments too and has often thought of going home. But on the one hand the pride, on the other the desire for adventure pushed him to make this journey. Timo the adventurer is that kind of graphic novel that when you start it takes you into his world and you do not want to stop reading it until it's finished.
This is the first of two books, and it was published today, 20th of February 2019 by Europe Comics and Le Lombard.
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Timo reads all of the available books in his village and decides to set off on an adventure so he can come back to his village and tell his own stories. The volume is full of cute illustrations and various animals, which Timo names himself and records in his journal, along with the places he experiences. The plot thickens when he appears to release some sort of evil force while trying to free Broof. The book ends on a cliffhanger. 

Cute start to an adventure series. It'll be interesting to see where this one goes.
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Similar in style and content to the Hilda and the Troll series, but with a boy protagonist and more detailed art.

A young boy who lives in a small valley town discovers that he has read every single book in the village. His solution? It's time to go on an adventure! He discovers cute-yet-fearsome creatures, cute-yet-thieving creatures, and one cute-yet-slightly-annoying human girl creature. It doesn't take long before he starts to realize he's taken his simple valley town for granted.

The storyline is very straight forward and visually-driven. It includes exerpts from Timo's Adventurer's Journal, which summarizes what happened in each chapter. Outdoor survival skills such as using a compass, reading the sky, and recognizing constellations are shown. All the while, the main character exemplifies curiosity to the extreme, which may encourage kids to look around them and learn about their world.

This is a great book for kids who love to explore and who love to imagine new worlds.
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This was a super cute and easy read, with the art style reminding me of Adventure time and the story reminiscent of Hilda. Timo created such a whimsical atmosphere while still being able to keep the story grounded and keeping me on the edge of my seat.    

The story of a young boy that goes off to seek adventure, taking twists and turns throughout. My favourite element of the story telling was the journal pages where we got an insight into Timo's mind. I cannot wait for the second instalment
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The art style and colour palette in this story is lovely, and the diary entries Timo recorded with his own cutesy names for the animals he crossed paths with was a nice touch.  I am interested to see how Timo and Broof's relationship may change and how the story progresses in the next installment.  The ending certainly left me wondering what will happen next.

Thank-you NetGalley and Europe Comics for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Timo is viewed as a bit of an odd kid in his village for always having his nose in a book. He can’t get enough of literary adventures. But when his parents inform him that he’s read the very last book in the village, Timo decides it is time for him to have an adventure of his own. But adventuring in real life is not quite like in the books. Some of it is much more boring than he thought and then unexpectedly it gets a bit more interesting than he’d prefer. 

This ends on quite the cliffhanger, so those who can’t stand dangling like that may want to wait till book 2 is out to read this one. Timo’s adventures are what you’d expect for a kid who thinks he’s got it all figured out from the books he’s read but then realizes that book knowledge may not be the same as real world experience. The book does a mixture of poking fun at fantasy adventures while also enjoying all that is fun about them. Timo is a plucky and likable kid to follow around. And I think many kids who are voracious readers, feel like they don’t always fit in and long for something exciting to happen in their lives will identify with him. He manages to experience a full range of emotions during his adventures in this book. He’s optimistic, bored, second guessing himself, lonely, feeling like he has a grand purpose, and then in deadly peril. It’s a light epic fantasy story in a nutshell. I really like the art style. It’s cartoonish and features soft tones while also being imaginative. It is like a mashup of Hildafolk and The Whisker Sisters, which are both European too, so maybe we’ll dub this…European anime style? It’s delightful to the eyes and the middle grade readers seem to like it too. I hope this comes out in a print form I can get for our library because I think the students at my school would absolutely love Timo. Highly recommended for fantasy lovers, voracious readers, and graphic novel fans.

Notes on content [Based on the ARC]: No language issues. No sexual content or decency issues. Some perilous situations but so far the worst has been a bruised butt from getting thrown by an animal and a little bite that has gotten worst. (The cliffhanger ends in a perilous situation but you aren’t sure what’s coming.)

I received an ARC of this title from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
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